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New organ-on-a-chip reveals crucial interaction between blood, ovarian cancer tumors
Gene Therapy May Preserve Vision in Retinal Disease and Serious Retinal Injury
£2.5 million for Exeter research to understand links between overlapping long-term conditions
New study provides clues to decades-old mystery about cell movement
Investigational magnetic device shrinks glioblastoma in first-in-world human test
Soft skin patch could provide early warning for strokes, heart attacks
Research provides clues to decades-old mystery about cell movement
Dynamic heart model mimics hemodynamic loads, advances engineered heart tissue technology
Novel Imaging Agent Identifies Biomarker for Iron-Targeted Cancer Therapies
Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice
New composite material has potential for medical use
Scientists harness naturally abundant CRISPR-Cas system to edit superbugs with hope of treating infections caused by drug resistant
Infrared held in pincer
Scientists automate brain MRI image labeling, more than 100,000 exams labeled in under 30 minutes
Llama ‘nanobodies’ could hold key to preventing deadly post-transplant infection
Scientists harness naturally abundant CRISPR-Cas system to edit superbugs
Professional rugby may be associated with changes in brain structure
New framework applies machine learning to atomistic modeling
Integrating neuronal perspectives for richer results
Mount Sinai Recruits Internationally Recognized Cardiovascular Immunology Researcher
New Scoring System for Assessing Wound Healing
Rensselaer Team Aims To Pave Way for Robust AI in Medical Imaging
Nanoparticles create heat from light to manipulate electrical activity in neurons
Microbially produced fibers: stronger than steel, tougher than Kevlar
Elite runners spend more time in air, less on ground, than highly trained but nonelite peers
Virginia Tech scientists uncover how molecule improves appearance of surgery scars
NIH expands biomedical research in cloud with Microsoft Azure
New technology can improve treatment of bleeding disorders
New MONAI tool eases development of AI-assisted annotation models
Plasma tech could replace one of world’s rarest materials
New, inexpensive way to heal chronic wounds
Recovering DNA from Challenging Forensic Evidence in Forensic Genomics
Research reveals why second dose of COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t be skipped
Non-neuronal cells drive sex differences in early brain development
Following Cancer Progress in Real Time
New research studies to help diagnose and treat Long COVID funded by NIHR
“A Spinning Toy Meets Hydrodynamics and Sets Point-of-Care Diagnostics in Motion”
Immune System May Need ‘Continuing Education’ to Protect Pregnancy
University of Maryland engineers 3D printed soft robotic hand that can play Nintendo
No Sign of COVID-19 Vaccine in Breast Milk
Cellular push and pull, key to body’s response to processes such as cancer
World’s first cell therapy trial for post COVID-19 fibrotic lung disease
University of Cambridge launches roadmap to support future growth of life sciences cluster
Why do scientific discoveries take long to reach general public?
Professional Development Opportunities Do Not Delay Doctorate Training or Publications
Red blood cell ‘traffic’ contributes to changes in brain oxygenation
Beware Using Telemedicine for Voice and Speech Therapy
FSU reseachers develop new model of flow properties for class of polymers