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Best foot forward from Greenpeace to blue carbon
How will abandoned farmlands respond to sea level rise?
Aquatic Animals Vital for Coastal Ecosystem Protection
Gov’t and Biz Join Forces to Unlock ‘Blue Carbon’ Benefits, Restore Coastlines
US Funds Green Shipping, Coastal Ecosystems in Americas
NEW PROJECT: Optimizing Nuclear Techniques to Tackle Microplastic Pollution in Coastal Areas
Study: Sunflower sea stars could help bring back kelp forests
India Mega Port Threatens Giant Turtle Survival
$40M ARC Linkage Projects Aids Innovation, Cooperation
Marine Network Established for Northern Shelf Bioregion
Research Investigates Timing of Glacier Advances in Northern Antarctic
New appointments strengthen research leadership at AIMS
Oregon State Researchers Find Cotton, Synthetic Microfibers Impact Aquatic Organisms
Rapid Plant Evolution Increases Flood Risk in Coastal Areas: Study
Black Mosses Re-Exposed: Kill Dates Announced
Tunisia Sees Sustainable Growth with Blue Economy: WB Report
UN Chief Guterres Calls to Become Ocean Champions
Uncovering Heatwaves Endangering Coral Reefs
Baltic Macroalgae Habitats Produce Methane, Counteracting Carbon Uptake
NASA Launches International Mission to Survey Earth’s Water
Real-world isn’t static: Understanding how fluctuating stressors affect wetlands
Marine Debris is Challenge Beyond Just Prevention
Funding opportunity to protect precious biodiversity opens today
Canada invests in Indigenous-led Natural Climate Solutions across country
Mangroves: environmental guardians of our coastline
La Perouse hazard reduction burn in Kamay Botany Bay National Park
Remarks by Vice President Harris aboard Philippine Coast Guard Ship Teresa Magbanua
Scientists and Traditional Custodians brought together on ‘floating lab’ for Great Barrier Reef coral spawning
Teaming up with Google to tackle climate change in Indo-Pacific region
World Economic Forum and Partners Launch Guide for Sustainable Ocean-based Carbon Markets at COP27
IAEA COP27 Event Focuses on Blue Carbon as Nature-Based Climate Solution
Sea urchins keep on trucking while other marine life languishes in Florida Keys
Sea turtles are returning, what are effects on ecosystem functioning?
Bringing back bushfoods: Australia’s landscape mapped to boost bush tucker
Understanding of marine heatwaves supported by Southern Hemisphere’s two longest running daily ocean temperature records
Climate change experts tour New Zealand’s coastal wetlands
Technology provides views of life in remote habitats
Nature wins, thanks to local heroes in Northern Beaches Eco Awards 2022
What is blue carbon, and why is it important?
Coles makes record food donation
How you can help keep our beaches beautiful
Ecological tipping point: 5+ El Niño events per century
5+ El Niño events per century controls coastal biotic communities
Eelgrass genetics determine survival
New opportunities to support and harness underwater forests
Impact of megafires on estuaries: world-first study
Canadian Coast Guard Removes Another Hazardous Vessel to Protect Coastal Ecosystems
Oyster reef habitats disappear as Florida becomes more tropical