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Minister Addresses Future of Resources Sector
Driving investment in renewable energy storage
CSIRO Roadmap Highlights Storage’s Key Role in Energy Transition
University of Portsmouth Gets New Funding for Battery Research
Federal Gov Backs Clean Energy Training for Indigenous Nations
New Electrolyte Boosts Efficiency of Sustainable Zinc Batteries
Duling Named Associate Lab Director at PNNL
UChicago Researchers Develop Atomic-Thin Metal Sheets for New Tech
HSF Advises Amarenco on €300M Capital Raise for Solar, Storage
Brazilian Researchers Develop Method to Increase Fuel Cell Production
Improved Polymer Battery Performance Through Bilayer Substrate
Invention: Oxygen-Ion Battery Unveiled
Purdue ViPER Group Develops Long-Life Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Smart light traps to charge batteries: Study
Lithium Electrodeposition: Spherical Particles Growth Dynamics Investigated
Materials Research: New Supercomputer at KIT
7 Tips for Li-Ion Battery Safety: What to Know
7 Tips for Lithium-Ion Battery Safety
Researchers Create Graphene/Silicon Catalyst for Selective CO2 to Ethanol Conversion
Chemical Scissors Edit Layered Materials Structurally
Nano Tailoring Method Creates 2D Materials On Demand
30th Anniversary of Single Market: EU Plans for Future Competitiveness
New Concept for Spatiotemporal Materials Proposed by Researchers
Australia: No New Gas Needed
AEMO Report: No Need for New Gas in Australia: Climate Council
Minimizing electric vehicles’ impact on grid
EVs’ Impact on Grid: Minimizing it
New Technique Sheds Light on Material Stress Response
GIP Prevents Diet-Induced Obesity in Mice
New AI model transforms research on metal-organic frameworks
AI Model Revamps Understanding of Metal-Organic Frameworks
MXene Superstore: Proton Hydration Structure Found
3D Structure of Rechargeable Batteries Unveiled
Commission adopts aid framework for net-zero transition
SEQ Joins Clean Energy Hub with 250MW Swanbank Battery
Rutgers, NJ Board Offer Scientists Climate Change Policy Work
Vanadium battery production gets flowing in Townsville
Australia’s Electricity Market Settlement Rule: First Look
New Polymer Coating Could Boost EV Batteries
Mystery of Disappearance is Finally Solved
New Zealand’s green hydrogen edge
Chung-Ang Uni develops flexible supercapacitors on paper
HKU Engineers Unlock Key to Safer, Efficient Lithium Battery
Mystery of Li-CO2 Battery Voltages Solved by Scientists
Imperial Engineers Win European Grants for Research
TUS Researchers Create Cheap Carbon Nanotube Wiring on Plastic Films
Greens announce plan to slash energy prices and repower economy
Construction Begins On Glenrowan Solar Farm