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Working-class Cancer Caregivers Struggle with Financial Hardships
Covid’s Impact on Academic Integrity: Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Solitude
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More resilient than we thought during lockdown
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Research Initiative Aims to Improve Brain Health in Aging Populations
Canada Invests $38.3M in Brain Health Research
Risk of Death from Dementia Rises Post-Hurricane
Dementia Patients at Risk After Hurricane Exposure
Hunter-Gatherer Childhoods Offer Clues for Education & Wellbeing
Adult day care centers partner for better dementia care
Türk vows to boost women and girls’ rights
Vitamin D May Reduce Risk of Dementia: Study
Social Workers Suffer High Rates of Depression, PTSD During Pandemic
Better Emotional Well-Being for Carers of Older Adults Through Work Balance
Tool to support long-distance caregivers gets funding boost
African American Fathers & Sons Burdened by Incarceration Legacy
Tokyo Tech Academy Hosts 2022 Workshop on Intelligent Services
Indie rock bands, life’s struggles headline published memoirs
Thompson Wins NCI Grant to Study Cancer Patients, Caregivers
How Sneaky Fungi Hide From Ants
White House Supports Fed Employee Leave Access
FACT SHEET: Biden Administration Announces New Actions to Support and Advance Women’s Economic Security
Respect at Center of Patient Care
Supporting Women In Flood-Affected Communities
UC Davis Health CoLab Incubator announces first startup – WellCent
Memory Hub now welcomes visitors during public hours
Cross-Cultural Study Examines Impact of Maternal Attitudes on Infant Development
Adult children more likely to be estranged from dad than mom
Tailored activity programs show promise for black people with dementia and their family carers
As family dynamics evolve, WVU study finds health care constraints for children not raised by two parents
How Caregivers of People With Dementia Can Navigate Holidays
Caregiving simulator advances research in assistive robotics
Feeling lonely? What we want from our relationships can change with age
University of Colorado study investigates aggression toward caregivers in Parkinson’s disease patients
Real cost to unpaid carers
Poll documents critical role of people over 50 as caregivers, helpers for older loved ones
Family Caregiving Institute leads national effort to enhance nursing schools’ curriculum
Poll documents critical role of people over 50 as caregivers and helpers for older loved ones
Family members caring for COVID patients after ICU discharge face unique challenges
Recognising Carers during National Carers Week
Caring for our carers during National Carers Week
Project Examines Mental Health Care Training in South Africa
Scientists detect early deprivation continues to affect brain development well into adolescence
Caregivers have it tough – and Covid pandemic made things worse