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GTG to form strategic alliance with global testing leader QIAGEN
Colorectal cancer surgery: gut microbiota helps healing
Imaging Study Unveils Complexities of Colorectal Cancer
Novel Immunotherapy Combos Fight Colorectal Cancer
Scientists Create Digital Microbe Simulation
UC Davis Health opens new endoscopy suite
Follow-up Colonoscopy After Positive Stool Test: Rates Reported
Tool Assesses Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease Using Family Data
Negative Colonoscopy Not Guarantee Against Colorectal Cancer
Processed Meats Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk
Does eating processed meats cause colorectal cancer?
UVA Health Receives Funding for Cancer Screenings, Care
Gut Cells Reprogrammed by Collagen From Grave to Cradle
Climate impact labels could affect fast food selections
MicroRNAs New Criteria for Early Palliative Care in Advanced Cancers
Unlocking cancer’s ancestry
Native Hawaiian colorectal cancer patients twice as likely to die from sepsis
Small Changes Can Have Big Impact on Health
Colorectal Cancer Tumors with ‘Born to be Bad’ Genes Identified
Potential therapy for aggressive type of colon cancer shows promise
Therapy for Metastatic Colon Cancer Found in Preclinical Trials
Nearly half of deaths from 12 cancers due to tobacco; higher than previously reported
Structural studies offer ‘how-to’ guide to designing cancer drugs
Rotten meat could be easier to detect thanks to new biosensor system developed at Concordia
Severity of muscle wasting linked to type, size and location of tumor
New Anti-tumor Drug TR128 Approved for Clinical Trial
MD Anderson research highlights for November 30, 2022
Cancer stem cells are fueled through dialogue with their environments
High rates of complications and readmissions after abdominal stoma surgery
Scientists investigating why patients don’t follow up with their doctors after receiving positive colorectal cancer test
Immutep announces new collaboration for cancer treatment combination
Precision medicine trial opens for rare adult and paedatric cancers
Dying cancer cells give neighboring tumor cells instructions on how to survive
Rates of routine cancer screening, diagnosis before vs after pandemic
Colon cancer: Dying cancer cells give neighbouring tumour cells instructions on how to survive
National quality improvement initiative led by American College of Surgeons successfully helped address pandemic-related cancer
First-of-its-kind surgical procedure offers new hope for children with Hirschsprung disease
Combined effect of bacteria and iron levels on progression of colorectal cancer
Peptidic Supramolecular Assemblies Enhance Chemotherapy for Colorectal Cancer
Pinpointing prevalence of mismatch repair -deficient rectal adenocarcinomas
Appendiceal cancer gets its own preclinical model
AI trained to detect hard to spot cancerous lesions in colon
Magic traditional Chinese medicine ingredients generated autophagic flux to suppress tumor progression and novel combination therapy
Microbiota-derived genotoxic metabolites discovered in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
Overcoming resistance to colon cancer treatment
Scientists identify way to boost tumor-fighting immune cells
Metabolite product from pomegranate: Researchers identify way to boost tumour-fighting immune cells
Patients in lower-income countries receive less timely cancer diagnoses