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Greenland ice sheet surges in daily melt cycles
What a glacial river reveals about Greenland ice sheet
National Public Health Week events at Brown will be truly national this year
U.S. President Biden Announces his Intent to Nominate Key Members for Department of Labor, Department of Transportation
New AI technique could help doctors predict aneurysm rupture
Heritable traits that appear in teen years raise risk for adult cannabis use
NTU Singapore, Brown and MIT team develops artificial intelligence platform to assess blood vessel anomalies and eye disease
Behrend conference to focus on gender, sexuality and safety
Deaths from COVID-19 have progressively declined at nursing homes, researchers find
Physician-scholar continues to play key role in most significant Alzheimer’s research
Research finds surprising electron interaction in ‘magic-angle’ graphene
Researchers uncover underlying genetics that make flies champion fliers
How to prevent short-circuiting in next-gen lithium batteries
U.S. President Biden Announces his Intent to Nominate Key Members of his Administration
Virtual Brain Week will help schoolkids, home-bound attendees get out of their heads
With masks on, three feet is just as safe as six feet apart in Massachusetts schools, researchers find
Drug Safety for Women: New FDA Policies
As public health dominates public conversation, Brown receives record number of MPH applications
Can’t solve a riddle? answer might lie in knowing what doesn’t work
Humans drive most of ups and downs in freshwater storage at Earth’s surface, Stanford study finds
Charters segregate schools but diversify neighborhoods
Humans control majority of freshwater ebb and flow on Earth, study finds
Apollo rock samples capture key moments in Moon’s early history, study finds
Brown, Lifespan, Care New England to create integrated academic health system
Mars rover touches down at Brown-discovered landing site
For mindfulness programs, ‘with whom’ may be more important than ‘how’
Researchers ID blood protein that sheds light on common, post-operative complication
Rochester brain and cognitive sciences researchers receive national recognition
Why even try? Using brain science to answer one of life’s biggest questions
Diagnosis bias of borderline personality disorder high among LGB community
Neurons from patient blood cells enable researchers to test treatments for genetic brain disease
To figure out how dinosaurs walked, start with how they didn’t
Tiny sensor technique reveals cellular forces involved in tissue generation
UW books in brief: African American political theory, philosophy and migration, data science for health
Thick lithosphere casts doubt on plate tectonics in Venus’s recent past
Rethinking Care for Older Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementia
$25 million gift to Brown will fuel innovation in brain science
Clinical trial to evaluate whether topical medication can prevent common skin cancer
Conversations on COVID: Is all pandemic news really bad news?
New technique builds super-hard metals from nanoparticles
Researchers develop new graphene nanochannel water filters
As brain plans movements, middle frontal gyrus is listening
Remote sensing data sheds light on when and how asteroid Ryugu lost its water
Federal Reserve Board announces appointment of chairs and deputy chairs of Federal Reserve Banks for 2021
Conversations on COVID: How pandemic could increase homelessness in 2021
A weather station for epileptic seizure
$10 million federal grant expands research to protect against concussions
New UCLA center to focus on health, safety and well-being of LGBTQ community