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Harnessing immune system to treat traumatic brain injury
Study Confirms Pathogenesis of EV-D68 Virus Causing Polio-like Paralyzing Illness in Children
Sought-after anti-cancer compound found in soft corals
Right moisturiser for children with eczema is one that they like to use, study finds
Brisbane scientists awarded US funding to help fight new viruses like COVID & Monkeypox
UNSW awarded over $13m in NHMRC clinical trials funding
How cranberries could improve memory and ward off dementia
New research may explain unexpected effects of common painkillers
Type-I interferon stops immune system ‘going rogue’ during viral infections
Statins may provide protection against depression
Take herbal supplements with dose of caution
Considering an IUD but worried about pain during insertion?
PT027, novel fixed-dose combination of albuterol and budesonide, used as an as-needed rescue medicine
Common steroids after ‘long Covid’ recovery may cut risk of death by up to 51%
One in three people are infected with _Toxoplasma_ parasite – and clue could be in our eyes
Discovery reveals blocking inflammation may lead to chronic pain
Discovery finds blocking inflammation may lead to chronic pain
Recurrent UTIs linked to gut microbiome, chronic inflammation
New graphite based rapid sensor chip for real-time theophylline monitoring
New standard to avoid long-term harm from opioid analgesics
New drug combo “promising candidate” for on-demand contraceptive pill
Scientists discover promising biologic drug for treating chronic lung disease
Research of more than 2,000 patients after hospitalization with Covid reveals only around 1
Cytokine signature that allows Covid patients with worst prognosis to be spotted early is identified by Italian researchers
Some cases of long Covid may be caused by an abnormally suppressed immune system
Flexible printable electrical patches for accelerated wound healing
Active resolution of inflammation: No evidence that specialized lipid messengers are involved
Do pain relievers impede bone drug’s efficacy?
Promising avenue to prevent mental illness following transient infection
New toolkit to engineer safe and efficient therapeutic cells
Better in combination than alone
Structure of active ingredient bismuth in Pepto-Bismol revealed
Will Smith’s Slap at Oscars Awakens World to Alopecia Areata
MUSC Hollings Cancer Center director receives AACR Distinguished Service Award
Study Shows Important Change in B-Cells in Women with PPD
Fighting viruses is as easy as breathing
Can messenger substance considered to be inflammatory alleviate asthma symptoms?
Smokers with heart disease could gain five healthy years by quitting
Turmeric compound helps grow engineered blood vessels and tissues
Scientists look to licorice for promising cancer treatments
Newly identified neutrophil subset is promising therapeutic target
Venture Lab-backed startup earns $6 million of funding
Antioxidant, inflammation levels may reveal new diagnostic tool for breast cancer
Penn Researchers Discover New Cell Type in Human Lung with Regenerative Properties
Anti-inflammatories show promise for treating late-pregnancy complication
Promising Alzheimer’s Drug May Also Improve Memory in Down Syndrome and Normal Aging
How to live pain-free with arthritis
Using organ-on-a-chip platform, researchers devise potential strategy to treat severe Covid complications