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Book explores ChatGPT’s power to revolutionize research
Quotas Insufficient in Solving Problem
University of Freiburg approves new center for Small Data research in medicine
Soil Microbiology Research: Bridging Lab and Field Studies
Modern Database Tech Offers New Tools for Big Data Management
New Tool Helps Optimize Irrigation Timing, Says Study
Supermassive Black Hole Rips Apart Giant Star in Unprecedented Display
App Users Skeptical of Health & Fitness Advice from Social Media Data
Innovation on display at agricultural expo
Research Finds Surprising Similarities between Music for Sleeping and Researching
SummerTech LIVE boosts students’ job readiness & digital skills
Temp Key Factor in Oxygen Levels of US Rivers
Dhanya Sridhar Investigates Human Patterns
AMA Submits to Privacy Act Review Consultation
Deep Learning Enables Lensless Holographic Data Storage Demodulation
New Centre Launches, Showcasing Innovations in Catalysis Research
Magnon-Based Computation Signals Computing Paradigm Shift
Hydrocortisone-Fludrocortisone Combo Benefits Septic Shock Patients
Engineers Use Connected Vehicles to Monitor Traffic Congestion
Rental Landlords Own 4X More Units Than Estimated
Catalysts of energy transition
Brain’s Garbage Collectors May to Blame in Alzheimer’s
Alternative fuel use – regulatory status mapped
WyGISC to Join UW School of Computing
ICAO forecasts complete and sustainable recovery and growth of air passenger demand in 2023
Computer Security: How AI are you?
Automatically Tune Streaming Data Processes Using ML
Rensselaer Seeks to Avert Future FTX Glitches
Statistical Model to Ensure Children’s Safe Mobility
Medicare Patients May Face Unintended Consequences From Profiting
UTA project aims to better manage roadway traffic flow
Researchers develop all-optical approach to pumping chip-based nanolasers
All-Optical Pumping of Chip Nanolasers Developed by Researchers
Tibetan Plateau Lakes Freeze/Melt Faster with Climate Change
ZTF makes first discovery of rare cosmic ‘lunch’
QRIP-equipped CAF F-35s set stage for future Crowd-Sourced Flight Data platform integration
New EU project wants to develop fair, inclusive data economy for Europe’s food systems
Researchers develop novel integration scheme for efficient coupling between III-V and silicon
Graph computing – new way to understand world
2400 new eyes on sky to see cosmic rainbows
Tokyo Tech Academies for WISE Program and Tokyo Tech Academy for Leadership celebrate AY 2022 graduates
Minister Sajjan announces funding for Simon Fraser University and highlights government’s plan to build economy that works
New technology to reduce potholes
Do Electric Scooters Reduce Car Use?
Digital twin intelligent system for industrial internet of things-based big data management and analysis
Australians polarised about ‘return to normal’ social media analysis shows
Ashurst advises on first Virtual General Meeting following amendments to German Stock Corporations Act
Zhejiang University opens Exhibition Hall of History of School of Earth Sciences