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What Is Personalized Medicine? ‘Data Detective’ Explains
Offshore Petroleum Workers at Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Review: Disparity in STD Treatment Despite CDC Guidelines
Protective Parenting Aids Adult Health: Study
How does wildfire smoke impact pregnancy and children?
Research: Multiple Health Conditions’ Effect on Meds in Elders
Remdesivir Effectiveness on COVID-19 Confirmed
CU Researchers Prove Paxlovid Effective Against Omicron Variants
Nicotine exposure during pregnancy may increase risk of sudden infant death
Nicotine Exposure in Pregnancy Linked to SIDS Risk
OHSU investigators awarded funding to extend leading-edge research
Research: Age-Related Fat May Impair Muscle Function
How bacteria compete in gut of newborns
Mouse Models Accurately Mimic Human Disease, Statistics Show
Mouse Models Accurately Mimic Human Disease: Statistics Show
Twin Study: Eating Disorder ARFID Highly Heritable
4% of Summer Deaths in European Cities from Urban Heat Islands
Mapping COVID in classroom
Updated Bivalent Boosters Reduce Omicron-Related Hospitalizations, Deaths: Gillings Study
Schulich Medicine & Dentistry Secures Funding for Clinical Trials Research
Research: Uniquely Human DNA Evolved Through Balance
Research: Annual/Biennial Boosters Best for Endemic COVID-19
Research: Smell Loss Could Predict Unhealthy Aging and Frailty
After 40 Years of Decline, Stroke Death Rates Are Rising Again
Simpler Tests Needed for Africa’s Chronic Hep B Patients
Chronic Hep B Needs Better Diagnostics in Africa
Public Health Measures in China Linked to Fewer Flu Cases
Risk of Catching Klebsiella Higher in Hospitals Than Farms/Water
Breakthrough in Genetics: Infant Gene Therapy for Artemis-SCID Patients
Holiday Shopping & Vaccine Uptake in Parc Extension: Environmental Impact?
UC Launches Pandemic Recovery and ReadinessResearch Initiative
UC Launches Pandemic Recovery and Readiness Research Initiative
Juggling act: New insights into parenting during pandemic
Thousands more Australians died in 2022 than expected
Prostate cancer risk prediction algorithm could help target testing at men at greatest risk
Staph infection-induced kidney disease may be linked to bacterial gene mutation
Unique perspective on determinants of chromosomal width
Reducing youth interest in flavored vaping products
Research Scholars Program setting standards, facilitating success
Buprenorphine, Not Methadone, May Be Safer Treatment for Opioid-Use Disorder During Pregnancy
New risk models can help doctors predict mortality in hospitalized covid patients
Human evolution was not just notes, but how it was played
Human Evolution Wasn’t Just Sheet Music, But How it Was Played
These bacteria hide themselves and then take charge
Nearly 40 UCLA scholars are among most highly cited researchers in their fields
Thirty-eight HKU academics listed among most highly cited researchers in 2022
Identification of cells responsible for colon cancer relapse
Low levels of air pollution deadlier than previously thought