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Human-induced climate change dates back much further than we think: study
Climate emergency declaration draws eight UO signatures
Veteran Australian Explorer Begins “The Longest Journey” across Antarctica
Pub talk will explore links between icefish and human aging
Mt Erebus disaster: Police story – New Zealand Police Museum, Porirua
Without Paris Accord, emperor penguins are in dire straits: new study
Japan’s MMX Martian Moon Probe is Unlikely to Bring Back Dangerous Martian Microbes A Japanese research team
Antarctica likely to drive rapid sea-level rise
New light on riddle of bird migration
Bureau of Meteorology’s 2020 calendar makes any wall a wonderwall
Persistent drizzle at sub-zero temps in Antarctica
Space weather study wins accolade
Conservation of Antarctic marine living resources
Antarctic ice cliffs may not contribute to ice-sheet instability as much as predicted
Festival with international bites ‘on a roll’ makes a return
Macca’s mystery message
Two million-year-old ice provides snapshot of Earth’s greenhouse gas history
Innovation Lab back at Mount Gambier Library
BOM staff say good-bye to Aussie summer as Antarctic season kicks off
UW team sending autonomous surfboard to explore Antarctic waters
Antarctica. BBC blockbuster Seven Worlds, One Planet
NASA ice mission launches from Hobart
From Antarctica to Ingram Commons
2019/20 Antarctic field season begins
New Antarctic barges tested on River Derwent
Tiny fossils reveal 25,000 years of Southern Ocean carbon history
Antarctic ice cliffs may not contribute to sea-level rise as much as predicted
Poet Laureate marks naming of polar ship
How Antarctic krill fertilise oceans and even store carbon – all with their poo
Krill’s influence on CO2 and global climate
Tasmania’s Australian Of Year for 2020 announced
Nations meet in Hobart to conserve Southern Ocean
Stranded whales detected from space
Protecting Antarctic’s ecosystems
Hobart celebrates its Antarctic gateway
Society awards top honour to UNSW palaeontologist
Scanning ice cores for climate clues
Geotechnical engineer features in new book on science
Bid to reconstruct richness of prehistoric oceans
Antarctic sea-ice prepared for planes
Emperor penguins vulnerable to sea ice changes this century
Study recommends special protection of emperor penguins
Mini sub heads south for Antarctic mission
Veteran Explorer Gets Green Light for Record Breaking Antarctica Mission
Gigantic iceberg breaks off East Antarctica
Take a virtual voyage south
Choices made now are critical for future of our ocean and cryosphere
Surgical tradies scrub up well