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Engineers produce a fisheye lens that’s completely flat
Apple brings online store to India September 23
New Data Processing Module Makes Deep Neural Networks Smarter
Yang-Tan Institute team studying autism and work outcomes
Atlas Advisors Australia and Uniseed invest in Forcite’s world-leading smart helmet
Weizmann Institute of Science and Mohamed bin Zayed University
Lancaster part of £6m project aiming to give Manchester businesses a boost using artificial intelligence
AI research to aid women’s safety on public transport
Demo time for top-ten sports-tech start-ups
Demo time for top-ten sports-tech startups
Rewriting rules of machine-generated art
AI software enables real-time 3D printing quality assessment
NTU Singapore scientists develop Artificial Intelligence system for high precision recognition of hand gestures
Shrinking deep learning’s carbon footprint
AI in classroom: Maximising spatial design and improving learning outcomes
Carnegie Mellon University and CCDC Army Research Laboratory Announce Cooperative Agreement for $25 Million
Tenured engineers of 2020
Scientists appeal for public help with climate change technology project
Robots join frontline fight against coronavirus
Which Way to Fridge? Common Sense Helps Robots Navigate
Racing into future of autonomous driving
Research reflects how AI sees through looking glass
New radar allows cars to spot hazards around corners
Identifying a melody by studying a musician’s body language
Engineers design a device that operates like a brain synapse
SMILab research assistant receives national recognition
AI reduces ‘communication gap’ for nonverbal people by as much as half
Artificial Intelligence Makes Blurry Faces Look More Than 60 Times Sharper
NUS engineers quintuple efficiency of moving data bits in silicon chips for artificial intelligence applications
Research powers Facebook’s new AI shopping tool
Low-Cost Cameras Could Be Sensors to Remotely Monitor Crop Stress
LogMask, a new artificial intelligence technology to detect use of masks
Artificial brains may need sleep too
HKU statisticians develop online diagnostic system for screening COVID-19 with AI technologies based on chest CT
UBC Okanagan alumnus produces medical face shields for Health Canada
A good egg: robot chef trained to make omelettes
Researchers Incorporate Computer Vision, Uncertainty into AI for Robotic Prosthetics
Tokyo Tech and DENSO IT LAB form AI tech platform for future mobility
Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Microsoft partner to create smart camera solutions for enterprise customers
Nominations of EPFL professors 15 May
Building scientific insight through machine learning
Short programs help Australians skill up for long term
Renewable Energy Project’s autonomous vehicle wins federal funding
EPFL Launches Center for Intelligent Systems
Visualizing world beyond frame
“A Slice of America” Through a Firefighter’s Eyes
EPFL researchers put proximity tracing app to test
Smartphone Videos Produce Highly Realistic 3D Face Reconstructions