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Clothing retailing industry must share $1 billion profits with garment workers who help generate them
Subway Socceroos celebrate 100 years in style with M.J. Bale
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AWEX and AWI working together with traceability and training key focus
Mosaic Brands pays penalties for alleged misleading representations about government approval of products
Cambodia workers pay price of Fast Fashion’s supply chain waste problem
New Aussie brands everyday wardrobe essentials
Merino swim shorts make splash across world
Deeargee hosts 2022 Fleece to Fashion gala
Small Creative Organisations To Get Funding Boost
Brands are leaning on ‘recycled’ clothes to meet sustainability goals
Funding boost for Anna’s innovative seaweed products project
ILR outlines global severance pay program
Online retail images reveal skin tone discrepancies
Your Clothes Can Have an Afterlife
How Fast Fashion is using Global South as dumping ground for textile waste
Oxfam campaign brings living wages step closer for garment workers as fashion brands make commitments
Benettons never-ending wool
Bales for MJ Bale
Australian big fashion brands urged to sign on to international accord to stop garment worker exploitation
Shoppers asked to pressure popular fashion brands to step up
Detoxing fashion supply chains is game changer, but without regulation climate damage by industry continues – Greenpeace
M.J. Bale Becomes First Australian Fashion Brand To Be Carbon Neutral Certified for Products And Organisation
Kimberley to feature in Australian fashion campaign
Summit to showcase green ambassadors
South Australia’s Pink Lake Bucket List
DAMAC Properties teams up with Italian fashion powerhouse Cavalli to launch iconic 70-story skyscraper in Dubai
Animal groups lead global action against Hermés croc slaughter
Paris and New York have always battled over being fashion capital of world
Risk of forced labour in clothing industry rises due to pandemic and industry response
New Report Showcases Growing Climate Ambition in Fashion
Mosaic Brands pays $630,000 in penalties over COVID-related ‘health essentials’
Diversification: Tunisian company turns a crisis into an opportunity
Queensland’s Culture Kings to grow global presence with a.k.a. Brands
New UNFCCC Blog to Highlight Climate Action
UK Government unveils plans for wide-ranging Waste Prevention Programme
World’s first biodegradable and recyclable plastic developed at White City
Seaweed science points way for sustainable textiles and fashion