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Putting clear bounds on uncertainty
Australian tech helping safeguard international nuclear material
Visually Impaired Get Help via ‘Smart’ Walking Stick
Singaporean Tech Innovator Signs On For AI Hub In Victoria
Drone-Assisted Computer Vision Inspects FAST’s Reflector Surface
AI Mapping Uncovers Exoplanets: Researchers Develop Method
AI to monitor changes to globally important glacier
Engineers to advance nanomedicine manufacturing using AI
AI Monitors Threatening Changes to Thwaites Glacier
DSD-MatchingNet Learns Accurate Correspondences Through Deformable Sparse-to-Dense Matching
Game-changing robotics helping to grow new corals
CMU Portugal Ph.D. Student Develops AI to Classify Epileptic Seizures
Seeing Things Differently: Secret Life of Our Eyes
Mapping Rwanda’s Tree Carbon Stock from Sky
Harnessing AI technology for IVF embryo selection
AI Used to Select Embryos in IVF Process
Artificial intelligence deployed to enhance sports performance
VR/AR Screen Technology Advanced: See Virtual World Like Real Life?
Computer Vision Tech Effectively Monitors Mask Use in Hospitals
How NVIDIA helped 3D researchers bring naval history to life
How to use modern IT technology in healthcare
Checking blood pressure in heartbeat, using artificial intelligence and camera
Ushering in new era of computing
Simpler path to better computer vision
Deep learning enables cell image analysis
Few Shot Learning AI “knows” household appliances accurately
Waabi’s self-driving technology set to be road-tested, Raquel Urtasun tells Globe and Mail, Forbes
What Darwin would discover today
Queen Mary University of London spin-off provides blueprint for new game-changing AI applications
Boost to AI research to improve aged care
Robots that Can Feel Cloth Layers May One Day Help with Laundry
Smart, cheap ‘Joey’ bot could soon help clear blockages in critical pipes underground
Johns Hopkins APL releases first-ever global estimates for road transportation greenhouse emissions leveraging artificial
Philipe Ambrozio Dias – Shedding lights on human migration under changing climate
Using Vibrations to Control Swarm of Tiny Robots
Data Science Day 2022
Novel multi-modal image retrieval system by researchers from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Rice, Baylor to study how screen use affects young children
Researchers encourage retailers to embrace AI to better service customers
Study urges caution when comparing neural networks to brain
Using sound to model world
Machine learning facilitates “turbulence tracking” in fusion reactors
Teaching AI to Accurately Colorize Marine Plankton Images
Skin and hair in 3D
Algorithms predict sports teams’ moves with 80% accuracy
New algorithms help four-legged robots run in wild
Learning on edge
HKUST Launches AI-based Guidewire Recognition Technology to Enhance Patient Safety