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IU-Led Data Boosts HIV Strategies, Care in East Africa
E-Prompt for Surgeons May Cut Breast Cancer Overtreatment
Persistent Proteins May Skew Metabolomics Results: Study
E-Prompt May Cut Breast Cancer Overtreatment
Timely Adult Care Crucial for Young Adults with Sickle Cell
Disadvantaged Areas Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer
New Care Model for Injured Older Adults Unveiled
Research Links Vascular Dysfunction to Heart-Bone Health in Seniors
New Lab Test Detects Persistent HIV Strains in Africa
Poor Health, Stress in 20s Lower 40s Cognition
Poor Health, Stress in 20s Harm Cognition by 40s
Persistent HIV Strains Detection in Africa Aids Cure Search
Gender Disparities In Heat Wave Mortality In India
Research Explores Teleneurology Acceptance in Neuro Conditions
AI Enhances Rectal Cancer Treatment: CWRU Wins $2.78M Grant
Popular Diabetes Drugs May Reduce Risk Of Dementia
$3M Grant Aims to Ease Chronic Pain Burden in Australia
MD Anderson Sets Up Advisory Council for Oncology Data Science
Research: Only 5% of Animal-Tested Therapies Become Human Drugs
Royal Medals Awarded To KI Researchers
Race Shapes Youth Response to Stress, Drug Use: Study
SCU Buzz: Broaden Nursing Careers with Public Health
Exploring COVID-19s Impact on Nurses Moral Distress Inequities
Vanier Scholar Addresses First Nations' Pollution Health Issues
AI Technique Enhances Tumor Analysis, Boosts Disease Treatment
No Need for Preoperative Antibiotics in Kids' Elbow Surgery
Service Dogs Boost Quality of Life, Reduce PTSD in Veterans
Virginia Tech Unveils Tool for Categorizing Food Processing Levels
Australian Children's High Food Allergy Rates Mystify Experts
Statisticians Demand Rigor, Transparency in Diagnostic Test Evaluations
Updated COVID-19 Vaccines' Efficacy Wanes Against Current Variants
Quarantine Duration Depends on Infection Spread Avoidance
Healthy Habits Could Reverse Rapid Cell Aging: Study
Heart-Friendly Habits Could Reverse Quick Cell Aging
Imperial Reveals Cancer Insights from Cell Division Decisions
Do Preventive Strategies for Cervical, Vaginal Cancer Work?
UCSF Study Investigates Cancer Causes in Asian Americans
IBD Could Elevate Heart Failure Risk
AI Algorithm Boosts Prediction, Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases
UTHealth Study: E-Cigarette Use Tied to Early Asthma Onset in US
NSF-Led AI Pilot Features Novel Patient Data Protection Approach
Subsequent Gestational Diabetes Boosts Type 2 Risk
Indonesian Health Ministry Delegation Visits IoPPN at King's College
Tau Protein Patterns Forecast Alzheimer's Severity
Infertility Treatment Ups Postpartum Heart Disease Risk by 2x
Scientists Crafting Tool to Foretell Measles Outbreaks
Using NHS Data To Predict Patients' Risk Of Falling
Ultra-Processed Foods Not Universally Harmful, Contrary to Popular Belief