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New augmented reality system lets smartphone users get hands-on with virtual objects
Galapagos sea life study highlights importance of biodiversity in face of climate change
Study suggests ice on lunar south pole may have more than one source
Research on firearm injuries to U.S. children gets 30 times less funding per death than other causes
Study finds climate change influenced wildfire activity
Researchers to develop ‘intelligent spinal interface’ with $6.3 million in DARPA funding
In ‘Proving Einstein Right,’ Brown physicist recounts perilous expeditions by early eclipse chasers
Picture this: ICERM program explores imagery of mathematics
NSF-funded Brown, Dartmouth researchers to explore materials, matter states for quantum technologies
For young athletes, sport specialization means increased risk of injury
Diet impacts sensitivity of gut microbiome to antibiotics, study finds
$53.4M grant to Brown, Hebrew SeniorLife to enable massive expansion of Alzheimer’s research
By comparing needles to mosquitoes, new model offers insights into Hepatitis C solutions
New technique isolates placental cells for non-invasive genetic testing
Using data to spark creativity
Computer model could help test new sickle cell drugs
Research shows why there’s a ‘sweet spot’ depth for underground magma chambers
Modeling hurricane effects on Rhode Island
Research shows human cells assembling into fractal-like clusters
Individuals are swayed by their peers, leading to more severe punishments, study finds
Higher vitamin A intake linked to lower skin cancer risk
With $12.5M grant, Brown to create research center on substance misuse and chronic disease
World’s island conifers threatened with extinction from climate change
Caught in act: Images capture molecular motions in real time
Brown to fund 5 biomedical technologies with potential for patient benefit
Molecular thumb drives: Researchers store digital images in metabolite molecules
New initiative improved care for sepsis patients, but black patients saw smaller benefits
Scientists identify interactions that stabilize a protein associated with neurodegeneration
‘Memory Dishes’ exhibit traces generations of family cooking
Research reveals exotic quantum states in double-layer graphene