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Whanganui Port gets PGF boost
ANCORS joins Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center
Bleaching affects aquarium corals, too
Dramatic past declines of flounder verified and explained
Daniel Becker wins British Ecological Society’s Sidnie Manton Award
New discovery tracking humpback whale migration from space
Seasonal sea ice changes hold clues to controlling CO2 levels, ancient ice shows
Changing environment at home genetically primes invasive species to take over abroad
‘We will train a new generation of sustainability leaders to harness power of digital tools’
McGill and other Canadian universities unite to address climate change
Homo sapiens literata – brainpower for sustainable development
Biodiversity research receives major funding from Jane & Aatos Erkko Foundation
Metals history of Laurentian Great Lakes
Disease pyramid: environment, pathogen, individual and microbiome
Hydrologists show environmental damage from fog reduction is observable from outer space
Peatland drainage in Southeast Asia adds to climate change
Health of ecosystems based on ground beetle
First lawyer in Antarctica: pursuit of field-based international law research
Environmental justice defenders victims of violence and murder
UW-Madison scientist helps set national earth sciences research priorities for next decade
Global Environmental Changes Leading to Shorter, Younger Trees
Study: Integrating satellite and socioeconomic data to improve climate change policy
A few months of vaping puts healthy people on brink of oral disease
Better protection for seabirds
FSU researchers pave a way to new stimuli-responsive materials
COVID-19 recovery can benefit biodiversity
Past is prologue: Genetic ‘memory’ of ancestral environments helps organisms readapt
Bumblebees speed up flowering
Tropical forests can handle heat, up to a point
Healthy coral reefs need fish mix to survive
Queensland fossils shed light on megafauna extinction
Humans coexisted with three-tonne marsupials and lizards as long as cars in ancient Australia
Increased chances of devastating heatwatves, study finds
Fossil discoveries reveal cause of megafauna extinction
Even biodiverse coral reefs still vulnerable to climate change and invasive species
Mysteries of megafauna extinction unlocked
Fossil discoveries reveal cause of megafauna extinction
Exploring climate change impacts through popular proverbs
Biodiversity impact of upland sheep grazing will take decades to recover
COVID-19 research funds back six new initiatives
Discovery Grants back 75 Western research projects
Cannibalism Helps Invading Invertebrates Survive Severe Conditions
Glacial ice will likely hold records of COVID-19 pandemic, researchers say
Rapid loss of riverine insects
Sawyer Series: “Bread and Water,” Food Insecurity and Sickness
TUM to lead AI Future Lab for Earth observation
Solar energy cuts carbon emissions to help Australia’s tropical marine Institute protect oceans
Researchers Probing Links Between Pandemic and Environment