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Sulfate Pollution Impacts Texas Gulf Coast Air: Study
Transportation Noise Heightens Suicide Risk
Turbulence: Decades-old theory gets major remake
Green Corridors in Barcelona Could Cut Antidepressant Use by 13%
Stronger Air Pollution Policies Could Benefit Black, Low-Income Americans Most
Research Reveals Hazardous Aerosols from Contaminated Bubbles are Tinier Than Expected
Bangladesh Urged to Take Urgent Action on Air Pollution
EU Agrees Ambitious Law for Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Deployment
Chicago pollution varies by neighborhood
New Study: Vehicle Exhaust Filters Ineffective Against Ultrafine Pollution
Green Investment Fund Delivers on Climate Action
World TB Day: CA Ministers Unite to Reduce Impact
West Coast Air Pollution Inequality Worsens in Heat, Drought
Exacerbated by climate change, pollen season arrives early
Westpac Scholars Trust Aids Sustainable Future
UNM Paper: Environmental Injustice & Gender Violence Linked
Forests Reduce Health Risks Confirmed: Global Report
Application Window Opens for 2024 Countryside Stewardship Agreements
Look at REDD+ on International Day of Forests
Minderoo-Monaco Commission Releases Sweeping Report on Plastics and Health
Blacktown Urban Forest Strategy Survey
IPCC: Climate Change Must Be Addressed Now
EVC Submission to National Battery Strategy
UofT Researchers Reduce Vehicle Non-Tailpipe Air Pollution
Minister Pow: Global Air Pollution Cooperation Talk
Low-cost device can measure air pollution anywhere
Koalas Benefit from Safer Cultural Burning Practices
Improved Air-Quality Predictions for Fire-Prone Areas
Air pollution impairs successful mating of flies
Air Pollution Disrupts Fly Mating Success
Extreme nighttime pollution in New Delhi air explained
ESC to Host Preventive Cardiology 2023 Event
New guidance published to clean air in kitchens
UNICEF warns of deepening inequalities in Europe and Central Asia
Lebanon’s Electricity Crisis Worsens Poverty, Inequality
Grant aids Emory study of climate’s health impact on Atlanta
Low-carbon solutions can provide energy for displaced people
Research: Less driving in L.A. leads to more air pollution exposure
Manchester Volunteers Needed for Dementia Pollution Study
New facility for world-leading air quality research in Yorkshire
WMO Executive Council commits to Early Warnings for All
Mixture of trees purifies urban air best
New tool to value health of urban developments
WMO steps up action on climate and health
Climate Hackathon yields ideas for managing urban heat
2023 GOLD Report: New Def. of COPD Proposed
New Sensor Integrates with Satellite for Air Pollution Monitoring
Clean Cooking to Improve Health, Climate in Low-Income Nations