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How Indigenous Peoples Enrich Climate Action
Record coral cover doesn’t necessarily mean Great Barrier Reef is in good health
Coral cover’s up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Coral cover up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Highest coral cover in central, northern Reef in 36 years
Gulf mangrove dieback discovery
Reef: coral bleaching tragedy
Coral Pathogen Kills Competitors in Coral Microbiota via Prophage Induction
ACF to challenge Woodside’s Scarborough gas project
Algae can help protect coral reefs – but it’s all in timing
Soft corals more resilient than reef-building corals during marine heatwave
Universities of Exeter and Queensland renew their commitment to working
Novel technologies to protect our oceans
Art exhibition inspired by ‘BLEACHED’ corals
Stinky seaweed is clogging Caribbean beaches – but a New Zealand solution could turn it into green power and fertiliser
Climate change is killing trees in Queensland’s tropical rainforests
Labor’s $194M for Reef welcome sea-change, but greater ambition to reduce emissions crucial
Large-scale ocean sanctuaries could protect coral reefs from climate change
Reef and species funding welcome, environment law reform and climate action critical
What next Australian government must do to save Great Barrier Reef
Dire coral bleaching figures show how Morrison Government has failed Great Barrier Reef
Kick Morrison out to save Reef
Reef report confirms severe bleaching, highlighting need for rapid emissions reduction this decade
Researcher Uses Genomics and Gene Editing to Help Save Coral Reefs
Researchers map living corals before and after marine heat wave
Researchers map living corals for first time before and after marine heat wave
Discovery about coral-algal symbiosis could help coral reefs recover after bleaching events
Coral spawning success advances Ningaloo climate research
Coral bleaching underway at Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf is warning we cannot ignore
Another mass bleaching event is devastating Great Barrier Reef
What it takes for mass coral bleaching on Great Barrier Reef to cause mass coral deaths
Adrienne Correa wins CAREER Award
Don’t Look Up brings climate crisis to Oscars: 9 environmental movies to watch next
Malcolm Mann: ‘Healing needs to take place’
UN mission can’t become tourism campaign as Great Barrier Reef hit by fourth mass coral bleaching in six years
Remote Indian Ocean reefs bounce back quickly after bleaching
These recent research breakthroughs give us renewed hope for its survival
Environment Department shrouds UNESCO mission to Reef in secrecy, keeps agenda under tight control
Repeated coral bleaching leaves wildlife on Great Barrier Reef with few options
Dire warning for Great Barrier Reef as UN inspection begins: Climate Council briefing
Coral bleaching: It’s not too late to save Great Barrier Reef
No more spin – Morrison Government must tell truth about Great Barrier Reef
More bleaching devastation on our Reef exposes woeful Morrison government climate inaction
Great Barrier Grief: new coral bleaching confirmed
Climate change causes severe and widespread coral bleaching event on Great Barrier Reef in La Niña year
As oceans warm, marine cold spells are disappearing
Fade to grey – fish communities become duller as coral reefs die
Corals can be ‘trained’ to tolerate heat stress