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Targeted drug combination shows unprecedented activity in some highly aggressive brain tumors
Findings reveal new mechanism of activation for ALK
New findings on bacteria that increase risk of pancreatic cancer
New species of green microalga identified in São Paulo
Leading researchers team up to bring promising chemotherapy treatment to human trials
Functional precision medicine using drug sensitivity testing enables tailoring of therapy for leukemia patients
Combination immunotherapy improves survival for patients with asymptomatic melanoma brain metastases
Target for Potential Cancer Drugs May, In Fact, Worsen Disease
Retrospective study finds that cancer drug also lowers blood glucose
Diagnoses and drugs tailored for every patient
Fat-Secreted Molecule Lowers Response to Common Cancer Treatment
Research reveals that cancer drug also lowers blood glucose
Gene signature IDs drivers of treatment resistance in metastatic breast cancer
Drugs Designed for Prostate Cancer Show Promise for Treating Melanoma in Men
New life for cancer drug that reprograms pain pathways to treat chronic pain
IUPUI scientist awarded $792,000 from American Cancer Society to study DNA repair
New active agent against parasites
Chemists develop new blueprint for enzyme involved in cancer
Anti-cancer drug derived from fungus shows promise in clinical trials
Weighing cancer cells to personalize drug choices
New study finds link between patient survival and changes in tumor cell mass in brain cancer
Imperial academic wins AstraZeneca prize in synthetic chemistry
Looking Beyond DNA to See Cancer with New Clarity
Safer treatment for deep-seated tumors
Expanding genetic code with quadruplet codons
Benefits from changes to kidney cancer drug treatment
Existing cancer drugs to be trialled as new treatment for incurable breast cancer
University of Helsinki starts 5.2 million US$ research program on metastatic breast cancer
Planned breaks in cancer treatment benefit patients and NHS
Inhibiting targets of Covid proteases can block infection
Biologists identify new targets for cancer vaccines
Engineers grow pancreatic “organoids” that mimic real thing
Mothers’ diabetes may induce premature aging of neural tissue leading to birth defects
Putting patient care at heart of cancer trials
Removing Race from Kidney Function Estimates May Impact Care of Black Cancer Patients
New database could accelerate drug repurposing for various diseases
FACT SHEET: President Biden Calls on Congress to Lower Prescription Drug Prices
Hunting down mutations that cause cancer antibiotic resistance
Newly developed, bioinspired cell delivery vehicles
New database could accelerate drug repurposing for various diseases
International project provides definitive data on how key cancer drugs work
Research Snapshot: Researchers derive new cancer therapies to decrease risk of heart damage
CTxONE rebrands as Oncology One
Penn Medicine Discovery Clarifies Problem of T-Cell “Exhaustion”
Rensselaer-Designed Platform Could Enable Personalized Immunotherapy
New national cancer treatment service opens
Scientists help solve insulin puzzle
Opening Blood-Brain Barrier with Focused Ultrasound