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New genes discovered that regulate level of harmful fatty substances in liver
“We must move forward, only forward”
ZJU scientists discover new mechanism of HBV-ACLF
People with Psoriatic Disease Taking Methotrexate Are More Likely to Develop Liver Disease Compared to Those with Rheumatoid
Sensor can detect scarred or fatty liver tissue
Unlocking new mechanisms behind liver cancer
One step for fibrosis, one giant leap for scleroderma
Liver condition identified in patients using urine samples: new research
New tool to predict outcomes in cirrhosis of liver
Even mild fatty liver disease is linked to increased mortality
New studies identify risk factors associated with alcohol-related cirrhosis
Nobel Prize for hepatitis C discovery
Nobel Prize Awarded to Power Trio of ASM Contributors
University of Alberta virologist awarded Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Researchers Develop More Accurate Surgery-Risk Predictor for Patients with Cirrhosis
Cells ‘walk’ to firm ground
Reducing cirrhosis threat for high-risk drinkers
Gene discovery linked to alcohol-induced liver disease
When liver cirrhosis is deadly
Monash University: Breakthrough discovery paves way for preventing sugar-induced liver disease
Black patients are more likely to be hospitalized for advanced cirrhosis
Ducing burden of hepatitis on World Hepatitis Day
World Hepatitis Day: Australia on track to eliminate hepatitis C
Transplantable lab-grown organs move a step closer
Vaccine modelling shaping global policies for hepatitis B elimination
Q&A with Professor Greg Anderson
A novel knockout mice model sheds light on ferroptosis and cirrhosis
New AGA guidance addresses cancer screening in NAFLD patients
Mechanism underlying development of diabetes and fatty liver illuminated
Liver cancer: awareness of hepatitis D must be raised
Binge drinkers beware, Drunkorexia is calling
Cell therapies trial planned for COVID-19
New estimates highlight need to step up response to hepatitis D
Noted hangover remedy has added benefit of protecting liver
Testing rate fall leaves thousands of Australians at risk of hepatitis C
Testing rate fall leaves thousands at risk of hep C
New Hepatitis C cases down by almost 70 per cent in HIV positive men
From obesity to liver cancer: can we prevent worst?
Vitamin E effective, safe for fatty liver in HIV patients
3400 New Zealanders treated in first year of new hepatitis C treatment
WHO urges countries to invest in eliminating hepatitis
Researchers discover new drug target for liver disease treatment
Chronic liver disease on rise in Queensland
A £300,000 boost for research into an iron overload genetic condition
Campaign to reduce liver disease deaths