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$40k cost saving: New prostate cancer drug listed on PBS
Millions boost Clinical Trials Unit to aid cancer patients
Australian Nanomedicine Research Milestone in Childhood Cancer Treatment
Finnish Researchers Discover Mechanism Similar to Aging and Cancer in Mitochondrial Disease
Live Imaging Reveals Drug Response and Resistant Pockets in Pancreatic Cancer
$200M Grant Powers U of T’s Self-Driving Labs Research
Maths Reveals Molecular Interactions for Understanding Evolution
How AI might speed up discovery of new drugs
New course offers study of emerging field
Brain Injury Hampers Recycling of Immune System Cells in Brain
Fibroblast Inhibitors Boost Cancer Drug’s Effectiveness
Molecule for Burning Fat May Treat Most Common Brain Cancer in Kids
Molecule Linked to Childhood Brain Cancer May Aid Fat Burning
Preventing cancer relapse with genetic test
Norwegian Spin-Off Medicine Extends Cancer Patients’ Lives
ChatGPT and Dr Google Answer Questions about Cancer
UK Scientists Find Way to Tackle Breast Cancer Risk
In search of inflammatory Achilles heel
Hunting for Inflammatory Achilles Heel
New Bone Cancer Drug Could Save Children’s Lives
New bone cancer drug revolutionizes treatment for children
Differences in animal biology can affect cancer drug development
Animal Biology May Impact Cancer Drug Dev
Cells take on dual identities
Leipzig Scientists Create Efficient Terpene Synthesis Process
MD Anderson & Xilis Team Up to Advance Therapies
FDA Approves New Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer from Dana-Farber
Mays Cancer Center Studies Lead to FDA Approval of Innovative Breast Cancer Drug
New Study Sheds Light on Neutrophils’ Role in Cancer, Targets IL-8 and EVs
Eliminating partners of cancer
Penn and UCI Discover New Approach for Brain Cell Immunotherapy
Researchers Design Potential Cancer Drug With AI in 30 Days
AI-Powered Database Aids in 30 Day Design of New Cancer Drug
DNA repair scheme gets closer look for cancer therapy
OHSU Part of Consortium to Speed Cancer Drug Discovery
CNIO Researchers Find Way to Predict Effectiveness of Common Breast Cancer Drug
Next-generation SERD camizestrant significantly improves progression-free survival compared with fulvestrant
Precision medicine trial opens for rare adult and paedatric cancers
Johns Hopkins Researchers Design ‘Prodrug’ That Targets Cancer Cells’ Big Appetite for Glutamine, Leaving Healthy Cells Unharmed
Researchers find strong evidence for testing VCU-manufactured drug in liver cancer
Participation of patients from racial, ethnic minority groups in phase 1 cancer drug development trials
Angela Koehler takes on most challenging drug targets
Targeted lung cancer drug reveals promise in phase I/II clinical trial
Sustainable way to make breast cancer drug could boost South African production
New Journal of Pharmaceutical analysis articles highlight progress
New cancer drug candidate targets immune system “brakes”
New biotechnology combines targeted and immune therapies to kill treatment-resistant cancer cells
Experimental cancer drug could be effective in treating idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis