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Research to tackle concussion in jockeys
Research links red meat intake, gut microbiome, and cardiovascular disease in older adults
Commercial agreement aims to increase early detection of oesophageal cancer
Bad For Bone? Novel Findings Suggest Intense Exercise Can Deplete Calcium
New Discoveries in Lupus Research
Finding biological roots for pathological social withdrawal, Hikikomori
Blood biomarker predicts complicated Crohn’s disease years before diagnosis: Study
New tool more accurately uses genomic data to predict disease risk across diverse populations
Research of promising Alzheimer’s marker in blood prompts warning about brain-boosting supplements
Race of people given Alzheimer’s blood tests may affect interpretation of results
Mayo researchers, collaborators affirm useful blood biomarker for group of brain disorders in new study
Scientists identified new tsRNA in blood to improve liver cancer diagnosis
MD Anderson research highlights for April 13, 2022
AACR: Combination immunotherapy treatment effective before lung cancer surgery
We found a genetic link between routine blood test results and mental health disorders
Interim findings show promise in decreasing shortness of breath from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Blood biomarker predicts dementia risk in Mexican Americans
Sanders-Brown Study Looks at Blood Test as Possible Diagnostic Tool for Alzheimer’s Disease
Scientists identify biomarkers to predict patient response to immunotherapy treatment for melanoma
Blood samples from professional soccer players provides latest evidence that headers affect brain activity
Possible new method identified to assess severity of TB infection
Researchers Identify Immunological Markers for SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection in Rhesus Macaques
Scientists identify immunological markers for Covid reinfection
SNMMI Reacts to CMS Coverage Decision on New Alzheimer’s Therapy
Rare gene mutation in some Black Americans may allow earlier screening of heart failure
World-first lung cancer screening facility increases chance of cure
Measuring viral RNA to predict which patients will die
Blood biomarker identified that predicts type 2 diabetes many years before diagnosis
Research finds new imaging biomarkers that predict antidepressant response
Brain health clinic for retired rugby players opens its doors
Is low-fat or whole-fat milk better for kids? Science says it makes no difference
Brain damage from long stays in space
Can Covid Boost Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease? Early Studies Look at Links
Over 41 million cases of dementia go undiagnosed across globe – World Alzheimer Report reveals
Over 41 million cases of dementia go undiagnosed across globe – World Alzheimer’s Report reveals
Blood biomarkers show presence of Alzheimer’s years before symptoms
Symptom Science and Traumatic Brain Injury
World-first artificial intelligence study to map risks of ovarian cancer
Ground-breaking lung cancer trial gets under way
Oncotarget: Prostate cancer and a possible link with schizophrenia
Simple blood test can accurately reveal underlying neurodegeneration
Prenatal exposure to pesticides increases risk of obesity in adolescence
Biomarkers help identify risks for COVID-19 patients
Blood test for depression, bipolar disorder offers promise of personalized treatment
Alzheimer’s Patients’ Cognition Improves with Sargramostim , New Study Shows
Nanotechnology could enable test for early Alzheimer’s Disease
Blood Test for Kidney Rejection Suggests New Treatment
Blood biomarker detects COVID-19 severity – enables early triage