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Elite scientists recognised 18 November
Coral parents selected in hope of producing heat-tolerant babies
Climate change will destroy familiar environments, create new ones and undermine efforts to protect sea life
Climate change increasing threats in southwest Pacific: WMO report
Reef bleaching findings show urgency required on emissions reductions
Restoring coral health
Collaborating with distinguished researchers around world KAUST scientists propose nature-based adaptive approach to boost coral
Reviews highlight consequences of failing to tackle climate change
We must fight harder for our Great Barrier Reef as global icon reaches 40 years of World Heritage
2030 is target our Reef needs
Become citizen scientist to help Reef
New method for predicting response of ecosystems to marine heatwaves developed by international collaboration
Decade of climate breakdown saw 14 per cent of coral reefs vanish
‘Coral Mama’ works to save coral reefs from extinction
Soft corals, hard problem: new technique will reveal corals vulnerable to bleaching
Massive coral discovered on GBR
Probiotics for corals boost resilience, help prevent mortality
‘Sticky questions’ raised by study on coral reefs
President’s statement on IPCC Working Group 1 Report
Global temperatures likely to rise in next decade
Climate change has already hit Australia
What happens to marine life when oxygen is scarce?
AIMS data shows limited reprieve for Reef but unless climate action is taken, Reef’s future is ‘in danger’
New report shows coral recovery on reef
Reef in recovery window after decade of disturbances
When coral dies, tiny invertebrates boom
Leading Australians urge World Heritage Committee to put science before politics for good of Great Barrier Reef
First stages of symbiosis seen for first time
Hard to swallow: Coral cells seen engulfing algae for first time
Almost 60 coral species around Lizard Island are ‘missing’ – and a Great Barrier Reef extinction crisis could be next
Coral offspring physiology impacted by parental exposure to intense environmental stresses
Great Barrier Reef in danger, UN World Heritage Committee draft report finds
Great Barrier Reef is in danger: A call to action on climate change
Recognizing World Ocean Day 2021
Managing global climate change — and local conditions — key to coral reefs’ survival
US philanthropists back coral crusader from Southern Cross
Penn State biologist and colleagues receive $4M to identify heat-tolerant corals
New report urges Australian Government to ramp up climate actions to protect Great Barrier Reef as World Heritage Committee decision
Climate change-resistant corals could provide lifeline to battered reefs
Managing local conditions could help coral reefs persevere in face of climate crisis
Widespread coral-algae symbioses endured historical climate changes
“Stressed out” corals thriving thanks to mangroves
Time running out to save coral reefs
Revealed: coral fights back against crown of thorns starfish
Northern Red Sea corals pass heat stress test with flying colors
Scientists have cultured first stable coral cell lines
Researchers discover that ‘cryptic species’ respond differently to coral bleaching
Researchers create first global assessment of cumulative human impacts to at-risk marine species over time