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Evidence Suggests Bubonic Plague had Long-Term Effect on Immunity Genes
Edmonton-based startup’s innovative technology could treat retinal diseases that affect millions worldwide
BioCurate and Monash University launch oncology startup company, Pio Therapeutics
Cancer immunotherapies for all patients
Bank manager gains Uni medal on path to medicine
Diermeier commends Class of 2021 for leadership during year of adversity
Researcher describes four new species of sponge that lay undiscovered in plain sight
UWA volunteers recognised
Heart attack recovery aided by injecting heart muscle cells that overexpress cyclin D2
New research optimizes body’s own immune system to fight cancer
Grant funds research pushing limits of cyborg insects
Developed in Durham:
Could AstraZeneca vaccine cause Guillain-Barré syndrome?
New weapon in fight against gastrointestinal disease in informal settlements
Organic, printable device could restore sight to blind
Molecular alteration may be cause — not consequence — of heart failure
Implantable ‘living pharmacy’ could control body’s sleep/wake cycles
Neag School Researchers Developing Computational Thinking Unit for High School Biology Classes
Brain scans could offer sign of postpartum psychosis risk
University of Toronto’s Christine Allen on investing in bio-manufacturing, life sciences research
Measuring brain blood flow and activity with light
Fundamental Concepts: How Do CT Scans Work?
‘The gold standard for clinical diagnostic labs’
Advances in medical imaging enable visualization of white matter tracts in fetuses
Bringing medical AI closer to reality
New testing for bike helmets accounts for head injuries sustained at speed
Scaling down Ionic Transistors to ultimate limit
COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placenta in pregnancy
COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placenta in pregnancy
Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes
Targeting Radiation Resistance: Why Some Tumors Are So Stubborn
Ultrasensitive antigen test detects SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses
Mount Sinai Ophthalmologists Develop New Technique to Assess Progression of Sickle Cell Retinopathy
New insight on tissue growth in synthetic vessels used for kidney dialysis
Transferability of surface-functionalized metallic nanoparticles
Brain Research Gets a Boost from Mosquitos
Lighting up biology from within
Neuroimaging study discovers alterations in brain circuits that contribute to alcohol use disorder
Adolescence is a window of opportunity for improving health literacy
CSIRO invests in science to drive Australia’s recovery
Untethering mothers
Bacteria do not colonize gut before birth, says collaborative study
Implanted wireless device triggers mice to form instant bond
‘key’ to new COVID-19 vaccine development
Drug target pathway could unlock treatments for diabetes, cancer and COVID
Silver Nanoclusters Inhibit DNA Replication
Wastewater treatment system recovers electricity, filters water
Breaching blood-brain barrier to deliver precious payloads