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Anglers urged to be vigilant for invasive pink salmon
Wild caught tiger prawn season ready to start
Building support for fishing safety in Pacific region
Repeat Offender Banned From Fishing for 5 years
Variations in climate conditions affect reproductive success of Antarctic krill, study finds
Variations in climate conditions affect reproductive success of Antarctic krill
Multi-national partnership preventing illegal fishing in Pacific
Cultural biases impact native fish, too
Revised policy on developmental and exploratory fishing
Fish heart mangroves, mangroves heart fish
Researcher advances strategy to manage fisheries
Maths-based marine management project wins £1.5m funding
78th AFMA Commission meeting – Chairman’s summary
2021 tiger prawn pre-season briefings and TED inspections
A robust new strategy for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in Mediterranean and Black Sea
Opening Protected Area Off New England Coast to Commercial Fishing Compromises Protections
Youngest graduate of Aboriginal Fisheries training program
Encouraging increased participation from Tasmanian junior anglers 5 July
Encouraging increased participation from Tasmanian junior anglers
Minister Jordan announces long-term commercial closures and Licence Retirement Program
Economics Members sought for Resource Assessment Group and Management Advisory Committee
Remember to send your e-monitoring hard drive to AFMA
Marine heatwaves, zombie kina, and why MPAs need careful thought
Saving seabirds 19 June 2021
Government taking action to protect albatross
Global Environment Facility approves over $46.6 million to support FAO-led projects
Wider roll-out of cameras on boats to support sustainability and protect marine life
Fisheries need you
Leading scientists warn of global impacts as Antarctic nears tipping points
Budget backs farmers in uncertain times
UK and EU agreement on catch levels for 2021
77th AFMA Commission Meeting – Chairman’s Summary
UK and EU sign agreement on catch levels for 2021
Why Indigenous knowledge should be an essential part of how we govern world’s oceans
Canada continues fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
Operation Jawline intercepts 19 illegal foreign fishing vessels
76th AFMA Commission Meeting – Chairman’s summary
Illegal foreign fishing vessels boarded and destroyed
Declining fish biodiversity poses risks for human nutrition
Managing local conditions could help coral reefs persevere in face of climate crisis
Combining perspective from social and natural sciences reveals factors critical for success of marine protected areas
Surveying for scallops
Indonesia and Australia conduct joint maritime cooperation, Operation Gannet 5
Fishers must report all catch – even catch for personal use
New fishery working groups hook into sustainable fisheries management
Officers net illegal native fish trade in Mildura
Inquiry into Defence relationships in Pacific Report tabled
Breakthrough study shows no-take marine reserves benefit overfished reefs