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Keppel corals show resilience following severe bleaching
Better UV Protection with Coral-Friendly Sunscreen
New insights into coral symbiosis after bleaching
ML Predicts Coral Triangle Biodiversity, Resilience
Historic win for Reef: Federal Govt rejects risky coal mine
Back to school: Our first Coral IVF babies turn five
Evolution of Coral IVF enhances recovery of coral reefs
Uncovering Heatwaves Endangering Coral Reefs
Expert commentary: From La Niña to El Niño
Reef fish must relearn ‘rules of engagement’ after coral bleaching
Reef fish must relearn “rules of engagement” after coral bleaching
Reef Fish Adapting After Coral Bleaching
Coral-eating starfish – another victim of climate change?
Reef businesses adapt to climate change
Protecting coral reefs and extreme weather on earth and in space: $4.8m in ARC funding
QUT researchers create world-first way to count coral babies to save reef
Great Barrier Reef: UNESCO calls for In Danger listing
State of Climate 2022 – Australia continues to warm, heavy rainfall becomes more intense
State of Climate 2022 – Australia continues to warm; heavy rainfall becomes more intense
Elite scientists recognised 16 November
Scientists and Traditional Custodians brought together on ‘floating lab’ for Great Barrier Reef coral spawning
Sea urchins keep on trucking while other marine life languishes in Florida Keys
Coral reefs can adapt in response to mild marine heatwaves
Mass bleachings – but little change in GBR priorities
Climate risks for Gulf of Mexico coral reefs spelled out in study
Coral select algae partnerships to ease environmental stress
Not enough: Protecting algae-eating fish insufficient to save imperiled coral reefs, study concludes
Warming oceans are changing Australian reef fish populations
Is climate change disrupting maritime boundaries?
Women lead marine restoration efforts in UNESCO Seaflower Biosphere Reserve
Highest coral cover in central, northern Reef in 36 years
Series of articles in journal BioScience reveals various impacts of climate change across different ecosystems
How Indigenous Peoples Enrich Climate Action
Record coral cover doesn’t necessarily mean Great Barrier Reef is in good health
Coral cover’s up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Coral cover up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Highest coral cover in central, northern Reef in 36 years
Gulf mangrove dieback discovery
Reef: coral bleaching tragedy
Coral Pathogen Kills Competitors in Coral Microbiota via Prophage Induction
ACF to challenge Woodside’s Scarborough gas project
Algae can help protect coral reefs – but it’s all in timing
Soft corals more resilient than reef-building corals during marine heatwave
Universities of Exeter and Queensland renew their commitment to working
Novel technologies to protect our oceans
Art exhibition inspired by ‘BLEACHED’ corals
Stinky seaweed is clogging Caribbean beaches – but a New Zealand solution could turn it into green power and fertiliser
Climate change is killing trees in Queensland’s tropical rainforests