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More health literacy needed to stamp out fake health news
Health cover rises flatten but still pose cost hurdle for many
Time to develop Medicare for 21st Century
Fixing aged care for a civilised society
Call for Academy to empower consumer voice
COVID and plague of ideas that has sparked change
Mental health report needs action now
Win-win-win for health and consumers on climate
Young people launch initiative to shatter mental health stigma and make invisible visible
Aged care blueprint demands urgent action
UNSW tops nation in NHMRC Partnership Projects grants
Patient power blueprint released
Telehealth must be start of health ‘revolution’
Leading health groups call on government to address climate health impacts
Patient Safety Day: In everybody’s interest
Understanding Australia’s Virtual Care Needs
Best script is what matters to you
Budget must recognise value of better resourced health and social care
Budget must recognise value of better resourced health and social care
Health insurance needs deep diagnosis
Health insurance needs deep diagnosis
CALD patients urged to keep in contact with health care
New Closing Gap Agreement a self-determined step forward
Dr Harry Nespolon’s passing a loss for all
Blot in Australia’s health report
Raising rate for good essential for our health and economy
Telehealth a crucial advance requiring more patient engagement and certainty
Consumer Commission to seek lessons from COVID-19 to drive a better health system
Winners of Innovation Challenge to help future proof Australia’s healthcare system announced
Pharmacy agreement updated but not upgraded
Pandemic offers guide to future continuity of care
NPS MedicineWise and CHF partnership reinforces primacy of consumers in healthcare
Patients feeling better with Telehealth
COVID-19 shows prevention can be difference between life and death
Staying connected – so doctor and consumer know best
COVIDSafe to help track down virus
Elective surgery restart vindicates anti-COVID strategy
Non-COVID patients also need care
Health funds must inform members of windfall gains
Consumers partner COVID clinical taskforce identifying trusted treatments
Private hospitals doing right thing to join fight against COVID-19
‘Medicare at home’ a vital step to counter COVID-19
Health funds should defer premium rise
Planned telehealth expansion welcome, but must look beyond doctors alone
Expand telehealth to stop spread of coronavirus
Time to muster all health resources to quell COVID-19
COVID-19 Plan a strong response to counter pandemic threat
Consumer anxiety about climate health impacts shows need for effective government strategy