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Anti-Protest Law Must be Stopped: Civil Society
Tensions Escalating in Autonomous Region in Tajikistan
Further Russia and Belarus Sanctions
New Monash University program to support international scholars facing persecution
Launch of Monash Scholars at Risk Speaker Series
Two Singers Convicted on ‘Morality’ Charges in Egypt
NSW man in court today charged by AFP Taskforce for threatening behaviour
NSW man in court today charged by AFP Taskforce for threatening behavior
Allegations of Political Lies Underscore Need for Truth in Political Advertising Laws
Utopia-likeness that utilizes energy of true utopias activates regional development
Violence and Threats to Free Speech in El Salvador
Sweeping New Laws Endanger Rights in El Salvador
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Signing of H.R. 3076, “Postal Service Reform Act of 2022”
Spate of Criminal Cases Against Journalists in Kyrgyzstan
New AFP Taskforce to protect Federal politicians and candidates
Next steps to combat foreign interference at Australian universities
World-first online safety laws introduced in Parliament
Foreign Secretary statement on Hong Kong watch
In Dialogue with Cambodia, Experts of Human Rights Committee Ask about Freedom of Expression and Raise Issues Concerning Covid
Full implementation of this peace agreement will deliver positive change for South Sudan
Russia Criminalizes Independent War Reporting, Anti-War Protests
With War, Censorship Reaches New Heights in Russia
Imperial commits to ‘ambitious understanding’ of history
Extra support to safeguard political impartiality in schools
Putting An End To Cruel Conversion Practices
Spotify, Joe Rogan and managing misinformation on streaming services
New online safety laws come into force
Court decision to liquidate Memorial in Russia statement
Situation in Kazakhstan UK statement, 20 January 2022
Djokovic case sets dangerous precedent
Kazakhstan UK government statement on protests
First family resettled under Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme
Afghan citizens resettlement scheme to open in January
Courts Ramp up Speech Prosecutions in Tunisia
Foreign Affairs Minister issues statement on Hong Kong Legislative Council elections
Statement on Hong Kong Legislative Council Elections
Foreign Secretary issues statement with international partners on Hong Kong elections
Statement on Legislative Council elections
Weakened Media Freedom in Poland
Safety net to protect Australian adults from serious online abuse from 2022
Implementation of peace agreement in South Sudan remains too slow
Ex-Political Prisoner Faces New Charges in Vietnam
Plan to reform Human Rights Act
Censored in Iran, Scholar-at-Risk Negar Banisafar is eager to create new future at University of Toronto
University of Toronto accepts all recommendations of Anti-Semitism Working Group
Australian foreign minister to visit Greece, Belgium and Austria
Dodgy deal done on last day in Parliament – Political Campaigners Bill 2021
“Americans Who Tell Truth” highlights stories of courage