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Using microorganisms to monitor water quality within minutes
Movies, music and pictures can train synthetic brain
Machine learning a source of inspiration
University of Toronto’s Raquel Urtasun raises $100 million for self-driving startup Waabi: reports
Study to train AI for koala ‘face recognition’ at crossings
Researchers create a camera that knows exactly where it is
Less is more? New take on machine learning helps us “scale up” phase transitions
Statement regarding D61 changes
Slender robotic finger senses buried items
How army ants’ iconic mass raids evolved
Cutting edge technique uses fluctuations in video pixels to measure energy use of developing embryos
Technique uses fluctuations in video pixels to measure energy use of developing embryos
Conference papers highlight importance of data security to machine learning
Researchers elected to Royal Society
Counting flying-foxes by using drones equipped with thermal cameras
Lab offers forum on machine learning for industry
Rome Call for Artificial Intelligence ethics draws global interest
New AI tool calculates materials’ stress and strain based on photos
Intelligent robots increase benefit from fresh produce
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Unveils New PhD Concentration
Toward deep-learning models that can reason about code more like humans
Major Danish venture into artificial intelligence research
Research targets faster, safer source of islet cells for people with Type 1 diabetes
Four Tartans Among 2021 Goldwater Scholars
Tackling multimedia data with AI techniques
Leading American researcher and DKK 350 million will take Danish artificial intelligence research to new heights
An artificial intelligence tool that can help detect melanoma
A robot that senses hidden objects
How automated driving can pave way for safe mobility
‘Intelligent’ mattress topper wins Imperial’s biggest startup competition
New tool could help lessen bias in live television broadcasts
Cornell AI startup secures $1 million in seed funding
People searching for objects in 3D image stacks are less successful than those searching for same objects
Faster drug discovery through machine learning
Standard digital camera and AI to monitor soil moisture for affordable smart irrigation
Future virtual fitting rooms
Key task in computer vision and graphics gets a boost
Beauty is in brain of beholder: An AI generates personally attractive images by reading brain data
NSF challenges Cornell to tame winter, natural disasters
Taking future wireless technology from science fiction to scientific reality
Identification of ‘violent’ processes that cause wheezing could lead to better diagnosis and treatment for lung disease
Researchers Win NSF-Amazon Fairness in AI Awards
Backing Victoria As A Leading AI Technology Destination
Emerging robotics technology may lead to better buildings in less time
Cornell startup wins NFL innovation competition
Research shows IdentiFlight camera technology greatly reduces wind turbine eagle fatalities
Cornell startup looks to score in NFL innovation competition
MIT convenes influential industry leaders in fight against climate change