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Archaeologists Awarded Grant to Survey Hurricane-Damaged Sites
Why are Women Opting Out of Marriage Around World?
Ancient art form empowers modern women artists of PNG
Advanced practice registered nurses key to improving nursing home care, University of Missouri study finds
Musician-turned-anthropologist studies venture capitalism in China
Baugh named to board of Oxford Dictionary of African American English
How Melburnians work, learn and thrive in post-lockdown city
Moderating online content increases accountability, but can harm some platform users
Human bones used for making pendants in Stone Age
NFTs, blockchain, AI, drones and autonomous vehicles key to more resilient supply chains
Decentralised Autonomous Organisations , including Docklands DAO, could revitalise precincts
What are ‘binaural beats’ and do they affect our brain?
Old pandemic, new stories: How Covid sparked forgotten accounts of 1918 flu
Rethinking community in upland, ‘indigenous’ South Asia
How Google, Facebook and other digital platforms are influencing work of journalists
Unifying Cryptocurrency ESG Efforts Key to Boost Global Adoption
Institute of Indigenous Peoples of North will be TSU-based
Future of Digital CBD: Melbourne & Beyond
New report says Melbourne is perfectly placed to re-imagine itself through Digital CBD
What to watch during LUVEfest: three suggestions
TSU archaeologists found rare Neolithic artifacts on Nyasha Island
Designing wearable technologies to solve some of our most pressing health challenges
Researchers reveal new suicide prevention tools from survivors
Research finds Black, immigrant girls of color face hostile classrooms
UNESCO and LiiV Center for Digital Anthropology Launch Global Partnership to Advance Field of Digital Anthropology
Monash University report provides insight into police decision-making
Impact of deindustrialisation on education for working class
New digital tool to improve visitors museum experience
CooperVision presents expansive ocular research during 2021 BCLA Virtual Conference
Understanding hidden causes of delays in discharging frail older people from hospital
A better way to introduce digital tech in workplace
Japan’s hands-off formula in disciplining schoolchildren works. Is it worth a try elsewhere?
Fisheries Resilience Following Tohoku Tsunami
Fierce beauty gives a voice to dispossessed: Fiona Foley retrospective at QUT Art Museum
Pop art meets ancient Egypt
Why Do Anthropologists Need Programming?
Memorandum on Restoring Trust in Government Through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking
Scientists made a film dedicated to Ketsky stockade
Anthropologist Andrew Littlejohn composes sonic ethnography in Japan
3 Questions: Christine Walley on evolving perception of robots in US
Department of Communication Studies faculty publish 5 books in 2020
Digital Inclusion Report warns of COVID impact
Shaken or stirred? Dangerous fieldwork in social sciences
India’s culture of coping with cancer
‘Yeshiva Days’ records Lower East Side Jewish life
Researchers delve into Montreal Casino’s “Vegas Nights” experience
New program starting in fall will offer a minor in Latinx studies
Lester’s book on eating disorders wins Victor Turner Prize