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How plants colonized land
Bioprinting bone with genes for growth factors improves bone repair
First record of gall-forming aphid fighting off predator
How Does Light Turn Peach Peels Red?
How Does Light Turn Peach Peels Red?
Arabidopsis thaliana shoots regenerate better in balmy conditions
Unique binding of Delta variant may explain high transmissibility
Gene that shapes mutation rate variation found in mice
Why hungry worms take risks
Evenings with Genetics: Does genetics influence behavior?
Jiminy’s wings turned out as fine as his conscience
Discovery of wheat’s clustered chemical defenses creates new avenues for research
Vaccine blood clotting could be result of genetics
Research reveals how plants activate their immune system against pathogens in rain
Mechanism of trichome formation in response to stress-induced JA signaling in tomatoes
Social interactions divert established motivational system
Here CRISPR Kitty?
Zebra finch males sing in dialects and females pay attention
Resourceful viral protein combats monkey and human defenses differently
New Target Gene Found for Engineering Anthocyanins in Plants
Importance of underutilized crops for future food and nutrition security
Novel marker may help diagnose aggressive cancers with poor prognosis
Stabilizing chromosomes to tackle tumors
Endometriosis and ovarian cancer genetically tied
Baby white wallaby harboring hopping DNA
Mutations that interfere with cytokinin signaling help Arabidopsis plants tolerate high salinity
Integrating social, genetic, and environmental factors in Covid research
AI-designed protein awakens silenced genes, one by one
New DNA modification system discovered in animals, captured from bacteria more than 60 MYA
MBL team discovers new DNA modification system in animals, captured from bacteria more than 60 MYA
Revealing function of Mkx in periodontal ligament homeostasis
National Skin Check Day
High CAC, high cholesterol increase heart attack/stroke risk, cardiologists find
Funding boost for ovarian cancer research
Genome-wide screen for human 60S biogenesis factors reveals role of polyamine metabolism
Researchers Unveil How Deep-sea Bacteria Sense Blue Light
Biomarker Shows Promise for Potential Treatment of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
For female yellowthroats, there’s more than one way to spot winning mate
Genetic basis for tissue-specific DNA methylation patterns in plants
Environmentally friendly method reveals promise in control of devastating potato disease
Optogenetic control of parathyroid hormone secretion to prevent bone loss
Illinois research shows how dicamba could be safely used in sweet corn
Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation reaches milestone in world-first genetic study into depression
Largest genetic study of migraine to date reveals new genetic risk factors
Why do we like winners so much?
CRISPR-Cas9 can generate unexpected, heritable mutations
Editing RNA to fix protein problems in cystic fibrosis
Patient-derived heart cells mimic disease in vitro