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Why we need blue carbon investment roadmap
Marine conservationists welcome Labor’s commitment to tackling threats to our Reef and environment
Study Links Urbanization to Poor Ecological Knowledge, Less Environmental Action
Research links urbanization to poor ecological knowledge, less environmental action
More Energy Savings And Renewable Jobs For Victorians
Researchers map living corals before and after marine heat wave
Researchers map living corals for first time before and after marine heat wave
Sweet spots in sea
Mountains of sugar under seagrass meadows
Adult Eelgrass Shoots Rule Seedling Fate in Large Seagrass Meadow in Eutrophic Bay of Northern China
Reef water quality report card shows welcome progress but time running out to meet targets
Continued learning for Junior Ranger presenters
Turbulence from spawning fish keeps healthy circulation in coastal waters
Salt marsh grass on Georgia’s coast gets nutrients for growth from helpful bacteria in its roots
Stemming tide of invasive species
Addressing knowledge gaps in shark and ray research
Teri O’Meara: Making splash with coastal ecology
Empowering Citizen Scientists to Study and Protect Coastal Wetlands
Is resistance futile? Resilience may best help nature prevail
Industrial sedimentation in North Sea
IPCC report: Coastal cities are sentinels for climate change
Ambitious conservation action sees brighter future for mangroves and seagrass
Dissolving oil in sunlit sea
Researchers put aerosol sunscreens to test
Seagrasses continue to release methane after their die-off
First-ever Climate Grand Challenges recognizes 27 finalists
World must ‘change track’ to protect oceans from climate crisis: Guterres
Then and now: women making waves in science of seaweed
U-LINK advances exploration of complex problems
Only 15 per cent of global coastal regions remain intact
Luxury resort puts wetland and healthy environment at risk – UN experts: Antigua and Barbuda
Txikispora philomaios, parasite that will help to explain origin of animal multicellularity
New UNFCCC Digital Resource on Ocean
Researchers hit beach in search of insights into bird health
Lighted nets dramatically reduce bycatch of sharks and other wildlife while making fishing more efficient
Climate crisis drives Mediterranean coral populations to collapse
Alf Norkko to continue in professorship in Baltic Sea research
WUR to counter climate change in European Green Deal
Including oceans in climate talks remains piecemeal and inconsistent, at best
Endangered coral puts entire coastal ecosystems under threat
Sex on beach can leave mark
Researchers take granular look at global inputs and impacts of human wastewater in coastal ecosystems
Australia launches international resources to enhance blue carbon management
COP26: Nature-based solutions win in science and on ground
Canada marks fifth anniversary of Oceans Protection Plan
Forests could be key to estuarine fish conservation
World-first blue carbon estimates in time for COP26 summit
Buoy-borne Underwater Dark Field Imaging System Improves Marine Plankton Monitoring Capability