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Plastic pollution and ocean acidification reduce Antarctic krill development
Reliving RSV Aurora Australis last voyage to Antarctica in VR
Research reveals emperor penguins increasingly threatened by climate change
Climate change risk to emperor penguins
Decline in CO2 cooled earth’s climate over 30 million years ago, scientists find
Researchers join national initiative to advance quantum science
Ozone research managers say no room for complacency on ozone layer recovery
Variations in climate conditions affect reproductive success of Antarctic krill, study finds
Variations in climate conditions affect reproductive success of Antarctic krill
Sleep apnea increases risk of sudden death, cardiovascular conditions
Earth’s vital signs worsen amid ‘business as usual’ climate policy
Antarctic alcohol policy in line with healthy drinking limits 27 July 2021
How sudden stratospheric warming affected Northern Hemisphere
Environmental assessment of RSV Nuyina operations open for public comment 22 July 2021
BAS Shortlisted for British Construction Industry Awards
Using satellite images to improve human lives
UK and Australian new polar research ships rendezvous on sea trials
Finalists announced for inaugural Environmental Art and Design Prize
Wild pigs release same emissions as 1 million cars each year
When Dinosaurs Roamed: History of fossils at Yallock-Bulluk Marine and Coastal Park
Flash flood guidance system includes snow hydrology
5 rocks any great Australian rock collection should have, and where to find them
Mystery of what causes Jupiter’s X-ray auroras is solved
Antarctic teams send best wishes to England football team
Icequakes likely rumble along geyser-spitting fractures in Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus
Dot joins exclusive 100 Club
NASA space lasers map meltwater lakes in Antarctica with striking precision
Global study shows major seagrass losses around world
Shaking up earthquake science on Macquarie Island 6 July 2021
First call to join working groups for Million Year Ice Core project 5 July 2021
Acoustic research sheds new light on whale sounds
Earth’s cryosphere shrinking by 87,000 square kilometers per year
New verified temperature record for Antarctic continent
WMO verifies one temperature record for Antarctic continent and rejects another
RRS Sir David Attenborough getting ready for next phase of sea trials
Finding best way to a whale’s diet through its skin
Physicist Nagy has leading role in next-gen balloon mission
Microbes feast on crushed rock in subglacial lakes beneath Antarctica
Polar Zero: visual arts take centre stage at COP26
New icebreaker to arrive in October 29 June 2021
Pine Island Glacier’s ice shelf is ripping apart, speeding up key Antarctic glacier thinning
Unusual prey: Spiders eating snakes
Winter investigations to commence for Davis Aerodrome Project 28 June 2021
History of Antarctic ice sheets holds clues for our future
Public comment sought on Macquarie Island station renovation 24 June 2021
Tuckered out: Early Antarctic explorers underfed their dogs
June blows hot and cold – and possibly hottest of all
Buckley awarded $4.9 million to develop gamma ray astronomy mission