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Research Unveils Environmental Toll of Artificial Sweeteners
Polar Knowledge Canada Funds $250K for Arctic Research
Innovative Light-Powered Enzyme System Synthesizes Terpenoids
Western Lake Erie Braces for Significant Algal Bloom
Marine Mystery Solved: Algae's Nitrogen Acquisition Revealed
AI Predicts Toxic Blue-Green Tides Forecast
When Bacteria Are Buckling
Geologic Record Unveils Ocean Oxygenation 2.3B Years Ago
Unexpected Ocean Algae Found to Cool Earth, Study Reveals
Internal Clock Boosts Cyanobacteria Survival on Earth
Surprising Nutrient Source Spurs Lake Erie's Toxic Algae
Bacteria Against Mutants
Scientists Breed Carbon Gobbling Plants with High Appetite
Scientists Unveil Method to Breed High-Carbon Appetite Plants
HKUST Discovery Sheds Light on Carboxysomes, May Enhance Photosynthesis
Rhizobial Bacterium Helps Diatom To Bind Nitrogen
Marine Mystery Solved by New Rhizobia-Diatom Symbiosis
Stony Coral Disease Alters Caribbean Reefs' Ecology
Caribbean Reefs' Ecology Altered by Coral Disease
Symbiosis Among Species: Older and More Common Than Expected
Efficient Iron Scavengers
Greening Antarctica Losing Rare Bacteria to Climate Change
New Centers to Probe Ocean Impact on Human Health
Spree River On Drip
How Blue-green Algae Manipulate Microorganisms
Wie Blaualgen Mikroorganismen Manipulieren
New Study Suggests Evolution of Nitrogen-Fixing Organelles
Water Pollutant Could Be Soil Savior
NASA's PACE Data Adopters Study Air Quality, Ocean Health
2024 Thomas Davies Grant Backs Nine Aussie Eco-Researchers
Reason Behind Eukaryotes' Multicellularity Evolution Unveiled
NC State Gets $6.9M for New Oceans and Human Health Center
Underestimation of Nitrogen's Role in Lake Ecosystems
Increase In Toxic Algae In Our Waters This Summer
Scientists Turn Blue-Green Algae Into Meat-like Protein Surrogate
Subglacial Microbial Life on Earth and Beyond
DNA reveals unique microorganisms evolved at poles
Ancient Seafloor Vents Nourished Early Oceans with Minerals
Fossils Reveal Eukaryotes' Multicellularity Originated 1.63B Years Ago
Fossils Reveal Eukaryotes Gained Multicellularity 1.63B Years Ago
Final report on Lake Bullen Merri algae trial
Shallow Soda Lakes: Earth's Potential Life Cradles
Mount Morgan No. 7 Dam Update
Oldest Thylakoids Found in Fossil Cyanobacteria Unveil Photosynthesis Evolution
Pumping brakes on Coomaditchie algal bloom - Wollongong
High-Res Structure of Cyanobacterial Virus Unveiled by Researchers
HKUST Unveils High-Res Structure of Cyanobacterial Virus