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Project to better understand new drug technique
Diabetic drug could slow progression of Parkinson’s disease
Scientists investigate solutions for building cell membrane defense against COVID-19
Geometry supersedes simulations
Scientists unravel how tissue geometry influences movement of cells through body
Researchers Peer Inside Deadly Pathogen’s Burglary Kit
NIH extends funding of research into deadly Nipah virus
Giant aquatic bacterium is a master of adaptation
Neutrons detect air pollution
A sulfur molecule to block coronavirus
Researchers work to build a molecular Trojan horse to battle COVID-19
Promising results from in vitro combination therapy against COVID-19
Hole-punching bacteria could be engineered to attack pathogens
Blog post: nose of this wormy-shaped bacterium has a surprising symmetry
Chemists discover structure of a key coronavirus protein
Researchers at Goethe University create artificial cell organelles for biotechnology
Light, liposomes, action: researchers show safer, more targeted way to deliver CRISPR gene therapy
Forest Biodiversity and Cellular Transport
Cell ageing can be slowed by oxidants
UVA Unveils How HIV Begins to Invade Our Cells
Salamanders provide a model for spinal-cord regeneration
New light on cellular hydration
Gold-catalyzed reaction releases an active drug to kill cancer cells
Synthetic antibody can block SARS-CoV-2 infection
Lighting Way to Selective Membrane Imaging
How is heartbeat regulated?
Polymer derived from material in shrimp’s shells could deliver anti-cancer drugs to tumor sites
New analysis method can lead to better cancer drugs
Sensory glia detect repulsive odorants and drive olfactory adaptation
Microfluidics Helps Engineers Watch Viral Infection in Real Time
Neutron Research: Shape of Red Blood Cells Influences Oxygen Transport
Truncated immune system receptors may regulate cellular activity
Study reinforces drug’s potential to treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Peptide research aims to ‘divide and rule’ cancer cells
Highly selective membranes
Calcium bursts kill drug-resistant tumor cells
Fighting corona with machine learning
Stopping lethal lung damage from flu with a natural human protein
Synthetic amino acid transporters in living cells: new perspectives to treat diseases
Contraceptive researcher Polina Lishko receives MacArthur “genius” award
Liquid crystals give red blood cells mechanical squeeze
Potential drug treatment for particular type of lung-cancer
80-year-old antibiotic redesigned for new medical uses
How local forces deform lipid membranes
Low doses of insecticide trigger neurodegeneration in insects
Neutrons reveal behavior of cholesterol in membranes
Steering immune system with liposomes
Travel Ban on Immune Cells Could Prevent Sepsis