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How genome doubling helps cancer develop
New Study Identifies Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Subtypes Based on Wound Fibroblasts and Matrix Patterns
Cell Growth Rate Shapes Cell-Fate Decision Landscape
VCP/p97 Targeted in KRAS-Mutant Pancreatic Cancer
Zebrafish Show Empathy Through Oxytocin Release
Immune System Could Lessen TB Antibiotic Use
Cell Growth Rate Shapes Cell Fate Decisions
Giant Faba Bean Genome Sequenced
Research on Ear Development Wins Cozzarelli Prize
Age-Related Changes in Human Sperm Epigenome Found
Novel Low-Oxygen Signalling Pathway Discovered in Arabidopsis
Raelians call for Happiness Day every day
IPK Researchers: HvSWEET11b Key to Barley Grain Development
Making Sense of Networks with Incoherence Harnessing
Why Men, Women Experience Differ. Depression Symptoms Explained by Genes
Gut Bacterium Uses Rho Factor for Mammalian Colonization
Tiny worms, big damage: NWO grant for nematode research
Genome Doubling May Lead to Cancer Dev
Magnificent wiring
Fungus Aids Plants in Sustainable Iron Acquisition
Research Reveals Metabolite Variations in Kiwifruit Roots and Fruits
Platform Lets Researchers Listen to Cell-Cell Crosstalk
Bacteria Modeled After Corals for Carbon-Neutral Cement
Sparrows Breed Better with Moderate Socializing
Gene Blockade Boosts Crop Drought Resilience
How oxygen deprivation causes cancer cells to spread
Research: Jasmonate Signaling Boosted Under Low Phosphorous
Cancer Cells and Macrophages Create Positive Feedback Loop to Fuel Liver Metastasis
Research Uncovers Apocynaceae Plastome Evolution, Relationships
Neural Activity, Odor Responses Linked to Genes Through Math Modeling
Secret Weapon of Molecular Machine Revealed
Cells take on dual identities
Genetics Impacting Math Ability in Children?
Insights Into Fetal Development May Guard Against Leukemia
Mitotic Chromosome Condensation Preserves Transcriptional Balance
Method for Measuring Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Developed
Iron-Linked Ferroptosis Triggered by Labile Iron
Unique Genes Create New Species of Monkeyflower
Coastal cod population is not extinct
Geometry of conflict
New Cancer Vaccine Leveraged by Allogeneic Dendritic Cells
Zebrafish research helps reveal origins of scoliosis
Study identifies features that may make motor neurons vulnerable to ALS
Circadian Genes Differ by Sex, Age: Study
Cells with stress: predicting drug-induced liver and kidney damage
Origin of Zebrafish Vascular Niche Cells Revealed by Researchers
Stress may trigger male defense against predators
Study reveals key aspect of finely tuned regulation of gene expression