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ETHYLENE RESPONSE FACTOR1 Regulates Flowering in Arabidopsis
Scientists discover nucleotide sequence responsible for effectively fighting pathologies
Championing chrononutrition with protein, morning elixir for muscle growth
How butterfly tree becomes web
Epigenetic Mechanism Helps Plants to Live under High Temperatures
Grants to further researchers’ work in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Transcription factor STOP1 coordinates ammonium and phosphate nutrition
New technique reduces nicotine levels, harmful compounds simultaneously in tobacco
Vital role of PHC1 in maintaining pluripotency
How plants become good neighbours in times of stress
Distinct Methylome Patterns Contribute to Lotus Ecotypic Differentiation
Precision-medicine approach turns up novel drug combination for aggressive leukemias
Researchers Clarify Role of Ethylene and Abscisic Acid in Kiwifruit Ripening Process
Personality traits relate to being a morning or evening person at both phenotypic and genetic level
Keeping a vigilant watch on SARS-CoV-2
Evolution — two routes to same destination
Predicting resistance to anticancer drugs
Urbanization drives antibiotic resistance on microplastics in Chinese river
Citizens’ Jury set to explore human genome editing
Researchers Report Complete Chloroplast Genome of Clethra fargesii Franch
Identification of RNA editing profiles and their clinical relevance in lung adenocarcinoma
Plants start their day faster than first thought, scientists find
New Mutation Causing Brain Disorder Uncovered
Collaboration controls killers
Self-excising designer proteins report isoform expression
Why moms take risks to protect their infants
Sreya Ghosh selected for Forbes Under 30 list
Effects of nanoplastics on Canadian and Guadeloupean oysters
Iron Deficiency Delays Flowering of Arabidopsis Under Long Days
Oncotarget: Retaining nanomolar potency in lung cancer with therapy-refractory mutations
Researchers Disclose Genome-wide Variations in Secondary Structure of Human DNA
How plants leave behind their parents’ genomic baggage
Genome of Wild Medicago Species Provides Insights into Tolerant Mechanisms of Legume Forage to Environmental Stress
Researchers Reveal How PIF Proteins Regulate Cytokinesis
First frost is deepest
Study Reveals How Biodiversity and Biogeographical Pattern of Marine Fish Form
New map reveals genes that control skeleton
Training bees to smell coronavirus
High-quality research data and conscientious patients boost development of therapies for rheumatic diseases
Scientists Identify Key Transcription Factor Deciding Leaf Color of Chinese Tallow
A case for simplifying gene nomenclature across different organisms
Dietary amino acid determines fate of cancer cells
Research Reveals Cis-acting Regulatory of Lotus
Machine learning identifies mechanisms of flowering in rapid-cycling Brassica crops
Precision medicine could be all in genes
Study reports novel role of enzyme in plant immunity and defense gene expression
New study reveal targeted therapy working in early breast cancer
Shedding light on long and short of plant growth