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Reshaping cell membrane with molecular pegs
New research sheds light on brain’s GPS system
Novel nanotech improves cystic fibrosis antibiotic by 100,000-fold
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Efficiently smuggling drugs into cells
Scaling down Ionic Transistors to ultimate limit
Designer alterations to brain cells reduce anxious behavior in monkeys, hold promise for new treatments
Canadian researchers lead development and testing of promising treatment for COVID-19 variants
Heme is not just for Impossible Burgers
Controlling cholesterol in microglia alleviates chronic pain, opioid-free
Scientists develop better way to block viruses that cause childhood respiratory infections
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Researcher discovers marker that may predict response to cancer immunotherapy
Rooted tree key to understanding bacterial evolution, new study suggests
Protected by nanobrushes
Accelerating pace of engineered cell therapies, from lab to bedside
Archaeal enzyme that produces membrane lipids is spectacularly promiscuous
Repairing Nerves Requires Prods of Protein
Researchers investigate structural changes in snap-frozen proteins
Identifying Individual Molecules: NIST Study Suggests How to Build a Better ‘Nanopore’ Biosensor
Membranes unlock potential to vastly increase cell-free vaccine production
Eliminating resistant bacteria with nanoparticles
Inhibition of meprin β enzyme linked to development of Alzheimer’s disease analyzed
Cancer cells soften as they metastasize, study suggests
Specialized technique captures unique protein structures in neuropathy disorders
Snake venom evolved to target just right prey
Large Molecules Transported into Living Cells: Researchers Achieve Breakthrough into Cell Interior
Hunger Games: Uncovering Secret of Hunger Switch in Brain
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