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Honouring slaves experimented on by ‘father of gynaecology’
$8.5 million to continue long-term women’s health study
One stillbirth occurs every 16 seconds, according to first ever joint UN estimates
Foreign Secretary’s speech to United Nations General Assembly 2020
COVID-19 causing greatest surge of child marriages in
Breastfeeding hormones make mothers happier
Midwifery Group Practice relocates in Alice Springs
Remarks by Henrietta Fore, UNICEF Executive Director, at launch of Every Woman Every Child Progress report
Women could conceive after ovarian tumours
Burnet research leadership recognised
SARS-CoV-2 during pregnancy was not associated with complications in neonates
Demo Day shows MIT entrepreneurs’ resilience
Professor Caroline Homer is ‘Top of World’
To keep pain in check, count down
New parents urged to have their say on available early years support via new online questionnaire
A pregnancy ended by COVID-19 informs new understanding and protocols
Breastfeeding hormone makes new fathers better dads
Predicting postpartum depression
WhatsApp groups for new mums are more effective at providing support than NHS services, according to new research
Young women are most vulnerable to postpartum mental illness, study finds
Janssen & Monash Uni team up on novel medicine to reduce maternal mortality
$242 million boost for mothers and maternity services
Sharp rise in child mortality due to COVID-19 restrictions in Nepal
Nepal lockdown halved health facility births and increased stillbirths and newborn deaths
City calls for enthusiastic people for Maubisse Friendship Committee
Closing gap in tissue engineering
Multidisciplinary Approach Leads to Better Outcomes in Treating Infants with Brachial Plexus Birth Injury
Vanderbilt develops computational method to explore evolution’s influence on preterm birth
Study on infections after childbirth wins Research Paper of Year
Genetic variant may explain why some women don’t need pain relief during childbirth
$242 million boost for mothers and maternity services
UN report highlights impacts of COVID-19 on gender equality
Campbelltown takes on Blood Challenge
Study Finds Troubling Connection Between Workplace Pregnancy Discrimination and Health of Mothers and Babies
Water injections to relieve back pain in labour no longer ‘midwifery voodoo’
More than medicine: pain-relief drug delivers choices for mothers in labour
Women’s salaries plummet after giving birth. Here’s one way to restore their earning power
Minister Gould announces support for sexual and reproductive health and rights
Ensuring humanitarian resources reach those most in need
National Swedish COVID-19 and pregnancy study
When insurers cover infertility treatments, fewer women die
Pelvic organ prolapse treatment closer
Inspiring stories from women like themselves helped these moms improve their diet
Results of ‘Highly significant’ HIV transmission study published
On Mother’s Day 2020, prioritising health of mothers and babies
Pregnant mothers and babies born during COVID-19 pandemic threatened by strained health systems and disruptions
Using love drug to stay connected during social isolation
COVID-19: Westpac NZ donates extra $1m to rescue helicopters