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How crushed rocks can help capture CO2
Anthropogenic climate change already affects production of marine plankton populations
New tracking system monitors danger to rainforests
U-NOVUS forum participants discussed climate change
Muddied waters: sinking organics alter seafloor records
Sinking organics alter seafloor records
Using satellite images to improve human lives
Revealing secrets of cell competition
Biodiversity, climate change and fate of coral reefs
Climate change leads to species decline in tropical forests
Griffith Women in STEM Highly Commended
New insights for species conservation
How human trash in Australian bird nests changed over 195 years
Ecosystem destruction endangers local soy agriculture in Brazil
Population-specific diversity within fungi species could enable improved drug discovery
Huge volcanic eruption disrupted climate but not human evolution
Future generations will face crippling costs without action now on carbon debt
Our genes shape our gut bacteria, new research shows
Researchers propose a scheme that treats carbon emissions like financial debt
Resilience, not collapse: What Easter Island myth gets wrong
How plants compensate symbiotic microbes
Stanford ecologists develop a theory about how plants ‘pay’ their microbes
Early humans were sheltered from worst effects of volcanic supereruption
Dedicated journal edition on largest ever study on First Nations Food Security & Environment
Hoosiers express greater concern about future pandemics, climate change
Poor use of science jeopardises climate lawsuits, finds Oxford research
Comet strike may have sparked civilisation shift
Dirty secrets: sediment DNA reveals a 300,000-year timeline of ancient and modern humans living in Siberia
Natural hazards threaten 57% of US structures
Citizen science program for KI
World’s lakes losing oxygen as planet warms
Public concern on human health impact of plastic pollution
Researchers spur scientists to play bigger role in future Clean-Water policy
Canada invests in partnerships to support freshwater habitat research
Researcher warns UK is unprepared for climate change
Arctic PASSION seeks to improve observing systems
19 Argentines received Chevening scholarships in 2020
Colombia’s increasing wildfires caused by institutional cattle ranching and land-grabbing
Batagay Megaslump reveals oldest permafrost in Eurasia survived intense global warming events
Dragonflies: Species losses and gains in Germany
Discovery of circadian rhythm gene in mice could lead to breakthroughs
MIT J-WAFS awards eight grants in seventh round of seed funding
Peace accord in Colombia has increased deforestation of biologically-diverse rainforest
An eye in sky: monitoring animal colonies using drones in subantarctic
10,000-year-old bones reveal earliest goat herders’ practices
Sensing what plants sense: Integrated framework helps scientists explain biology and predict crop performance
Molecular biology stepping up to solve environmental challenges
Every day is a day to protect our environment