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Can Cosmic Collisions Be Predicted Before They Happen?
Smart Bandages Track Wounds, Administer Targeted Care
Brain Craves Lunch: Where to Go?
Erin Schuman is awarded with Brain Prize 2023
Research Examines Effects of Spaceflight on Humans in Axiom’s Ax-2 Mission
NASA Funds Research to Measure Climate More Accurately
New NASA grant to support quantum sensors in space
NASA Awards for 3D Printing, Quantum Tech to Study Climate
Can Cosmic Collisions Be Predicted Before They Happen?
Knots Smaller Than Human Hair Make Materials Unusually Tough
Global push urged to eliminate space junk
Researchers Develop More Sensitive At-Home Covid Test
Wavefront Shaping: From Telescopes to Biological Tissue
How Brain Creates Your Taste in Art
Making engineered cells dance to ultrasound
Boosting superconductivity in graphene bilayers
Caltech Profs Write White House Report on Wildland Firefighting
Deep Quakes Unveil Earth’s Mantle Secrets
UVA Astronomer Outlines Webb Telescope’s Future Science Plans
Physicists Create New Model of Ringing Black Holes
New Aurorae Detected On Jupiter’s Four Largest Moons
Two Caltech Faculty Members Named Sloan Fellows
Underwater robot helps explain Antarctic glacier’s retreat
Brazilian Amazon Fires Highest Since 2010 in Aug-Sept 2022
Leonardo da Vinci’s Gravity Experiments Rediscovered
GPS for Smart Pills
Arctic Sea Ice Recovery Slowed by More Atmospheric Rivers
‘Engine’ of luminous merging galaxies pinpointed for first time
Ordinary Early Medieval Lives
Genetic Engineering Sheds Light on Ancient Evolutionary Questions
New type of solar cell is being tested in space
Digging deeper, understanding Earth’s interior better
Biden Appoints Key Officials to Boards and Commissions
Thorny history of sickle cell anemia
Randomness in Quantum Machines Helps Verify Their Accuracy
Rainbow of Force-Activated Pigments
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory Decommissioning Update
Do Electrons Spin?
How Do Rocky Planets Really Form?
Electric Motors Now at Molecular Level
New Results Reveal Surprising Behavior of Minerals Deep in Earth
Cosmic Burst Probes Milky Way’s Halo
Theory of Rage
Caltech to Test Space Solar Power Tech in Jan Orbit Launch
Hawai’i Earthquake Swarm Caused by Magma Moving Through ‘Sills’
2022 Year in Review
Webb Space Telescope reveals previously shrouded newborn stars
Caltech CAST to Collaborate with Abu Dhabi-based Technology Innovation Institute