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Shrinking to survive: Bacteria adapt to a lifestyle in flux
Smartphone camera can illuminate bacteria causing acne, dental plaques
Scientists take home Young Tall Poppy Awards
Researchers Improve Efficiency and Accessibility of CRISPR
Drone improves odor management in water treatment plants
Bioengineering tomorrows’ sustainable plant-based food
NASA Highlights Winners of Challenge to Engineer Human Tissue
NIH grant boosts computational search for cancer drugs
Conserving coastal seaweed: a must have for migrating sea birds
Adapting laboratory techniques for remote instruction
Self-excising designer proteins report isoform expression
On a mission to discover unknown Australian species
Using advanced imaging to study sickle cell disease
Self-aware materials build foundation for living structures
Mission to map Australia’s biodiversity predicted to bring big economic benefits
Consequences of malnutrition are inheritable
Healthy Gut and Healthy Heart, AB Nexus Funds Second Round of Grants
Engineered protein gives an energetic boost to cancer-fighting cells
Chemical changes to peptide siRNA-carrier enhance gene silencing for future cancer drugs
Implantable piezoelectric polymer improves controlled release of drugs
Itch insight: Skin itch mechanisms differ on hairless versus hairy skin
Scientists support malaria research
New biosensor developed to aid early diagnosis of breast cancer
In-cell Nano-3D Printer: Synthesizing Stable Filaments from In-cell Protein Crystals
Research to examine whether ‘strong as steel’ spider silk can be replicated for manufacturing
Novel simulation method predicts blood flow conditions behind von Willebrand disease
Columbia Cancer Researchers Win Pershing Square Sohn Prize
Innovative collaboration leads to new insights into TB immune response
New technology converts waste plastics to jet fuel in an hour
Engineered organism could diagnose Crohn’s disease flareups
Heart attack recovery aided by injecting heart muscle cells that overexpress cyclin D2
What makes plant cell walls both strong and extensible?
New law of physics helps humans and robots grasp friction of touch
Teaching a computer program to track cells
Canada’s first training program for synthetic biology attracts top talent
LLNL-developed thin-film electrodes reveal key insight into human brain activity
Composing thoughts: mental handwriting produces brain activity that can be turned into text
Rapid COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Delivers Results Within 4 Minutes With 90 Percent Accuracy
COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placenta in pregnancy
COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placenta in pregnancy
Rules of road: navigational ‘strategies’ of bacteria in motion
AI analytics predict COVID-19 patients’ daily trajectory in UK intensive care
Accelerating pace of engineered cell therapies, from lab to bedside
Smart magnetic soft materials to develop artificial muscles and therapeutic robots
Awards & Accolades 6 May
Ancient DNA Sequences Reveal How Modern Humans Diverged from Neanderthals
Why does heart scarring cause abnormal rhythms in some people but not others?
Study yields new clue to strokes of undetermined source