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Microfluidics show promise as safer, simpler treatment option for severe neonatal jaundice
Boosting body’s response to infections with bio-inspired peptide
Spoiled oranges shine light on malignant cells
Printing technique creates effective skin equivalent, heals wounds
Biomedical engineering researcher aims to improve cancer treatment
Presentation of first personalized virtual planning and navigation system for craniosynostosis surgery
Monitoring crops on La Palma
ANSTO scientist and technical specialist recognised at Users Meeting
Synthetic tissue can repair hearts, muscles, and vocal cords
3D printing of blood plasma may speed up wound healing
3D polarization-sensitive OCT imaging of collagen organization within organ systems
Dr Xuyu Liu awarded cardiovascular drug discovery grant
For 10 years, Schulich Leader Scholarships have increased access to higher education
Artificial intelligence, hardware innovations boost confocal microscope’s performance
Ultrashort-pulse lasers kill bacterial superbugs, spores
Nanotechnology offers pain relief for tooth sensitivity
Research that improves speed, accuracy of stem cell experiments
London’s MedTech accelerator drives new health innovations
Designing Microbe Factories for Sustainable Chemicals
New imaging technologycould help lower need for skin biopsies
Humans, Monkeys and Guinea Pigs Have Very Similar Brain Responses to Unfamiliar Speech Sounds
Monkeys, guinea pigs and native English speakers have very similar brain responses to speech sounds
Cystic fibrosis faithfully modeled in human Lung Airway Chip
New imaging technology could buy time for pancreatic cancer patients
Lung autopsies of Covid patients reveal treatment clues
Awards & Accolades 17 November
Researchers kill bugs with nanoparticles
Six Illinois scientists rank among world’s most influential
43 UCLA scholars among most highly cited researchers for 2021
Synthetic immunotherapy seeks out and destroys tumors with aggressive cancers
PFAS exposure, high-fat diet drive prostate cells’ metabolism into pro-cancer state
Commonwealth Foundation for Cancer Research $25M gift to accelerate cancer research through collaboration of Dana-Farber/Harvard
Needle free glucose monitoring step closer for diabetics
New computer model is key step toward low-temperature preservation of 3D tissues, organs
Tissue physics plays key role in tumor growth
New tool for studying COVID’s impact on gut health
Concordia’s District 3 and adMare BioInnovations team up to support Canada’s next great biotech leaders
Diagnosing cancer with barcode-inspired test
Researchers show ‘encrypted’ peptides could be wellspring of natural antibiotics
Microbes’ sense of community, cooperation could improve biofuels
Pelvic organ prolapse treatment attracts international award
Closer Look at Unexamined Interactions Could Improve Drug Purification Process
When to Test offers free online tool to help individuals make informed Covid testing decisions
Test determines antibiotic resistance in less than 90 minutes
Bioengineers find new way heart valves grow – and go wrong
Test determines drug resistance in less than 90 minutes
New chair of UW Department of Bioengineering named
‘Live’ brain models used in hunt for Alzheimer’s treatment