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World Ozone Day 2019
Climate change in Southern Hemisphere
Minister of Defence to meet Australian Minister for International Development and Pacific
9 moments in University of Sydney’s history you need to know
Tasmanian Antarctic Gateway strategy is getting results
Uncovering links between architecture, politics, and society
Lightning ‘superbolts’ form over oceans from November to February
Trapping atoms to protect Australia’s groundwater
Max Planck researcher receive Breakthrough Prize 2020
Journey to Law Dome
Vintage film reveals Antarctic glacier melting
65 years of Mawson research station
Vintage film of Antarctic glaciers hints at early ice shelf collapse
Researchers use vintage film to show Thwaites Glacier ice shelf in Antarctica melting faster than previously observed
Dense Antarctic water returning to Atlantic
Archaeologists develop a new picture of human footprint
Scientists discover evidence for past high-level sea rise
Research sheds new light on Antarctic control of global climate
Hobart City Deal a stinker for Southern Tasmania
New book brings icebreaker legacy to life
Tiny glass-like plants at risk in acid ocean
Increasing water storage for Davis station
Stardust in Antarctic snow
Otago hosting 10th International Penguin Conference
Microscopic Macquarie Island plant named after Antarctic ecologist
Captains announced for RSV Nuyina
Ice sheets underpin core elements of Earth’s carbon cycle
Ice sheets impact core elements of Earth’s carbon cycle
Dead fin whale washes up at Te Kaha
First evidence of human-caused climate change melting West Antarctic Ice Sheet
From little things big things grow
Astrophysicist Professor Alan Duffy on Moon at Australian Museum
Operation Antarctic Appendix
Saildrone Completes First Unmanned Circumnavigation of Antarctica
Doctors prepare for extreme posting
Some polar tipping points ‘already passed’
Sound science enhances whale conservation
Underwater Glacial Melting Occurring Much Faster Than Predicted
Old rocks, new science: Why Apollo 11 samples are still as relevant as ever
Strong storms also play big role in Antarctic ice shelf collapse
National Science Week speaks to curious among us all
Antarctic lessons for space
Reaffirmed international commitment to Antarctic Treaty
Instability in Antarctic Ice Projected to Make Sea Level Rise Rapidly
Adventurers Abound at Sydney International Boat Show 1 – 5 August 2019
New IMAS exhibition highlights growing use of drones in science
Discovery of rare lava lake on remote sub-Antarctic island