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Researchers use lasers and molecular tethers to create perfectly patterned platforms for tissue engineering
Increased blood flow during sleep tied to critical brain function
CHOP and Penn Researchers Identify Nanoparticles that Could Be Used in Therapeutic mRNA Delivery before Birth
Nanoparticle Immunization Technology Could Protect Against Many Strains of Coronaviruses
New Instrument Will Uncover Structure and Chemical Composition on Sub-Cell Scale
Kombucha-inspired microbial mixture lets scientists create ‘living materials’
Kombucha-inspired microbial mixture let scientists create ‘living materials’
Inspired by kombucha tea, engineers create “living materials”
Scientists create ‘living materials’ using kombucha-inspired microbial mixture
Simple bioreactor makes ‘gut check’ more practical
Study reveals new details about how bacterial toxins cause life-threatening colitis
LLNL develops optical capability for thin-film neural implants to look into brain activity
Stanford single-dose nanoparticle vaccine for COVID-19
Top New Year Honours for Imperial academics
Light flips genetic switch in bacteria inside transparent worms
Making better catalysts by understanding water
AI-powered microscope could check cancer margins in minutes
Electron-producing microbes power sustainable wastewater treatment
Some neurons target tiny cerebral blood vessel dilation
Making data-informed Covid-19 testing plans
Making Heads and Tails of Mucus Assembly
Bacterial nanopores open future of data storage
Researchers develop new tool for watching and controlling neural activity
CannaPacific and CSIRO trial novel encapsulation technologies for medicinal cannabinoids
Biomedical engineering research-connected teaching success
Federal judge strikes down changes to visa program, a win for universities
New knowledge about coliforms to counteract multi-resistance
Hydrogel Could Open New Path for Glaucoma Treatment Without Drugs or Surgery
Entire bacterial community can provide us with new antimicrobial agents
New CRISPR-based COVID-19 test uses smartphone cameras to spot virus RNA
New lab-on-chip infection test could give cheaper, faster portable diagnostics
DKK 25 M to develop recombinant snakebite antivenom
Real-world neuroscience experiments show diversity in learning new motor skills
37 UCLA scientists among world’s most influential researchers
New non-invasive technology could spot early signs of motor disorders in babies
Biofriendly protocells pump up blood vessels
New wound-healing gel helps regenerate skin, prevent scarring
UO’s Knight Campus partners with OSU to offer bioengineering
A biochemical random number
High Touch, Germ-Free: International Biotech DeBogy Joins UConn Incubator
Clifford Brangwynne to lead Princeton Bioengineering Initiative
Three Illinois scientists rank among world’s most influential
State stem cell agency funds clinical trial for spina bifida treatment
Vanderbilt contributes to ‘Google Earth’ of human body, starting with kidney
Newly discovered enzyme increases biomass value
Salamanders provide a model for spinal-cord regeneration
New light on cellular hydration
Llama Nanobodies Could be a Powerful Weapon Against COVID-19