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NSW new public Health Alert – Legionnaires’ disease
Models predict that planned phosphorus reductions will make Lake Erie more toxic
New study shows associations between air pollution and respiratory health in Canada
Experts call on governments to start including animal welfare in sustainable development governance
Exposure to air pollution can worsen patient outcomes from Covid
Vaccine campaign to free Indian state from rabies
WA Health seizes hundreds of illegal nicotine vapes
NIEHS director visits to discuss environmental health concerns
New breathable gas sensors may improve monitoring of health, environment
Depression, loneliness associated with increased hospitalization risk after Covid, NIH-funded study suggests
Long-Term Study of Pregnant Women Finds Increasing Chemical Exposure
NIST Study Gives Animal Testing Alternatives Confidence Boost
Is your business allergy aware? 17 May
New measure of sperm age may be predictor of pregnancy success
Research confirms sarin nerve gas as cause of Gulf War illness
KU Leuven study demonstrates connection between large urban trees and human health
Scientists Detect Common Fungicide in Pregnant Women and Children
Long-term national study of pregnant women finds increase in chemical exposure
Study of Pregnant Women Finds Increasing Chemical Exposure
Research of pregnant women reveals increasing chemical exposure
With better algal forecasts comes safer water
Parliament to resume with Budget 2022 to be handed down
What are anti-nutrients and why are they important for researchers to consider?
Park service director to take part in OSU-hosted Traditional Ecological Knowledge Summit
Children’s products labeled water- or stain-resistant may contain PFAS, study says
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may impair bone health in male teens
GHF 2022: global health in times of environmental emergency
Symposium to address impacts of climate on health
Announcing Gene x Environment -A New Open Access Peer-Reviewed Journal
Research highlights stresses – and ‘silver linings’
Researchers detail brain dynamics implicated in neurological conditions
Applications open for Council’s graduate program
Council’s Environmental Health Team win major award
Synthetic ‘forever chemicals’ known as PFAS linked to liver damage
Mold, pesticides, toxic chemical exposures reported in survey of Canadian child care professionals
Pregnant women living near natural gas sites experience higher rates of depression, substance use: Study
First UK charging network for electric maritime vessels launched in Plymouth
Synthetic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS linked to liver damage
Researchers use machine learning to speed up counting of microplastics
Study suggests Black, Hispanic women with low vitamin D more likely to develop breast cancer
Research suggests Black, Hispanic women with low vitamin D more likely to develop breast cancer
Washington University joins effort to launch Taylor Geospatial Institute
FAO Global Action for Fall Armyworm Control extended to end of 2023 with broader scope
Asthma, allergy risk may be higher for children conceived with infertility treatment
Nanoparticles Can Cross Placenta During Pregnancy, Potentially Exposing Fetus
Small ‘good cholesterol’ particles may have role in preventing Alzheimer’s
Exposure assessment for Deepwater Horizon oil spill
Researcher develops novel exposure assessment statistical methods for Deepwater Horizon oil spill study