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COVID-19 pandemic changes to healthcare and health policy
New equipment allows scientists to test life-saving drugs in real time
Harris County Took Brunt of February Freeze
Why gender equity is an important issue to men
New clinical trials facility
Baker Institute survey highlights impact of illicit medical cannabis use in Texas, need to change law
Scientists bring polygenic risk scores closer to clinical use
Tutoring program to help bridge gaps from COVID-19
Annual rates of new cases of adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is stable or falling in many high-income
COVID-19 vaccination, cardiovascular disease and diabetes
Flooding, Violent Crime Top Concerns of Harris County Residents
Start-up launches new laser tech to prevent heart attacks
More than Half of Texans Believe No Voter Fraud Occurred in 2020 Presidential Election
One-Third of Texans Likely to Refuse a COVID-19 Vaccine
Texans Support Targeted Tax Increases, Legalized Gambling
Baker Institute: Climate action must be bipartisan to be effective
Funding to give hope to MS sufferers
Funding to give hope to MS patients
Cancer drug may help prevent strokes in diabetics Herald Sun
New cancer drug could also treat heart disease
Genetic screening to prevent heart attack and stroke
Cornell to help train state’s pioneering public health corps
Partisan politics prolong pandemic
Identification of a gene that regulates storage of dangerous fat could help prevent heart disease and diabetes
Using data to solve biological problems
Research centre to address heart attack and diabetes hotspots in Melbournes west
Early lockdowns were key in reducing ultimate COVID-19 spread, Baker Institute paper finds
Anti-inflammatory drug reduces vessel disease in diabetes
New Head of Baker Department of Cardiometabolic Health
Study to identify which genes are important in driving genomic risk of coronary artery disease
Texas lawmakers see vaccine legislation as non-partisan
A new study in Melbournes west aims to prevent heart failure
Shedding light on sex differences in COVID-19 mortality
Overwhelming response to heart disease study
COVID-19, Economy Top Concerns for Texas Voters
Early identification of heart damage from cancer treatment
Study seeks family and friends of people with heart disease to map heart risk profile
Lipids show promise for diagnosing and understanding Alzheimers disease
Managing chronic disease in rural and remote communities
Biomarker identified to help predict atrial fibrillation in at-risk groups
Novel anti-inflammatory therapy improves heart recovery after a heart attack
Remote work causes tax issues for both workers and employers
Baker Institute-led group develops proposed nationwide protocol for storing carbon
Study: Early economic action in response to pandemic mitigated downturn
Trial helps men with prostate cancer
Diabetes treatment depends on where you live
Biochar helps hold water, saves money
U.S. sanctions in Europe may hurt global energy industry