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‘Neuroprosthesis’ restores words to man with paralysis
Tiny, Injectable Sensors Could Monitor Brain Activity without Surgery or Implants
Memory-making involves extensive DNA breaking
Psychedelic microdosing study to reveal what really happens in brains
Rats prefer to help their own kind; humans may be similarly wired
Empathy may drive rats and other mammals to help friends over strangers
Identifying spark of desire in fruit flies
A redundant modular network supports proper brain communication
Brain functional connectivity in Tourette syndrome
Blocking communication key to supporting proper communication in brain
Mind blanking: What happens in our brains when our attention lapses
Early experiences have larger effect on mood than more recent ones, study suggests
Attention and expectations determine what we see
Managing attention deficit disorder by training brain
Three brain responses linked to successful weight loss surgery
Study shows brain differences in interpreting physical signals in mental health disorders
Novel interactions between proteins that help in recovering from brain injury
NIH-funded study shows children recycle brain regions when acquiring new skills
Graphene ‘camera’ captures real-time electrical activity of beating heart
Studying pre-teen brain for insights into mental health disorders
Breakthrough study shows defining traits are forged moment we’re born
Study shows how taking short breaks may help our brains learn new skills
Funding boost for brain imaging in children with epilepsy
Recording Brain Activity with Laser Light
Human attention secrets cracked in bid to avoid digital-age disasters
Early exposure to cannabis compounds reduces later neural activity in zebrafish: study
Coupled brain activity, cerebrospinal fluid flow could indicate Alzheimer’s risk
Exoskeleton therapy improves mobility, cognition and brain connectivity in people with MS
Alzheimer’s research ‘world first’: blood oxygen levels could explain why memory loss is an early symptom
New algorithms show accuracy, reliability in gauging unconsciousness under general anesthesia
Can regulating a novel brain circuit help control obesity?
Early Feasibility Study Shows Flickering Lights and Sound Could Be New Weapon Against Alzheimer’s
New research could lead to better treatment for epilepsy
Researchers identify potential new approach to better controlling epileptic seizures
Case Western Reserve researchers identify potential approach to controlling epileptic seizures
What happens in brain when we imagine future?
Curtin University and Optus accelerate innovation with opening of Western Australia’s first 5G lab
Epios selected for MassChallenge Switzerland 2021 accelerator
Politically polarized brains share an intolerance of uncertainty