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Researchers take first step towards controlling photosynthesis using mirrors
Research and reality TV helping consumers create sustainable homes
Westpac joins collective of industry experts backing responsible use of AI
Robot hull cleaner wins first NSW Ocean Innovation Award
Interaction of grazing with biodiversity and climate affects ecosystem services
Climate Group urge European Commission to make all new trucks zero emission by 2035
Study Realizes Ambient Electrosynthesis of Urea with Nitrate and Carbon Dioxide over Iron-based Dual-sites
Climate-smart scholarships announced with record interest from farmers
Researchers Reveal Effects of Defects on Electron Emission Property of Graphene Electrodes
Australian foreign minister to visit Bangladesh 23 November
Converting waste paper into battery parts for smartphones and electric vehicles
Cumberland City Council set to make switch to energy efficient LED Streetlights
State of Climate 2022 – Australia continues to warm, heavy rainfall becomes more intense
Engineer s assess climate change emissions
1.4 million euros for research on circular renovation
New deal landmark moment for EV policy in Australia
Grants awarded for soil carbon measurement technology trials
Arctic coal conveyor belt discovered
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week 2022
Australia endorses international Ocean Conservation Pledge at COP27
Native forest logging cost NSW residents $9 million this year
Carbon dioxide is shrinking uppermost atmosphere, prolonging life of space debris
New concrete batcher at Sellafield brings sustainability into mix
Novel Technique Developed to Synthesize Pt-single-atom Catalysts with Ultrahigh Mass Activity
Salt more important than cold temperatures in sea ice formation
Quarterly Carbon Market Report highlights uptick for household energy systems
Ari Pekka Mähönen investigates how plants produce wood
Greenpeace comment on COP27 Presidency’s skeleton outline of possible cover note
Climate Change Performance Index ranks Australia 55
Atomically dispersed bimetallic iron-cobalt electrocatalysts developed for green production of ammonia
BVN Architecture and UTS win for INNOVATION at Sustainability Awards 2022
Local community groups receive funding to reduce carbon emissions
Balancing emissions, health, and equality in India’s expanding energy sector
Recyclable composites help drive net-zero goal
Nanoreactor grows hydrogen-storage crystals
COP26 President meeting with Vietnamese Minister Ha 8 November 2022
Skymark Airlines Announces Intent to Acquire Boeing 737 MAX Airplanes
Experts appointed to guide Māori-led climate action
Penrith lights up with LED streetlights upgrade
Growing pure nanotubes is stretch, but possible
Fighting cancer with LIGHT
World Bank Group Presents New Fund for Lowering Emissions
Cumberland City Council is encouraging residents to rethink, reuse and recycle this November
Australia exposed for climate finance failures
Public transport would be free for under 21s using ‘Climate Ticket’: Greens
Placing small-scale farmers and rural populations at heart of climate discussions
Taking salt out of water equation
New Year’s fireworks to illuminate skies over Northern Beaches