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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and FAO approve COVID-19 technical support package
FAO, WMO and partners call for early warning and early action to avoid disasters
FAU Open Research Challenge: competition for young international researchers
$50,000 funding win for anti-corruption team
High-capacity tape for era of big data
Government Gambling with our Regions
Grants open for digital transformation of Queensland agribusinesses
Aquatic hitchhikers: Using mobile technology to predict invasive species transmission
Extinction of mammals affects future of tropical palms
Digital Ag Summit explores impact of revolutionary technology
NC State Team Finds Solution for Sweetpotato Problem
New Green Path route planner finds cycling and walking routes with least noise and best air quality
Competition Highlight: Visually-guided Gluing Chaser in “Siemens Cup”
Autistic Children in Berkshire School to Benefit from New Digital Healthcare Apprentice Support
Stopping spread of coronavirus in universities
Business School academic wins £1m grant for research project into ‘non-traditional leadership’
HKUST Appoints Prof. WANG Yang as Vice-President for Institutional Advancement
Study of ‘shrink-smart’ towns expanding to include curriculum, big data
Almost one in 20 babies in Australia born through IVF
Asia-Pacific countries pledged bold and innovative action for food security and livelihoods
HMRC appoints Chief Digital and Information Officer
Physiological Test for Autism Proves Effective Independent of Co-occurring Conditions
UvA launches new research project on how to design tax systems for a post COVID-19 world
New skills are changing Australian jobs
Mastercard partners with to make banking more personalized, automated and delightful
Tourism receives hi-tech boost to aid recovery
Ocean challenges, wallaby DNA, whale sharks, and exploding watermelons
Rewriting rules of machine-generated art
UTA researcher working to make data more usable and accessible
Researcher Heads a Committee in Charge of Future of European Science
HKU releases 2020Q2 Hong Kong FinTech Buzz Index Market sentiment remains stable despite COVID
Researcher Heads a Committee in Charge of Future of European Science
Researcher Heads a Committee in Charge of Future of European Science
Carbon-neutral beer, secret life of a nudibranch, Guinness World Records and more
Count cuttlefish, map quokka genomes, and make a melon go boom
Classifying Galaxies with Artificial Intelligence
Concordia hosts its first international virtual conference
Detecting emerging disease outbreaks through monitoring
Combination asthma medication is over-prescribed to Australian children – but dispensing patterns are improving
Researcher’s work among pop-ups that invade your online day
Journalists’ Twitter use shows them talking within smaller bubbles
Break it down: A new way to address common computing problem
Machine Learning Finds a Surprising Early Galaxy-Breaking Lowest Oxygen Abundance Record
Lot Fourteen creating a jobs bonanza for South Australia
Imperial evenings of exploration make move online
Weld Australia Calls on Federal Government to Modernise Outdated Welder Training to Reflect Future Industry Needs
MSCI announces strategic alliance with Microsoft to accelerate innovation in global investment industry
Defra updates in agri-food and environmental topics