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Pediatric Cardiology Chief Wins Lifetime Achievement Award
Factors Elevating Risk for Catheter-Linked UTIs, Sepsis Found
Inflammatory Biomarkers Linked to Rapid Aging in Cardiac Patients
AI Shows Promise in Advancing Coronary Angiography
Non-Fasting Strategy Boosts Patient Satisfaction in Cardiac Catheterization
Trial Tests Tech for Swift Heart Disease Assessment
New Robotic Program Cuts Physician Errors in Central Line Placement
Advanced Cardio Imaging Offers Enhanced View of Risky Plaques
Calcium Score Foresees Heart Attacks, Strokes
Cardiovascular Genetics Solve Medical Mystery
New Treatment Method for Child Heart Valve Disease Proves Successful
ACC Registry Unveils Tracking of Cardiac Procedures in ASCs
$500K+ Research Grants to Study Top Birth Defect
SCAI Issues Expert Consensus on Calcified Coronary Intervention
Ohio State Leads with First Heart Failure Monitoring Device in Ohio
Bioengineered Material Halts Bleeding in Blood Thinner Patients
Mount Sinai Unveils New Cutting-Edge Outpatient Clinic in Queens
2023: Year of Research Success
Top 2023 Scientific Research: Tech & Meds to Combat CVD
Unique Cell-Based Method Proves Safe for Arterial Hypertension
Research Reveals Boost in Heart Attack Survival Rates
Cell Therapy Boosts Life Quality in Advanced Heart Failure
Pregnant Vasospastic Angina Patients Benefit from Calcium Blockers
Mount Sinai's Valve Replacement Procedures Earn Top Rating
More Research Urged for Post-Cardiac Arrest Critical Care
Critical Cardiac Arrest Care Needs Increased Research
AI Could Hasten Heart Attack Diagnosis, Treatment
UPMC Heart Institute Expands at Pittsburgh Children's Hospital
Preterm Infants Risk Bloodstream Infection from Umbilical Catheterization
US Study Sheds Light on Thrombectomy for Pulmonary Embolism
CHSS, 14 Groups Give Pediatric Heart Surgery Guidelines in US
CT Test Mimics Blood Flow to Evaluate Angina Risk
Alternatives to Catheters Lower Infection, Trauma Risk
UConn Cardiologist Unravels Chronic Leg Swelling Mystery
U.S. News Ranks UConn Top for Heart Attack, Stroke Care
Pediatric and Adult Heart Specialists Save 15-Year-Old Boy
Mount Sinai Queens Unveils New Cardiac Cath Lab for Faster Heart Attack Care
Less-Invasive Cardiac MRI Proves Valuable for Early Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain Patients
Fixing Gender Imbalances in Interventional Cardiology
Insights on SLE-Associated PAH
MUHC Adopts Platform for Faster Heart Attack Treatment
First-Ever Heart Procedure Achieved with Prowess and Persistence
First-Ever Heart Procedure Achieved Through Wizardry and Persistence
Cardiac Procedure Saves Child with SVC Syndrome, Changes Hour by Hour
Universal Health Care Fails to Address Health Disparities
Local Baby Returns Home After High-Risk Heart Procedures
HonorHealth Research Institute Adopts New Radiation Tech for Heart Disease
Oxygen Readings May Be Affected by Darker Skin Tones