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Nobel laureate among presenters for UTA Science Week
Environmental protection could benefit from ‘micro’ as well as ‘macro’ thinking
Antarctic rainfall could increase through 2100
How do animals solve problems?
Negative emissions, positive economy
We sailed from Antarctica to equator to learn how bacteria affect ocean health
Survey: Majority of Hoosiers view university, policymaker collaboration as crucial for Indiana
Modeling past and future glacial floods in northern Greenland
Poop core records 4,300 years of bat diet and environment
Development policy decisions will affect coastal communities’ risk more than climate change
Highlands hunt for climate answers
HD maps driving Australia’s autonomous vehicle goals
USF archaeologists examine ancient response to climate change in Tampa Bay
We don’t know how most mammals will respond to climate change, warn scientists
Overfishing of Atlantic Cod Likely Did Not Cause Genetic Changes
Unique macro-vertebrate at risk from blood sport and climate change
Human Evolution: Early Homo sapiens in Africa’s Outback
Model predicts urban development and greenhouses gasses will fuel urban floods
Scientists zero in on role of volcanoes in demise of dinosaurs
Cool water fish floundering as tropical fish invade temperate reefs
Mar’s enormous spiral ice canyons are young and were formed by erosion
Environmentally sustainable ARC projects awarded almost $2 million in funding
ARC grants support bold research projects
How Biden administration can help to slow damage and build resilience in a rapidly changing Arctic
Mussel Sensors Pave Way for New Environmental Monitoring Tools
Many New Zealand species are already at risk because of predators and habitat loss
NASA Joins White House National Climate Task Force
Study shows winter road salt poses year-round threat to aquatic life in Toronto’s rivers
Record-high Arctic freshwater affecting marine environment and Atlantic Ocean currents
A new way to measure human wellbeing towards sustainability
Scientists explain increasing lushness in drylands as global temperatures climb
Family workshops share load of long-term brain injury
Warming climate slows tropical birds’ population growth rates
Back to Nature: Take Part in a Study of Virginia’s Native Trout Streams
Oceans were stressed preceding abrupt, prehistoric global warming
New study improves marine climate change evidence base
New grants spark food security research in Africa
OSU researcher leads NOAA-funded project to study West Coast response to ocean acidification
Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge
Sub-Antarctic research sparks Australia-wide study of ecosystem collapses 26 February 2021
Martian Menu: How to grow food on another planet
Braiding diverse networks
New Center of Excellence Seeks to Radically Improve Study of Landscapes Over Time
Researchers detail long chain of events required for cultured seafood to deliver environmental benefits
Dingo effects on ecosystem visible from space
Researchers use UW vessel logbooks to reconstruct historical groundfish populations
Rapid evolution may help species adapt to climate change and competition
Ancient trees hint at Earth’s global environmental crisis 42,000 years ago