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Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre Milestone announcement
Submarine groundwater discharge is essential for functioning of coastal ecosystems
Groundwater discharge affects water quality in coastal waters
European Commission and UNEP set out cooperation priorities to tackle climate change
Cool water fish floundering as tropical fish invade temperate reefs
A Sustainable Ocean Economy is Key to Indonesia’s Prosperity
Monitoring atmosphere, ocean and climate from space
New smart ocean buoys bolster fight against marine heatwave
“Climate Commitments Not On Track to Meet Paris Agreement Goals” as NDC Synthesis Report is Published
Swapping business shoes for gumboots: Blue Carbon Lab brings executives into Australia’s wetlands
Dune Enhancement Project in full swing: Bega Valley
Wellbeing benefits of wetlands
Latin America and Caribbean region launches 10-year Action Plan to restore ecosystems
New research sheds light on early mechanisms driving diatom bloom formation
Marine and Coastal Research Laboratory-Past, Present, Future
Scientists shine light on ‘bright spots’ to restore coastal ecosystems
Under sea: weird and wonderful creatures to look for while snorkelling this summer
Study seeks to protect great hammerhead sharks
Global trends in nature’s contributions to people
Researchers explore potential for kelp to relieve ocean acidification
PNNL Scientists Elected AAAS Fellows
G20 stimulus potential triple win for climate, biodiversity and pandemic prevention
Researchers explore potential for kelp to relieve ocean acidification
Regulating Pollution in Coastal Environments: How Right Regulation can Reduce Ecosystem Degradation
Scientists find climate may be changing ocean food webs
Coastal Environmental Baseline Program
Canada awards contract for acquisition of hard-shell barges for Canadian Coast Guard through Oceans Protection Plan
Coastal Environmental Baseline Program – Funding to SmartICE
‘Fish lollies’ capture predator activity, revealing how global marine food webs change with climate
$28 million to support jobs and protect Queensland’s environment
12 things you can do to help save coral reefs
A Watershed Study for Wetland Restoration
Statement by Minister Garneau on World Maritime Day
Seagrass loss fuels carbon emissions: study
FSU researchers track nutrient transport in Gulf of Mexico
116 community conservation projects to get extra support to back nature
World-first study challenges impact of net mangrove loss on climate change
Plants take in less carbon in a warming world
Marine scientists will lead new research network focused on coastal California
Marine scientists will lead new research network focused on coastal California
Water, drought and flooding
Govt progress on climate change essential, risk assessment shows
Nät av potatisskal kan ge mer ålgräs
Great Barrier Reef has critical role in fight against global warming
New depth map of Arctic Ocean
$25 million delivered for National Centre of Coasts and Climate at Point Nepean
Artificial night sky poses serious threat to coastal species
Recovery of sea otter populations yields more benefits than costs