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In Deadly COVID-19 Lung Inflammation, BU Researchers Discover a Culprit in NFkB Pathway
COVID-19 treatment clinical trial underway
Breast and ovarian cancer drug extend prostate cancer survival
Seven HKU young scientists awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2020
Heartburn treatment a poor match to cancer drug
Building bridges: PARP enzymes bring broken DNA together
Fresh tumour biopsies in world-first technique for cancer treatments
In one cancer therapy, two halves are safer than
Malaria discovery could expedite antiviral treatment for COVID
Scientist identifies new target for wide array of cancers
What you need to know about cancer
SLKBase: a database driving discovery of personalized gene-targeted cancer treatments
Penn Medicine Receives $4.9 Million Grant to Improve Uptake of Cancer Care Best Practices
Discovery of mechanism behind HIV infections could also hold key to COVID-19
Amid rush for COVID-19 drugs, a case for helicase
Studies suggest a diet that mimics fasting could boost breast cancer therapy
MD Anderson and Sanofi announce strategic collaboration to accelerate oncology research and development
New therapy extends breast cancer survival rate, prevents reoccurrence
Uncovering Novel Molecular Mechanism for Cancer Drug Design
HKUMed uncovers novel DNA repair network as promising cancer drug targets
Researchers find more precise way to target tumours with anti-cancer drugs
How cancer drugs find their targets
Adult cancer drug could lead to more effective treatment for high-risk childhood neuroblastoma
Cancer study shows cause of complex mutations
Breakthrough discovery to transform prostate cancer treatment 22 June
New technique may quickly and accurately predict effective therapies in solid tumors
Adaptive therapy based on Darwin’s evolutionary principles could help fight cancer
Adaptive therapy based on Darwin’s evolutionary principles could help fight cancer
Blood pressure drug improves response to cancer therapy
Izumiya, Tuscano, and Siefkes receive grants to advance innovative solutions with commercial potential
Researchers find potential treatment for Rett syndrome
$2 million SBIR grant fast-tracks cancer drug platform technology, which aims to better treat relapse
New pill could prevent anaphylaxis in people with food, drug allergies
‘Terminator’ protein halts cancer-causing cellular processes
Dana-Farber to test blood cancer drug in COVID-19 patients
University researchers develop rapid, sensitive antibody test for COVID-19
UBC researchers announce public deliberation to provide input to COVID-19 public policy
Cancer drug developed at University of Alberta funded for human trials
Activating an Estrogen Receptor Can Stop Pancreatic Cancer Cells from Growing
High Cost of Cancer Drugs Not Always Justified
Finding genes to build a better cancer treatment
MIT’s Love Lab developing a Covid-19 vaccine to potentially reach billions
US FDA approval sought for clinical trial for potential COVID-19 treatment
Study finds evidence for existence of elusive ‘metabolon’
New cancer drug shrinks tumors, reduces side effects, in animal studies
ORNL is in fight against COVID-19
Treatments for Coronavirus – repurposing existing drugs
Whether marijuana helps with pain is unclear, study suggests