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Re-setting clock on heart disease
World Diabetes Day spotlights health inequality
UH’s ‘Hobby Hour: Census and Redistricting’ Looks at Controversial Redrawing of State Voting Lines
Polygenic scores go beyond risk prediction to identify causes of disease
NHMRC Ideas Grant funding
Honouring pioneering diabetes researcher
Five-year gender equity fellowship to champion senior women in science
Grant success to deliver new treatments for heart disease
Translating pioneering research into clinic
Renewable energy will increase security and lower geopolitical risk, study shows
Director of Baker Institute announces retirement
New tools for discovery of new medicines Conversation
Maryland health care payment model reduces costs and complications, study shows
Fast Five with Dr Guillaume Mric
Investigator grants to deliver more targeted healthcare 20 September
Scientists explore promising treatment for MRSA ‘superbug’
Researchers explore promising treatment for MRSA ‘superbug’
Scientists explore promising new stem cell treatment for MRSA superbug
Investigator grants to deliver more targeted healthcare
Climate progress requires competition, not cooperation, with China
Fast Five with Kristel Janssens
How hidden ageing could lead our heart to malfunction
Mighty west walker
Fast Five with Dr Habtamu Beyene
Sustainability alone cannot fix waste management woes, says expert
Science and technology research is critical infrastructure, says Baker Institute
Hundreds of Melbourne Covid survivors to participate in groundbreaking ‘long COVID’ study 9News
Investigating long-haul impact of Covid on heart
2020 Impact Report
US should fully reopen Mexican border, vaccinate people on both sides, says expert
Delivering new prevention and treatment approaches for heart disease with digital health 22 July
Delivering new prevention and treatment approaches for heart disease with digital health
Oil demand likely to grow despite pandemic, study says
$4.8 million grant to help identify and prevent diabetes complications
Queens Birthday Honour for leading diabetes researcher
Texas must address groundwater future, says Baker Institute expert
Advancing early identification and treatment of heart disease
Pandemics impact on diabetes care
Understanding atrial enlargement to prevent atrial fibrillation
Vascular ageing: what it is, why it matters Tonic
Leebron to step down from Rice presidency in June 2022
New diabetes drugs effective way to tackle kidney disease
Health professionals should encourage patients to sit less and move more
Advancing understanding of exercise training and healthy ageing
Desk-bound with diabetes
95 years of discovery
Study explores how private equity acquisitions impact hospitals
Sudden cardiac arrest costs Australia nearly $2 billion annually