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New holographic camera sees unseen with high precision
Technique enables real-time rendering of scenes in 3D
CVS Health and Microsoft announce new strategic alliance to reimagine personalized care and accelerate digital transformation
What to expect from AI/ML in 5G Challenge
New system for analysing thoracic CT scans with deep learning enables Covid lesion detection
Artificial intelligence that understands object relationships
QUT leads $1.2M Advance Queensland projects for AI-enable mine rehab and green materials
Development of an artificial intelligence model based on novel concept with excellent performance for detecting and analyzing
New approach gives rapid, objective insight into how cells are changed by disease
TSU’s FabLab has opened
UK agtech firm Deep Planet sets up HQ in Australia’s wine capital
Design’s new frontier
Governments invest in innovation to help increase competitiveness and sustainability of pork producers
ReSkin Could Help Researchers Discover Sense of Touch
New $20 Million Grant Will Help Johns Hopkins Develop Technologies for Healthy Aging
New Robotics Institute Director Ready To Shape Future of Robotics
Action-oriented community building: Scaling AI as force for good
Children in preschool and primary school to explore artificial intelligence
Imperial and Germany’s TUM driving exciting collaborative research and education 29 October
Pasqal announces new machine learning protocol for comparing complex graph-based data on quantum systems
Researchers Develop AI-based Technology for Clearer Plankton Observation in Deep Ocean
Training AI Classifier to Better Sort Plankton Images
Before Machines Can Be Autonomous, Humans Must Work to Ensure Their Safety
Cancer cells change shape, how they move to invade different types of tissue
Facebook wants AI to find your keys and understand your conversations
Examining Earth’s oldest complex fossils using AI
Pioneering Technology Companies and Global Innovators join FII Institute for 5th Anniversary of FII
Bristol behind world’s first massive egocentric dataset
Deep learning helps predict traffic crashes before they happen
Queen Mary partner with industry to train next generation of ‘AI-native’ biological scientists
Why City of Amsterdam developed its own crowd monitoring technology
Robot that finds lost items
Imperial and Germany’s TUM driving exciting collaborative research and education
Watching and analyzing T cells attack cancer cells in real time
Inaugural industry forum inspires ML community
Prof. Tim CHENG Appointed as Vice-President for Research and Development
New report assesses progress and risks of artificial intelligence
New AI centre to partner with Australian business
Wollongong’s Blue Mile has smarts thanks to new tech trial
Researchers to study effects of genetic variation on health
Microsoft joins forces with Australian Institute for Machine Learning to soar into space
X-ray street vision
Using video for early detection of autism
Researchers use artificial intelligence to predict which Covid patients will need ventilator to breathe
Vanderbilt, TDOT partner to test automated vehicles and improve traffic flow on I-24, soon smartest roadway
Denis Kasymov on development of fire prevention system
360-degree transparency for construction sites made simple
Baby detector software embedded in digital camera rivals ECG