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Productivity Commission Report Ai Group Comment
Gas Crisis Looms: Blackouts, Closures, Hardship Possible
AUKUS Sub Deal: Security, Domestic Boosted
US, UK, Australian Aerospace & Defense Firms Unleash AUKUS Potential
Significant changes to paid parental leave
Interest Rate Decision: Ai Group Comment
Latrobe Valley Project Takes Big Step, Some Issues Remain
National Accounts Ai Group Comment
Industry treads water in February after difficult new year
AEMO Update Ai Group Comment
Ai Group Revives Digital Tool for SMEs
Potential derailing of Safeguard Mechanism history repeats
Ai Group Seeks Creative, Connected Reconstruction Fund
New FWC President Ai Group comment
Industry contraction accelerates in December / January
RBA interest rate decision Ai Group Comment
Ai Group Outlines Plan to Boost Australia’s Critical Minerals
Budget to Boost Productivity, Curb Price-Wage Spiral
Safeguard Bill is as critical to all parties as to industry
CPI inflation data: Ai Group comment
Safeguard work in progress but heading in right direction
NSW emissions target will require whole-economy effort
Review into NSW Gas and Electrical Act Ai Group comment
Ai Group congratulates Kevin Rudd and Heather Ridout on US appointments
Senator Wong’s China visit could not have come at better time for industry
Gas Caps Law: Imperfect, Late, Necessary
Statement on energy price intervention legislation
Energy deal messy but good for users
Energy prices: failure to act is not option
Jobs and Skills Australia Ai Group welcomes interim Director
Passage of disappointing IR Bill delivers nothing for economy, productivity or employment growth
Amended IR Bill remains far from clear
Australian PMI: Demand drags down manufacturing in November
Respect at Work Bill addresses unacceptably high rates of sexual harassment
Ai Group congratulates Andrews Government on its election victory
IR Bill deal fails to address industry concerns
Fee-free TAFE and VET places for South Australians Ai Group comment
Wage Price Index Ai Group comment
Ai Group latest Skills Survey ‘call to arms’
President Xi PM Albanese meeting first step to restoring troubled relationship
Svitzer industrial action taste of things to come under new IR Bill
Senate should reject regressive IR Bill
Leading employer organisations join in call for major rethink of Federal Government’s IR Bill
Ai Group comment on resignation of Fair Work Commission President, Iain Ross
Australian PMI: Manufacturing conditions flat in October
Workplace Relations Legislation
Budget treads water as global storms approach
Victorias energy future takes shape, but present remains problematic