Statement from Law Society of NSW

Law Society of NSW

Statement from Richard Harvey, President, Law Society of NSW, in response to the statement issued by the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia today.

The Law Society of NSW believes that one of the fundamental rights for anyone working in the legal profession, or any workplace for that matter, is that they can work in an environment in which they are free from bullying, harassment, discrimination, vilification or victimisation.
The Law Society is committed to providing leadership on this issue, eliminating unacceptable behaviour in the workplace and standing up for fundamental rights and the rule of law.
All members of our legal profession must display best practice and provide leadership in our community.
This goes to the heart of everyone being treated equally by the law and before the law.
The Law Society of NSW is committed to ensuring that everyone in the profession is aware of the steps that can be taken if someone is subjected to harassment, bullying or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.
The Law Society is also committed to dealing with the distress that arises from harassment, bullying or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.
Everyone has the right to a safe place of work.
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