Spot the naked person! Most embarrassing photo blunders people made when selling things online

Maybe accidental nude selfies these worked in their favour, maybe they didn’t…

When selling something on eBay , the site helpfully provides some guidelines so you can make the most out of your sale.

First, include as much detail as possible about the item you’re selling. After all, people like to know what they’re signing up for.

Secondly, they recommend an auction style posting – and free listing might also boost your chances.

Lastly, there’s the photos. Try different angles, make sure you highlight those flaws and try to have as unfussy a background as possible.

And even though nude selfies are all the rage right now and this is not official advice set out by eBay, we’d also add, ensure you’re fully clothed when taking the photo.

Should you prefer to let it all hang out in the comfort of your own home ( we’re not judging), try to make sure ‘it all’ is definitely out of shot and you’re not unwittingly flashing the camera .

It might sound like stating the obvious, but as these 8 would-be-sellers have found out, nothing much gets passed the hawk-eyes of a savvy prospective buyer.

1. A very ‘cheeky’ gambit by the owner of this bike.

Nude picture on eBay
Could they not have waited till this person was out of shot?

And speaking of bikes, there’s a famous one about parking them which has spring to mind for some mysterious reason.

Rule number one: Make sure any friends and relatives going commando are safely out of shot and not going about their chores while you snap away. They probably won’t thank you for it.

2. Naked warrior by name

Nude picture on eBay
An accurate description

Do you see the naked lady in this?

By all means, get comfy while you look for your merchandise’s best angle. But also ask yourself – is it YOUR best angle?

Rule number two: Don’t take the ‘give as much detail as possible’ point literally. You may very well be a naked warrior, but it’s not guaranteed to boost your rating.

3. Not everything on TV is worth watching

Nude picture on eBay
We wonder if this enhanced it’s appeal?

At first glance, it looks like the sort of programme which is only shown after the 9pm watershed. What could it be? A vintage episode of Naked Jungle maybe?

Rule number three: When turned off, a TV screen is reflective. Maybe put a top on.

4. Nothing to wear

Nude picture on eBay

Apparently, bids rocketed to over £100,000 for this dress – can you spot why? Sometimes the idea of making a quick buck gets the better of us. Try not to let it.

Rule number four: Just don’t do this.

5. And if at first you don’t succeed

Nude picture on eBay
And whoops again

Ah, the perils of the mirror selfie have never been clearer than right now. Same dress, same girl, slightly more clothing. Still, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Rule number five: Learn from your mistakes.

6. Mirror, mirror

Nude picture on eBay
We think it’s the table they’re flogging

This is the sort of eBay sell many avid buyers would go nuts for – a beautiful dining table and chair set, kept in fantastic condition, only one previous free-spirited owner.

Rule number 6: The mirror AND the camera never lie.

7. She’s back!

Nude picture on eBay
We’ve seen her before

The definition of déjà vu is ‘a feeling of having already experienced the present situation’. You may be experiencing that right now. That’s because you have already seen this lady, and she was in an almost identical pose.

Rule number 7: See rule number five.

8. We haven’t seen one of these in a VERY long time

Nude picture on eBay
Spot the flasher

For once, one of eBay’s many nudists is not what’s caught our eye. This vintage CRT monitor has taken us right back. Are they worth a lot of money now? Should we have hung on to ours?

Rule number 8: See rule number three. See ALL the rules in fact.

(Source: Mirror)