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Radio-wave therapy is safe for liver cancer patients and reveals improvement in overall survival
Researchers Develop “Dimmer Switch” to Help Control Gene Therapy
MD Anderson and Blueprint Medicines announce strategic collaboration to accelerate BLU-222 development
Greater council integrity for Queenslanders
Statement on eighth meeting of International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding coronavirus disease pandemic
Injuries from whiplash made visible with new scanning approach
UN Human Rights Council 47 UK statement for response to Report of Special Rapporteur on Right to Privacy
Venice Commission plenary session underway
Autoantibodies: a possible contributor to fibromyalgia
People are using their super to pay for IVF, with their fertility clinic’s blessing
People living with HIV/AIDS have a significantly higher risk of suicide
Public statement on an investigation into application for, award and expenditure of a grant to Darwin Turf Club for a public
Immune cells in human biliary system mapped
COVID safety at risk to protect Liberal Party’s property developer council candidates
Letter from Clive Palmer to Prof Skerritt TGA
Only 1 Week to go until Councillor Candidate Briefing Session
Consultant engaged for independent review into Black summer bushfires
Global Coalition Urge Indonesia Minister of ICT To Repeal MR5: statement
Duck shooting is government sanctioned animal abuse – View shocking duck shooting cruelty footage from opening day
Public notice and comment on new Global Validation Advisory Committee members
2021 Local Government Elections Councillor Candidate Briefing Session
ICAC makes finding of corruption
Few women in sub-Saharan Africa undergo cervical cancer screenings
COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines are Immunogenic in Pregnant and Lactating Women, Including Against Viral Variants
NK cells with bispecific antibody show activity against lymphoma cells
Councillor Candidate Briefing Session
Silver Nanoclusters Inhibit DNA Replication
IBAC investigation finds former CEO of regional health service misused position
Total CEO cited for abusing top French university board position to push fossil fuel company’s agenda
Pharmacies giving older Australians wrong flu jab
Statement on seventh meeting of International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding coronavirus disease pandemic
MD Anderson and Boehringer Ingelheim expand collaboration to advance lung cancer therapies
Meeting of Guidelines Development Group for update and consolidation of guidelines for safe abortion care
OSCE Head of Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina UK response
Ndis independent assessment process subject to massive conflicts of interest
Standards Matter 2 Further online evidence sessions announced
Statement from Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield
Regulator launches campaign to help charity trustees be “certain in uncertain times”
Finding Key to Low-cost, Fast Production of Solid-state Batteries for EVs
Charity’s pharma investments raise questions around transparency and accountability
Conflict of interest for Fuller league plans
Can bots influence elections with ‘megaphone effect’?
Crown corruption highlights urgent need for political donation reform
Halt cell recycling to treat cancer
Call for Royal Commission to investigate Victoria’s duck shooting regulator
Call for Royal Commission to investigate Victoria’s duck shooting regulation
COVID-19 vaccine from new vaccine platform effective in mice
Push for change to elder abuse laws to prevent false claims