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Microplastics ‘abundant’ in remote polar seas
Godwit breaks record for trans-Pacific marathon
Yale committee to propose new fossil fuel investment principles
Ice loss likely to continue in Antarctica – even if climate change is brought under control, study warns
Making water in Antarctic desert 21 October 2020
Protect Antarctica Now
Deep sea coral time machines reveal ancient CO2 burps
Coral time machines reveal ancient CO2 burps
Krill research proposed to improve fishery management
Research priorities for effective krill management
A deadly long-distance hunter: DNA study reveals new insights about scimitar-toothed cat
University of Canterbury renews hosting rights for Antarctic Headquarters
Antarctic data management gets Kool 13 October 2020
Ice melt projections may underestimate Antarctic contribution to sea level rise
Blizzards delay first flights of Antarctic season
Landmark voyage to help uncover Earth’s deep secrets
Budget 2020-21-Protecting and preserving Australia’s environment
Cinematic victory for Davis station on world stage
Winners announced in seniors’ photo competition
Sea Secrets lecture unlocks keys to aquaculture
Antarctic sea ice may not cap carbon emissions as much as previously thought
Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina commemorated in new stamp issue
More water found beneath Mars South Pole
Throwing a warm sheet over our understanding of ice and climate
Capturing marine biodiversity with power of genetics
Climate scientists uncover 30-year-old temperature record
Antarctic krill take refuge from climate change
New marine science leader appointed to Western Australia
Working with Apple, University researchers to test smartwatch’s ability to help prevent heart failure
TripADeal partners with BGH as it gears up for growth
Up to 15 inches of sea-level rise from ice sheets by 2100
UNM biologists study Antarctic viruses
Ice sheets could add 39 centimetres to sea level by 2100
New estimates for rise in sea levels due to ice sheet mass loss under future climate change
Darren Lehmann to run a marathon for Heart Foundation
Automated Halley monitors ozone hole over Antarctica
Coronavirus ‘curveball’ for Australian Antarctic operations
Why clouds are missing piece in climate change puzzle
Cold memory of earth
Deep channels link ocean to Antarctic glacier
Explainer: why meteors light up night sky
Climate change and tyranny of psychological distance
Newnham masterplan will deliver a vibrant future
Innovation needed to overcome biodiversity risks of renewable energy mineral mining
Fossil evidence of ‘hibernation-like’ state in 250-million-year-old Antarctic animal
Sea level rise matches worst-case scenario
Global Survey Using NASA Data Shows Dramatic Growth of Glacial Lakes
Understand past to understand future: Climate science at Princeton