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Energy policy briefings ensure better collaboration with UK academics
Canada and FCM invest in stronger asset management in Alberta communities
Alpha-rich “Young” Stars Are Actually NOT Young: Study
New partnership to help lower emissions and boost jobs
Mount Etna’s exceptional CO2 emissions are triggered by deep carbon dioxide reservoirs
Indonesia’s President Widodo emphasizes importance of G20 focus on resilient health systems
Emissions Reduction Fund to credit blue carbon projects
Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan Invest $5 Million in Livestock Research
Intelligent street lighting illuminates way to digital roads for National Highways
Microbiologists are building bacteria that convert CO2 into food
Devon project showcases future of our coasts
Emissions Reduction Fund introduces new plantation forestry method
Dire heat warning after dogs discovered dead
New Plantation Forestry Method made under Emissions Reduction Fund
Environmental performance of biobased building materials
Commercial and Public Lighting method revocation: have your say
New nanocrystals put tiny twist on useful materials
It all comes down to first electron
Residents encouraged to sign up for digital notices
Increasing efficiency in artificial photosynthesis
Graphene could replace rare metal used in mobile phone screens
Tribunal Continues Finding-Carbon and Alloy Steel Line Pipe from China
Fire may increase long-term carbon storage
Research explores effects of ocean acidification on phytoplankton’s energy stores
Discovery of least ‘metallic’ stellar structure in Milky Way
National Highways awards new contract to revamp roads in West Midlands
Sustainable silk material for biomedical, optical, food supply applications
Better rail journeys sooner for Leeds, as £161 million upgrade delivered
More support to keep pupils in classroom
Elusive atmospheric molecule produced in lab for 1st time by UH
No, putting a spoon in an open bottle of champagne doesn’t keep it bubbly – but there is a better way
Melted imidazole as solvent to fabricate porous carbon supported catalyst
When maths meets phytoplankton ecology
Grants to drive zero emissions future
Light-independent Metabolic Pathways Regulate Astaxanthin Accumulation in Haematococcus
Assemblages of Bacterial Communities Depend on Depths in Paddy Soils
World’s thinnest Christmas tree created at DTU
From oilfield to lab
University of Alaska Fairbanks scientist reveals Alaska’s Arctic coastal towns face extensive inundation
How floating fern withstands rain
Restored floodplain habitat helps rare/endangered species thrive
Novel Electrocatalyst Boosts Synthesis of Urea from CO2 and N2
Warming-mediated Drought Stress Decreases Tree Growth of Delavay Fir
Carbon-air battery as next-generation energy storage system
Nitrous oxide as greenhouse gas: 30 questions and answers
10 inspiring environmental victories of 2021
Fabricating Stable, High-mobility Transistors for Next-generation Display Technologies
Giving bug-like bots boost