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Identifying new drug targets for inflammatory autoimmune diseases
Hope for treatments against hearing loss as 10 genes identified
Fellowship to boost Australia’s drug discovery capabilities
WHO and MPP announce agreement with NIH for Covid health technologies
Researchers Reveal Molecular Mechanism of ZDHHC18-mediated Palmitoylation of cGAS to Inhibit Innate Immunity
Research describes multi-agent systems for optimization and decision-making through games
Broadening and strengthening high-tech sector in Netherlands
Phospholipid found to play key role in epithelial cell adhesion
New discovery could help combat side effects of cancer immunotherapy
Scientists at GIST develop deep learning model to predict adverse drug-drug interactions
New open-source software automates RNA analysis to speed up research and drug development
Strong saline solution can boost delivery of morphine and other drugs to spinal cord
Nanotechnology enables visualization of RNA structures at near-atomic resolution
New technique reveals in detail where drug molecules hit their targets in body
Millions for agri-food technology
Plug-and-play organ-on-a-chip can be customized to patient
Single-molecule techniques illuminate mechanisms of GPCR activation
Economic burden of PTSD ‘staggering’
An international consortium, led by IRB Barcelona and biotechnology company Merus
‘Drug discovery’ courses showcase bench-to-bedside process
In race to solve Alzheimer’s, scientists find more needles in haystack
UCLA-developed technology enables single-cell sorting by function
Science of cannabis, work in progress
Structural and Functional Studies of Adhesion Receptors Disclose Intrinsic Activation Mechanism of Orphan GPCRs
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
MD Anderson receives over $10 million from Break Through Cancer to support collaborative research with leading cancer centers
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute receives $11M to intercept and cure deadly cancers
Pushing boundaries of cardiovascular science: get ready for FCVB 2022
Researcher develops data-driven approach to help reduce drug costs and treat diseases
National Growth Fund invests many millions in faster and more sustainable drug development
Drug that cures alcoholism may be next anti-anxiety medication
Team discovers novel root cause of tau-induced neurodegeneration
Leading cancer researcher joins SAiGENCI
Game changer for medical testing devices
From rare soil microbe, new antibiotic candidate
Research in human kidney organoids finds target to prevent irreversible kidney damage
Structure‒tissue exposure/selectivity relationship correlates with clinical efficacy/safety
Why 90% of clinical drug development fails and how to improve it?
RACE Act increased number of cancer drugs with required studies for use in pediatric patients
Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation statement on CMS coverage determination for Aduhelm
New Screening Assay for Drugs Targeting Prostate Cancer
Bringing together next generation of quantum coders
Microba announces new research partnership and senior appointment
New cancer drug formulations to be tested in Wollongong labs
ERC grant for Sebastian Pomplun to precisely influence gene expression
How brain disorder models are like Night Watch
Promising nose spray could prevent and treat Covid
Design of protein binders from target structure alone