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California shellfish farmers adapt to climate change
Reduce food waste – special workshop for businesses
Days away from lightweight bag ban
Topography and soil pH steer activity-density and spatial distribution of termites in fine-scale study
NASA, Partners Offer Global View of Environmental Changes
NAB Foundation supports Greening Australia and WWF to reduce natural disaster risk and respond to climate change
Veterinarian ecologist to bolster pandemic prevention efforts
Major study to examine beavers’ Arctic impact
Whales evolved in three rapid phases, reveals largest study of its kind
Vegetation Biomass Affects Soil Microbial Distribution and Assembly in Alpine Permafrost Regions
Saving Mekong delta from drowning
NATO continues to adapt to rapid environmental changes
Tropical vegetation benefits less from elevated atmospheric CO2 than previously thought
Tropical vegetation benefits less from elevated atmospheric CO2 than researchers previously thought
Flood risk reduction with multiple benefits: more space for river
GHF 2022: global health in times of environmental emergency
Park rangers use butterflies to take planet’s pulse in biodiversity hotspot
How much is too much? Finding sustainable limit to human-caused wildlife mortality
Unchecked global emissions on track to initiate mass extinction of marine life
Climate change could spark next pandemic
UConn’s Abrahamic Programs Build on Efforts Toward Peace, Regional Integration in Middle East and North Africa
Easy access to environmental research data
4 ways we can change our behaviour to adapt to climate crisis
Fluid flow stimulates chemosynthesis in Greek salad of hydrothermal microbes
Inauguration: ‘Planning for Environmental Change’ – rural area reclassified
Cities are driving evolutionary change in cosmopolitan white clover, new global study finds
‘Planning for Environmental Change’: Rural area reclassified
Declining nitrogen availability in our nitrogen-rich world
Global decline in nitrogen availability has consequences for many natural ecosystems
Scientists find declining nitrogen availability in nitrogen rich world
Researchers find declining nitrogen availability in nitrogen-rich world
Genuine intersectoral collaboration is needed to achieve better progress in vector control
A new method of extracting ancient DNA from tiny bones reveals hidden evolutionary history of New Zealand geckos
World Health Day calls for action on Our Planet, Our Health
Flowers’ unseen colors can help ensure pollination, survival
UWA launches Centre for Applied Bioinformatics
‘Net-zero’ goals encouraged by top tourism academic
Dune Field Battles Are Found in Progress on Seafloor
How major volcanic eruption paved way for rise of dinosaurs
Extreme heat harms forest-dwelling bird chicks more than city ones
“Advanced” countries’ wealth depends on appropriation of resources and labour from global South
Whale’s tale: story hidden in their mouths
Story hidden in their mouths
Urbanization is driving evolution of plants globally, study finds
UKHO signs collaboration agreement with Nippon Foundation-GEBCO Seabed 2030 Project
Research reveals urbanization drives adaptive evolution
Urbanization is driving evolution of plants around world, University of Toronto study finds
Rapid adaptation in fruit flies has implications for understanding evolution