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Reduced Medicare Psychologist Appointments Hurts People with Multiple Conditions
Sussex to host inaugural Death Festival
$2.25m grant enables death literacy research
Psychedelics may lessen fear of death and dying, similar to feelings reported by those who’ve had near death experiences
‘Get Dead Set’ – around end of life choices
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Palliative care grants available
For people with heart defects, mental health support is essential to care at every age
Cancer Book Club
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HELP ensure quality end of life
Best medicine? Humour can be double-edged part of grieving
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How popular culture helps with business of death
Experts warn of increasing overmedicalisation of death, call for radical rethink of how society cares for dying people
Few countries offer good place to die
Direct experience of dementia strengthens support for euthanasia
Attitudes to death and dying in UK
Young adults cope with missing out during pandemic
Study provides more evidence of how Covid changed Americans’ values, activities
How COVID-19 has changed way we grieve
New campaign launches to challenge perceptions about palliative care
New guide for families using aged care
Improving way vets care for animals and people
Research shows end of life care was not seen as an essential, frontline service in pandemic
National effort challenging Australians to plan future medical care
Half of Canadians don’t even know what palliative care is, so why is it so important?
How to talk about death and dying
UTA launches certificate in gerontology health care
In fiction, we remember deaths that make us sad
Exploring death through art in Bendigo
CareSearch renews palliative care awareness
National palliative care campaign launched with a focus on accessibility for all
National palliative care campaign launched with a focus on importance of culture
National palliative care campaign launched to raise community awareness and further support health professionals
End-of-life planning not a priority for most
Care home staff get expert help to ease strain
We need to talk about COVID-19 deaths
A Coronavirus Reading List
Innovative patient-centred lung clinic reduces suffering along with costs
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