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Gene Therapy Corrects Cardiac Effects of Friedreich’s Ataxia
Researchers validate feasibility of CRISPR diagnostic test for COVID-19
Interdisciplinary team wins grant to speed oral cancer testing
Tool uses fat in bone and muscle to diagnose disease, predict falls and fractures
Study Finds Permanent Supportive Housing is Effective for Highest Risk Chronically Homeless People
Rapid 90-minute COVID-19 test shown to be highly accurate
CWRU achieves global first in mixed- reality education during COVID-19 pandemic
Study provides molecular look at how healthy muscle adapts to exercise
Clean-tech entrepreneurs get provincial funding to bring bright ideas to reality
“Honey, I shrunk detector”
Children Who Take Prescription Steroids at Increased Risk for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Blood Clots
Scientist calls for EU to enforce non-animal antibody production in research and industry
Hormone Glucagon May be a Warning Light for Diabetes
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Unveils BioMedical Laureates Program to Drive Diversity, Enhance Mentorship
Christchurch cardiac research group wins University’s premier award
Engineers seek to mimic properties of human body
UC Davis applies microneedles to deliver gene therapy inside eye
Point-of-Care Biomarker Assay for Traumatic Brain Injury
University technician shortlisted in Times Higher Education Awards
How to train a machine to see 3D in dark
Maternal Stress During Pregnancy Linked to Infant Illness
UCSF’s Covidseeker to Track Coronavirus with Cell Phone Data
New findings on function of Mitofusin 2 in bacterial infection and inflammation processes
Researchers use soy to improve bone cancer treatment
Patented innovations offer new approaches to optical sensing
Protecting genomic privacy
Dropping in: How Street-Corner Organelles Come Together
University of Nottingham to develop asymptomatic testing service to help control hidden spread of COVID-19
New treatments for deadly lung disease could be revealed by 3D modeling
FIU recognized on national platform for advancing diversity in STEM
Rare immune cells drive gut repair, but can tip toward cancer or fibrosis in inflammatory bowel disease
Altgold Helps Build Silk Scaffolding for Tissue
Sound Waves Replace Human Hands in Petri Dish Experiments
NHS implements antifungal resistance test
Significant leap forward in method for cancer treatment
New Genetic Analysis Method Could Advance Personal Genomics
Bioengineer awarded $2.3 million to improve autoimmune disease diagnosis, treatment
Gestational Diabetes May Accelerate Child’s Biological Age
New Ultrafast Yellow Laser Poised to Benefit Biomedical Applications
University of Michigan launches record number of startups, inventions
University and Health Infrastructure unveil emergency ventilator
Using a Wrench to Hammer Nails
Study discovers role of nervous system in controlling how we run
Firearm Ownership Among LGBT Adults
IOP Publishing commits to adopting double-blind peer review for all journals
New model predicts oesophageal cancer eight years early for half of all patients
Amaero Expands Machine Offering with Launch of Two New Machines
Genetic study of proteins is a breakthrough in drug development for complex diseases