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Partisanship guided Americans’ personal safety decisions early in pandemic, study finds
For Health Services at Brown, pandemic has brought 15 months of COVID response and innovation
Research Commitment Elevating UConn’s Internal Medicine Residency
Driven to create policies for a post-pandemic world, Brown’s largest-ever MPA cohort arrives
After FDA’s approval, what to know about new Alzheimer’s drug
New model accounts for effect of behavior changes to predict COVID-19 cases
Decade of progress at Hassenfeld Institute is a high five for children’s health
Molecular movie pioneers awarded Royal Society of Chemistry’s new Horizon Prize
Rainbow Chen: Equitable, ethical education through international experience
Tara Srinivas: Examining causes of a rare neurodevelopmental condition
Study of past South Asian monsoons suggests stronger monsoon rainfall in future
Joe Cavanagh: Exploring big questions through tiny matter
Thomas Usherwood: Better health care through biomedical engineering
Researchers use ‘hole-y’ math and machine learning to study cellular self-assembly
Brain-computer interface creates text on screen by decoding brain signals associated with handwriting
With $30 million in support, Brown launches Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research
Brown awards $474,000 to support academic excellence, equity initiatives in Providence schools
Mars has right ingredients for present-day microbial life beneath its surface, study finds
How Brown neuroscientists are using CRISPR to accelerate brain research – and more
With more two-way dialogue, school board meetings could draw more diverse audiences, study finds
Magnets in iPhone series 12 can interfere with some implanted cardiac devices
New algorithm could help enable next-generation deep brain stimulation devices
U.S. President Biden Announces Three Key Nominations
How school board meetings could attract more diverse audiences and boost public trust
Young Economist Prize Competition
Provenance: How an object’s origin can facilitate authentic, inclusive storytelling
Scientific computing technology should benefit all, Brown researcher tells Congress
Making mindfulness meditation more helpful starts with understanding how it can be harmful
Rare blood clots more likely after COVID-19 infection than from vaccine, report finds
Politically polarized brains share an intolerance of uncertainty
Composing thoughts: mental handwriting produces brain activity that can be turned into text
Study: Tutoring May Mitigate Pandemic Learning Losses
Brown-based IMPACT Collaboratory expands massive effort to track COVID-19 vaccine effects
Ekotrope makes building energy-efficient homes easier
Ex-labor secretary to speak at ‘Future of Work’ event
‘Molecular glue’ makes perovskite solar cells dramatically more reliable over time
Scientists get first detailed look at how charge transfer distorts a molecule’s structure
Multi-partner ‘OpenMind’ consortium to develop technology for new generation of neurostimulation devices
Guidance on treatment for rare blood clots and low platelets related to COVID-19 vaccine
Exploiting non-line-of-sight paths for terahertz signals in wireless communications
Sum of incentives dictate efforts
Mars has right ingredients for present-day microbial life beneath its surface, study finds
Hossam Zaki: Innovating medical care through artificial intelligence
New Research on Integrative Health Effectiveness, Implementation, and Dissemination
Greenland ice sheet surges in daily melt cycles
What a glacial river reveals about Greenland ice sheet
National Public Health Week events at Brown will be truly national this year
U.S. President Biden Announces his Intent to Nominate Key Members for Department of Labor, Department of Transportation