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How Oncode-PACT is bringing new cancer medicines closer with 325 million in Growth Fund money
First Mutation-Targeted Bladder Cancer Drug May Be Under-Used
New algorithm dramatically increases speed of identifying two cancer drugs that work synergistically
Tumor release of lactate forces nearby cells into supportive role
Fluorescent probe can track cancer drug progress
Cell division finding could lead to new cancer treatments
Filling gaps in immune system cancer research
New research supports combining two clinical cancer drugs to treat specific type of colorectal cancers
CMA helps NHS secure price and supply commitment for cancer drugs
Six KU Leuven researchers receive ERC Advanced Grant
Structural and Functional Studies of Adhesion Receptors Disclose Intrinsic Activation Mechanism of Orphan GPCRs
Rewiring biology of leukemia cells to reverse antibiotic resistance
Lung cancer drug could improve survival rates for bladder cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy
Scientists uncover key regulator of body weight
Researchers have uncovered regulator of body weight that could lead to new treatments for metabolic disorders
RACE Act increased number of cancer drugs with required studies for use in pediatric patients
Treatment which ‘switches off’ cancer cells and limits tumour growth, could make aggressive brain tumour easier to
Preventing chemotherapy from overstaying its welcome
Ludwig Cancer Research scientists to present advances in cancer immunotherapy, metastasis
Researchers Uncover Unique Mechanism for Cancer Therapy Resistance
New cancer drug formulations to be tested in Wollongong labs
Getting fuel to an invading cell’s front line
Sloan Kettering Institute scientists determine structure of DNA damage ‘first responder’
Conjugate Therapy Produces Remissions in One-Third of Patients with Drug-Resistant Ovarian Cancer, Study Results Show
Backing life-saving local cancer drug development
Denying Palestinian detainee, his son of medical treatment betrays slow killing tendency: Saudi Arabia
SKI Researchers Discover new twist on an 80-year-old biochemical pathway
Treating tough tumors by exploiting their iron ‘addiction’
Migrating through small spaces makes cancer cells more aggressive
Class II PI3K lipid kinase: Structure of novel drug target resolved
Patrys selects stable cell line for production of PAT-DX3
Genome Refolding Contributes to Cancer Therapy Resistance, Penn Study Finds
‘Seeing’ non-uniformities in 2D materials may lead to new medical sensors
World-first trial of targeted bladder cancer treatment showing promise
Researchers develop low-cost electroporation device that could expand global access to cancer drugs
Oregon State hemp vs. COVID researcher thinks preclinical trials will happen in ‘next few months’
Identification of gene networks involved in uterine cancer could lead to better treatment options
Studied for clean energy, carbon nanotubes find new potential in anticancer drug delivery
$2.5M grant awarded to flip switch on lung cancer drug resistance
In search of desired side effects
Review highlights potential of structural proteomics for treating neurodegenerative diseases
Cancer Moonshot funds will help University of Southern California researchers reduce health disparities
Cancer drug reveals promise in treating infants with rare disease that causes tissue overgrowth
UCL startup acquired by biotechnology company in bid to find cancer drugs in ‘record time’
8.44 milligrams of hope and hard work
Skin-related side effects indicate better prognosis for patients taking certain cancer drugs
Understanding how autoactivation triggers cell death
Cancer therapy using on-site synthesis of anticancer drugs