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Jewellery stolen from Goodwood, SA
We must act to prevent countries from fleeing EU – Merkel
Britain’s EU exit vote wipes $2.1 trillion from global markets
LAPD wants more ‘compassion & empathy’ from officers interacting with homeless
Strange, low-pitched sound is coming from the Caribbean Sea
How mama bear saved woman and her dog from the wolf stalking them
Black boxes from EgyptAir plane “extensively damaged,” need repair
Spread of human disease from animals mapped
Light pollution prevents 1/3 of world from seeing Milky Way
Greece: 3 dead, 302 people rescued from migrant boat
Tutankhamun’s knife was made from meteorite iron, researchers say
Two jets from elite US military squadrons crash, one pilot dead
King Tutankhamun’s dagger came from outer space
Mars Is Emerging From an Ice Age
Youths arrested for theft from car, SA
Ukraine threatens to ban Gorbachev from entering Europe
EgyptAir crash: Debris found from flight MS804
Appeal for help to find man missing from Katoomba, NSW
NSW man rescued after falling from cliff