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$2 billion energy investment to power economic recovery
Why Earth needs a course correction now
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Printing flexible wearable electronics for smart device applications
Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator announces inaugural class
Funding decision on four collaborative research centres at Goethe University
Work starts on north Queensland pumped hydro project
Willoughby Council partners with leading North Shore solar company
3 things rooftop solar can teach us about Australia’s electric car rollout
Machine Learning Speeds up Simulations in Material Science
University of Canterbury electrode research paving way for cheaper renewable energy storage
UK PM announces new funding for Cornwall to create a G7 legacy for region
MITEI researchers build a supply chain model to support hydrogen economy
Researchers make new charge storage mechanism discovery
Site secured for Central Queensland hydrogen project
Innovative technology to power regional Victoria
World-first ‘solar hydro’ power plant addresses need for longer duration energy storage
Tiny particles power chemical reactions
Lead-acid battery lifespan to be increased for use in energy storage systems
Play it safe: A microscopic perspective towards durable solid state batteries
Research into green energy solutions
Batteries, Catalysts, Climate, Clean Energy: Secretary Granholm Treated to ‘Whirlwind’ PNNL Visit
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Hybrid redox-flow battery with a long cycle life
Could working from home put a strain on UK’s climate change targets?
Phonon catalysis could lead to a new field
Three Imperial projects launched to decarbonise heating and cooling
3 Questions: Caroline White-Nockleby on socio-environmental complexities of renewable energy
Darling Downs to be supercharged in big battery first
Carly Hansen: Identifying hydropower potential
Novel Heterostructure Nanosheet Boosts Efficiency of Lean-electrolyte Li-S Batteries
HSF advises ARENA on landmark A$47 million grant for pumped hydro project
McGill launches new research centre for innovation in energy storage and conversion
One-step Mechanochemical Method to Improve Performance of Cathode Materials in Na-ion Batteries
Developed in Durham: Applied Graphene Materials
Compound Commonly Found in Candles Lights Way to Grid-Scale Energy Storage
Ammonia Is Promising for Energy Storage
Hydro to pump North Queensland jobs
Green light given to construct Queensland pumped hydro plant
Roseworthy solar project powers up
ARENA welcomes expanded mandate to support next generation of clean energy technologies
Hands-free: Wireless charging system advances electric vehicle convenience