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Novel Fluorescence Sensing Platform Developed for Visual Monitoring of Food Safety
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Protein signature changes during heart disease caused by reductive stress
New function for long-known molecule
Diets higher in calcium and potassium may help prevent recurrent symptomatic kidney stones
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Hydrogen generated by Si-based agent attenuates inflammation in ulcerative colitis mouse model
Startup developing technology to combat degenerative diseases
Research reveals that amino acid taurine could be used in anti-aging therapy
Global Warming Causes Northward Shift in Southern Limit of Seagrass Zostera marina
Vitamin K2 Repairs Nerve Cells via Mitochondrial Quality Control Loop
Broccoli and kale microgreens pack nutritional punch that varies with growing conditions
Self-assembling and complex, nanoscale mesocrystals can be tuned for variety of uses
Light-independent Metabolic Pathways Regulate Astaxanthin Accumulation in Haematococcus
Researchers Screen Potential Antioxidant, Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Components from Portulaca oleracea
Temporary transfer tattoos, often used by children, can disrupt skin’s protective barrier function
Turning hazelnut shells into potential renewable energy source
New technique reduces nicotine levels, harmful compounds simultaneously in tobacco
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Keeping strawberries fresh using bioactive packaging
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