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CWRU Law Gets $1M for Immigration Law Clinic
NASA Awards for 3D Printing, Quantum Tech to Study Climate
Clevelands Sea Monster Shorter, Stouter?’
Ohio Launches Data Dashboards for Overdose, Substance Use
African Descent Men’s Prostate Cancer Study Could Improve Screening
Cleveland Researchers Unlock Oxygen Delivery, New Drug Potential
Ketamine could be effective treatment for cocaine-use disorders
Illuminating successes and struggles of MIT Black history
CWRU Chem Engineer Awarded Early-Career NSF Grant
Case Western Reserve U Licenses Tech for Cancer, HIV Therapy to RORA Biologics Inc
Aggressive End-of-Life Care Common in Older Metastatic Cancer Patients
Ketamine could be effective treatment for cocaine-use disorders
Myroslava Gongadze Wins Inamori Ethics Prize in 2023
Here’s what happens in your brain when you fall in love
Major Study: Thrombectomy ‘Highly Effective’ for Large Stroke Treatment
Covid Linked to New Alcohol Use Disorder
Case Western Reserve awarded $3M for MRI scans to fight brain tumors
$46M for Blood Surrogate Research: CWRU at Forefront
Mandel School Uses Data Sci. to Aid Low-Income Residents at CWRU
Ideal BP May Alter Brain Pathways Linked to Dementia
Ideal BP May Improve Brain Health, Dementia Pathways
Long-term measurements show: air quality models need revision
Digging deeper, understanding Earth’s interior better
Research Supports Probiotic Therapies Using Microbiome Data
CWRU Researcher Wins NSF Early-Career Grant
Analyzing blueprints of redlining in Ohio
Deputy Sec. Sherman Visits Cleveland, Parma in Ohio
Explained: science behind ice-melt products
No Survival Benefit for Nab-Paclitaxel in Biliary Tract Cancer
Underlying assumptions of air quality need to be redefined
Air Quality Assumptions Must Be Revisited
Case Western Reserve University Launches Ilumis
Low Rate of Adverse Events in Brain Computer Interface Trial
New Results Reveal Surprising Behavior of Minerals Deep in Earth
Race-Based Prostate Cancer Outcomes: Social Determinants Evaluated
CWRU to Test Ballistics at 9,000 mph in Water Tank
Genetic Mutation Spurs Growth of Lung Cancer Type
Mandel School Joins Forces with Magnolia Clubhouse to Aid Mental Health Recovery
AI-based Biomarker Predicts Immunotherapy Response for Lung Cancer Patients
Seven years of carbon-based electrochemical catalysts: Where we are and where we need to go
AFRL Launches Wearable Biomolecular Sensor Program for DoD
‘Silly putty’ spectral science: stretching cells for brand-new view inside
Endocarditis in patients with cocaine or opioid use disorder saw marked increase between 2011 to 2022
Marked Increase in Endocarditis Among Cocaine & Opioid Users 2011-2022
Risk of endocarditis more than 3x higher after Covid infection in patients with cocaine, opioid abuse disorders
Calls to Strengthen Oversight of Human-Animal Research
Federated machine learning enables largest brain tumor study to-date, without sharing patient data
Male orb-weaving spiders fight less in female-dominated colonies