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Underwater robot reveals how Thwaites Glacier is melting
End of giant iceberg A-68
Diet of Homotherium sabertooth cat included baby mammoths, according to new research
Antarctic rainfall could increase through 2100
Epic Australian Antarctic season concludes with safe return of resupply ship 14 April 2021
We sailed from Antarctica to equator to learn how bacteria affect ocean health
MPV Everest returns safely to Fremantle 13 April 2021
Why it’s been so cold this week, with more on way
Why it’s been so cold this week, with a chilly weekend on way
Update: support vessel nearing fire damaged MPV Everest 12 April 2021
Exploration of ocean currents beneath ‘Doomsday Glacier’ by an autonomous underwater vehicle
Highlands hunt for climate answers
Update: support ship heads south to accompany MPV Everest 9 April 2021
Melting ice sheets caused sea levels to rise up to 18 metres
New Hobart facilities for Bureau of Meteorology
Update: plans underway for a support ship to assist Australian Antarctic vessel 8 April 2021
Update: damaged Antarctic resupply vessel will dock in Western Australia 7 April 2021
Second incident this year on Australia’s temporary Antarctic resupply vessel
New Chair of Australian Antarctic Science Council 7 April 2021
Small Telescopes, Big Science
Update: fire on Australia’s Antarctic resupply vessel 6 April 2021
No new community cases; 17 cases over 2 days of COVID-19 in managed isolation
Engine room fire on MPV Everest extinguished 5 April 2021
International study discovers ancient meteoritic impact over Antarctica 430,000 years ago
Voyage heads home after extended resupply mission 1 April 2021
Humpback whales may have bounced back from near-extinction, but it’s too soon to declare them safe
Antarctica asteroid impact from 430,000 years ago discovered by scientists
Screen Australia announces over $2 million of Enterprise funding
Antarctic homecoming – RRS James Clark Ross arrives in Harwich for final time
Thanks a krillion: Antarctic voyage delivers breakthrough science 24 March 2021
Antarctic voyage delivers breakthrough krill research
Intensity of phytoplankton production during Antarctic summer affects structure of seafloor ecosystems
BAM Nuttall and Sweco in New Partnership to Upgrade British Research Antarctic Stations
Oceans under threat like never before, warns World Meteorological Organization
World Meteorological Day celebrates ocean, our climate and weather
Scientist wins prestigious national teaching award
Antarctic Science Hub Takes Shape Amid Complex Construction Season
RRS Sir David Attenborough – COVID impacts on ship into service timeline
Groundbreaking global study is first to map ocean areas that, if strongly protected, would help solve climate
Antarctic arts grace new Australian stamps 16 March 2021
Antarctic peninsula likely to warm over next two decades
New unmanned robotic for RRS Sir David Attenborough
Behind scenes of a krill block-buster 12 March 2021
109th Airlift Wing wraps up Antarctic research support
Digital fishing challenge casts wide net
Fossil leaves tell story of evergreen and deciduous forests millions of years ago
Extreme melt on Antarctica’s George VI Ice Shelf
Antarctica’s magnetic link to ancient neighbours