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Climate change made 2022 summer droughts more likely
West Burton selected as home of STEP fusion plant
Clearing path for women to join workforce is win for women and for economy
Tees Valley Hydrogen Hub boosted by £20 million competition
Statement from National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and NEC Director Brian Deese
World Bank: Polands Economy Can Grow Faster, but Needs Reforms
Bill Gates’ climate fund invests in two Dutch spin-offs TU/e
Combining photochemistry and bioengineering to tackle waste and global energy issues
Current crises underline need for Germany to overhaul innovation policy to ensure its industries remain competitive, says OECD
Plan for zero extinctions requires end to human population growth
Artificial enzyme splits water
Reducing molten salt’s corrosive effect
Climate Safeguards Mechanism Risks Safeguarding New Gas & Coal: Submission
World’s First 100-MW Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage Plant Connected to Grid for Power Generation
Biggest Plastic Polluter named Sponsor for COP27 – Greenpeace Reaction
Queen Mary chemical engineers have developed technologies to slash energy consumption in industry
APEC is on Track to Meet Aspirational Energy Goals
Long-awaited solution for hard-to-abate sectors?
Process converts polyethylene bags, plastics to polymer building blocks
Exquisitely thin membranes can slash energy spent refining crude oil into fuel and plastic
Ozone pollution threatens plant health and makes it harder for pollinators to find flowers
Algae as microscopic biorefineries
Are you doomer or dreamer?
AGL joins Australia’s big coal exodus, experts and locals respond
AGL finally bows to pressure to kick coal obsession, but must move from laggard to leader
Your medical implant or food wrapper could someday be made of CBD
Queensland’s Energy Plan shines bright
MR 22 09 28 New energy plan is encouraging start to tackling climate crisis in Reef’s home state REEF
Research can help electric utilities account for climate change
Efficiency of low-cost solar cells improved
Bio-what? Half of Danes don’t know what biomass is
Boost for innovative heat pump projects to drive cleaner heating
Plastics of future will live many past lives, thanks to chemical recycling
Molecular-level design strategy could hold key to boosting commercial hydrogen production
With help, Iraq’s spirit of hope, forward-looking youths can keep nascent democracy on track, Prime Minister says
Readout of National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s Meeting with Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice President of European Commission
Nearly £50 million boost for Britain’s industrial future
Small communities could be buying, selling and saving money on electric power right now – here’s how
Green Party backs School Strike demands
Least developed countries impacted by ‘range of interlinked crises’
Ukraine war-induced crisis affecting women and girls disproportionately: UN report
Programmes to prepare workers for clean energy transitions can build on lessons from existing schemes, new IEA report says
Green hydrogen at sea cheaper and more sustainable
UK government takes next steps to boost domestic energy production
Promising signs in electrolyser manufacturing add to growing momentum for low-emissions hydrogen
MR 09 22 QLD Reef Polling – Over half of regional Queenslanders would support stronger climate action from QLD government
Durable platform makes sustainable fuel from seawater
OSCE session – greening economy and role of energy sector UK statement