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Fishermen Reap Benefits of Cod Evolution Reversal
How fishermen benefit from reversing evolution of cod
Canada Showcases Fish and Seafood at Seafood Expo North America
Squid Fishing Grows 68% in 3 Years, Industry Concerns
Squid Fishing Grows 68% in 3 Years, Raising Industry Fears
Concordia gets $1.5M for 9 research projects from CFI
EU invests €116M in nature, environment & climate via LIFE program
Scallop Closure Views Countdown
Scientists use tagging to identify habitats of Channel’s key fish
New Alliance Takes Action to Combat Illegal Fishing at Our Ocean Panama
Environment Sec urges more ocean protection on WWD
Freshwater Ecosystems Improved, Benefit Both Fish and Humans
Canada Boosts Fisheries Science via Industry Partnerships
AFMA & ABF Join Forces for Fisheries Protection
National survey shows significant benefits of rec fishing
AFMA Public Meeting: 8 March 2023
Fisheries Canada Cautious on Herring Fishery
Canada and Coastal First Nations Protect Pacific West Coast Ocean
Marine Refuge Established in Northern Shelf Bioregion
Why are muskies fish of 10,000 casts? Illinois study explains
Gathering Enough Info Key to Proper Resource Mgmt
SFU Study: Shark, Ray Populations Recovering in NW Atlantic
£22m Rod Licence Income Benefits Fisheries: Environment Agency
Sharks: Conservation Wins With Spatial Data
DNA detector exposes hidden Antarctic krill 24 January 2023
Why biodiversity matters and what world is doing about it
New Method Assesses Predatory Fish Diets, Aiding Sustainable Fishing
Most coral reef sharks and rays may be at risk of extinction
Machine Learning Used to Identify Shark Risks from Longline Fishing
New Chance to Manage Inshore Fisheries, Marine Conservation
UN/CEFACT Boosts Sustainable Fisheries Support
Eight tonnes of ghost net retrieved from Queensland waters
£750m Fishing Boost in 2023 Agreed
AFMA services over holidays
Canada Hires New Fisheries Officers
Dorset Stour Barbel to be Studied in Research Initiative
AFMA works with Thailand on fisheries monitoring, control and surveillance
Keep your VMS switched on throughout festive season
Melbourne ultimate fishing festival in February
Senate committee recommends ACCC inquiry into fisheries and seafood market
Overfishing falls in Mediterranean and Black Sea, but fisheries resources remain under significant stress
Illegal fishers sentenced in Darwin
Sea urchins have invaded Tasmania and Victoria, but we can’t work out what to do with them
Scientists chart course for more sustainable future for UK fisheries
Improving discard reporting 28 November
Boost for UK fishing industry with funding for new infrastructure projects
Fish stocks stable and steady
Boost for UK fishing industry with new infrastructure projects