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Research Site Prepared for Major Antarctic Science Campaign, Happy Campers
Antarctic Meltwater Slows Ocean Currents, Threatens Collapse
Research: Deep Ocean Currents Around Antarctica on Verge of Collapse
Woods Hole Oceanographic, Zoos Partner to Study Wild Animal Vital Signs
Research Shows Deep Ocean Currents around Antarctica Nearing Collapse
Experts explain: Why auroras come in different shapes and colours
Microplastic found in Antarctic krill and salps
Geology Articles Published Online Ahead of Print 29 March
Overlooked Ice Loss Accelerant Found in Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier
New NLA Publishing title set to get tails wagging
Antarctic Life Mimics Ice Age Movie for Ice-Free Refuge
Trying to solve ‘forever problem’ of PFAS pollution
Solving PFAS Pollution: Never-Ending Challenge
Extreme snowfall in West Antarctica driving sea-level rise
Antarctic Ice Sheet Sheds 3000+ Billion Tons of Ice in 25 Years
Second Poseidon Arrives in NZ
Urgent Climate Action Needed: IPCC Report
Billions of tonnes of ice lost from Antarctic Ice sheet
3D Radar Uncovers Threats to Alaskan Glacier
UN Climate Report: What to Know About IPCC
NASA & Min. Verrall Meet UC Researchers on Space Tech
Researcher Selected for Global Women in STEMM Leadership Program
Remains of Glacier on Mars Suggests Ice Still Present at Equator
Oregon State Art Show Features Antarctic Paintings by OSU Scientist
NASA’s Fermi Animates Dynamic Gamma-Ray Sky
Germs Last Centuries on Everest After Sneezing
UNSW Researchers Receive Top AAS Honours
Research Uncovers 2002 Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Warning Signs
Southern Ocean Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Carbon Tipping Points
How Extremophiles Push Limits of Life
Study reveals why world’s largest whales needed to be so big
Antarctic Seabirds Struggle to Breed Amid Snowstorms
Brown Widows Driving Black Widow Decline
Giant Iceberg Photographed on Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica
Argentinian Antarctic Base Renovation Open for Comment
Subglacial Antarctica yields first layered lake sediment
February sees low sea ice and extreme weather
Enzyme that could help make energy dreams come true
Bushfire Smoke Eating Up Ozone, Worsening Climate Change
Study: Smoke particles from wildfires can erode ozone layer
Skykraft, Airways team up for space air traffic service test
Star performer over 40 years
Antarctic sea ice hits new low for second year
Nine scoop scholarship to Science Meets Parliament
Drones detect moss beds and changes to Antarctica climate
Voyage to Antarctic, in Devonport
Robot provides unprecedented views below Antarctic ice shelf
Robot Gives First-Ever Look Under Antarctic Ice Shelf