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World-leading National Centre for Inflammation Research to be established
Potential new target to combat inflammatory diseases
To Benefit Paralyzed Veterans, Polymer Coating Aims To Extend Life of Microelectrodes
£800k funding to investigate treatments for devastating lung disease
Necrotising enterocolitis treatment closer
Link between Alzheimer’s disease and gut microbiota is confirmed
Drug research pivoted from prostate cancer to COVID-19 treatment
Study: Respiratory failure in COVID-19 usually not driven by cytokine storm
COVID-19 survival among elderly patients could be improved by arthritis drug
Antibodies – for better or worse
UConn Health Team to Investigate Link Between Gut Microbiome and Aging
Novel anti-inflammatory therapy improves heart recovery after a heart attack
People with hypertension, diabetes, kidney and heart disease
CHOP Doctor Co-authors New Anti-inflammatory Family Cookbook
How Did Red Algae Survive in Extreme Environments?
Researchers examine decline in average body temperature among healthy adults over past two decades
Social isolation puts women at higher risk of hypertension
COVID-19: Dexamethasone Discovery Carries Treatment Implications
Medical device using Northwestern-invented biomaterial receives FDA clearance
Drinking green tea and coffee daily linked to lower death risk in people with diabetes
Targeted delivery of anti-inflammatory therapy shows promise in slowing progression of multiple sclerosis
Rockefeller issues license for development of novel anti-inflammatory drug
Anti-inflammatory benefits from gut bacteria found in fish and humans
International Team of Scientists Identifies Common Vulnerabilities Across Coronaviruses
Immune modulator drugs for COVID-19 focus of major NIH clinical trial
Arthritis drug to be investigated as possible treatment for vascular dementia
Emory helps establish national standard of care for COVID-19 treatment
Common Vulnerabilities of Coronaviruses
Blood test could identify COVID-19 patients at risk of ‘cytokine storm’ hyperinflammation
Stopping lethal lung damage from flu with a natural human protein
President Trump’s COVID-19 Treatment Takes National Spotlight
Immune cell activation in severe COVID-19 resembles lupus
Motor neuron disease inflammation trigger discovered
New trial to treat Covid-19 in care homes using anti-TNF drug begins
Taking STING out of MND
Novel inflammation drug in development
New trial to treat Covid-19 in care homes using anti-TNF drug begins
Dietary folate, magnesium, and dairy products may all help stave off bowel cancer
Regular use of acid reflux drugs linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes
Medical research to benefit from Morningside Ventures appointment
New joint pain study finds supplement helps reduce arthritis symptoms
COVID-19 treatment clinical trial underway
Daily coffee consumption associated with improved survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
Research produces different results from key China COVID-19 investigation
New Smart Drug Delivery System May Help Treatment for Neurological Disorders
Biomarker predicts who will have severe COVID-19
Sport-induced myokines fight cancer cells
Turmeric supplement more effective than placebo for knee pain