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Deep-sea ‘ears’ map migration of fin whales 18 May 2022
Annual whale migration makes splash
Sea ice can control Antarctic ice sheet stability, new research finds
Penguin heaven: multi-decade science reveals secret lives of Adélies 13 May 2022
Trinity House Cadets join RRS Sir David Attenborough
Veterinarian ecologist to bolster pandemic prevention efforts
Research ship delves into ocean history
Newly Discovered Lake May Hold Secret to Antarctic Ice Sheet’s Rise and Fall
BAS scientists support NASA rocket mission
Study Unveils Climate Evolution in Middle Latitudes of Southern Hemisphere During Miocene
Mother’s Day 2022 8 May 2022
What ancient pollens tells us about future climate change
In sediments below Antarctic ice, scientists discover giant groundwater system
‘Nanomagnetic’ computing can provide low-energy AI, researchers show
Astroophysicist chosen for key role in international science collaboration mapping remnant light from Big Bang
British Antarctic Survey Director receives top honour
Over 1,100 species live in Antarctica – but they’re at risk from human activity
Scientists home in on Thera volcano eruption date
Australia to lift Antarctic clean-up efforts 2 May 2022
British Ecological Society announces journal prize winners 29 April
Law of land: Australian scientists return to remote frozen library 29 April 2022
Model pinpoints glaciers at risk of collapse due to climate change
Breakfast of Champions
Pathogens can hitch ride on plastic to reach sea
To cut costs, Weddell seal pups keep swimming when trading in their fluff
Rice University geobiologist tapped for Antarctic drilling mission
Couple tie knot in Antarctica
New York’s 109th Airlift Wing preps for Greenland missions
Study on water resources in Himalaya
Antarctic sea-ice expansion in warming climate
Wedding planned in British Antarctic Territory
New aircraft investment supports polar science
Researchers return to Antarctic ‘rainforest’ 21 April 2022
Oceanography-led study predicts climate change accelerates ocean currents
NIST Study Shows Everyday Plastic Products Release Trillions of Microscopic Particles Into Water
Staged approach to fulfilling retirement
No glacial fertilization effect in Antarctic Ocean
Record low Antarctic sea-ice extent since satellite era
Cold chisel: Antarctic rocks reveal glacial retreat 18 April 2022
Researchers identify biggest threats to Larsen C ice shelf
Ice shards in Antarctic clouds let more solar energy reach Earth’s surface
Construction of modernised Macquarie Island research station 13 April 2022
An extraordinary season of achievement for Australian Antarctic Program 9 April 2022
Alma Jeri-Wahrhaftig Explores Importance of Culture-Health Connections
Selective breeding sustainably protects honey bees from Varroa mite
Australia sets sight on new world of Antarctic discovery
New link between greenhouse gasses and sea level rise
Northern Rivers Community Gallery – May Exhibitions