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Decoding leaf: scientists search for features to ID modern, fossil leaves
Braille bombing Melbourne to raise accessibility awareness
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One-up on motion capture
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Automated analysis of animal behaviour
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Anticipating others’ behavior on road
Robots in home, industry and healthcare
AI for space research delivers back-to-back success in global satellite challenge
University of Southern California’s cutting-edge biometrics research receives technology-transfer government contract
New model could have ‘Moneyball’-like impact on baseball players’ value
Britain’s butterflies are getting bigger as climate changes
Adding AI to Museum exhibits increases learning, keeps kids engaged longer
Digitised museum collections reveal impact of climate change on British butterflies
Research suggests brain processes smell both like painting and symphony
Integrating AI into university courses and programmes
Gliding to Greater Sustainability
Dan Huttenlocher ponders our human future in an age of artificial intelligence
Researcher explores how to make AI ‘more intelligent’
Using technology to identify crop types early in season, without entering field
Can Artificial Intelligence Reveal Why Languages Change Over Time?
Queen Mary officially launches its Digital Environment Research Institute
Cisco Funds 30 Research Projects Across Georgia Tech
When it comes to AI, can we ditch datasets?
New maps show airplane contrails over U.S. dropped steeply in 2020
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Robot photographer has eye for aesthetics
Benefits of peripheral vision for machines
Fingertip sensitivity for robots
Technodystopia: Are we heading towards real-world Blade Runner?
How vacation photos of zebras and whales can help conservation
Using data science to revolutionise geology logging
Big-data tracking technologies can uncover wildlife secrets and reduce their conflicts with humans
‘Underground maps’ segment cities using fashion, AI
‘Underground maps’ segment cities using fashion
New computer vision system designed to analyze cells in microscopy videos
Using images and artificial intelligence to inspect bridges
Artificial intelligence and big data can help preserve wildlife
Hybrid machine-learning approach gives hand to prosthetic-limb gesture accuracy
Precision Rehabilitation May Prevent Osteoarthritis
Demystifying machine-learning systems
Technique Improves AI Ability to Understand 3D Space Using 2D Images