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Pathogenic Genetic Variations Increase Risk of H. Pylori-Related Stomach Cancer
Ludwig von Beethoven’s Genome Reveals Health Issues, Cause of Death
Fiber Reduces Cognitive Decline Risk in ApoE4 Carriers
Improved Family Screening for Inherited Heart Muscle Disease
ISB Researchers Discover New Metrics for Metabolic Health
Why Men, Women Experience Differ. Depression Symptoms Explained by Genes
Mediterranean Diet May Lower Dementia Risk
Genetic Study of Endometriosis Yields Clues for Improved Treatment
Early CTE Process Differs from Late Stages: Study
New insight into brain ageing for treating neurological diseases
Genetics and socioeconomics impact type 2 diabetes and obesity risk
Manchester Volunteers Needed for Dementia Pollution Study
Good schools compensate for genetic differences between children
Cancer Risk High for Women over 50 with BRCA1/2 Mutations
Genetic links between migraine and blood sugar levels confirmed
Research Launches to Investigate Brain Aging Causes
Alzheimer’s Protein Impact Varies by Brain Cell Type
Oral bacteria may increase heart disease risk
Big data initiative discovers new causal pathways in Alzheimer’s
Genetic Risk Factors for Rheumatoid Arthritis Identified Across Ancestries
27 Genetic Variants Linked to ADHD Identified
Genetic Risk Factor for Eye Disease Discovered by Scientists
Speech to Ovarian Cancer Foundation’s Teal Ribbon Breakfast
Mapping Genomic Risk Factors for AMD at Tel Aviv University
MSU Study: Disordered Eating Affects All Groups
Geisinger Study: Genomic Testing Detects Thyroid Cancer
Key Alzheimer’s risk factors affect men more than women, study shows
Risk of Sarcomas Linked to Mitotic and Telomere Defects
Research Reveals Genes Behind Rare Hidden Cancer
Sybil Predicts Lung Cancer Risk Up to 6 Years Ahead
Hundreds of Novel Genes Discovered in FinnGen Study
Hundreds of Novel Genetic Findings in Finland’s FinnGen Study
Uncovered Genetic Risk Factors for Blindness Revealed by Mapping
HRT may prevent Alzheimer’s in women at risk
Friends Help Ease Genetic Depression Risk in Stressful Times
AI Tool Predicts Risk of Lung Cancer
Gut Bacteria Linked to Brain Health in Mice
Genetics May Affect Obesity Treatment Response: Study
Macular Degeneration Poses Increased Risk for COVID-19
Head Trauma, PTSD Linked to Higher Alzheimer’s Risk
Research Finds Dementia Risk Factors Unique to African Ancestry
Novel Colorectal Cancer Findings Shared in Int’l Data Analysis
Uncovering secrets of ‘SuperAgers’
Atopic dermatitis in dogs linked to certain parts of genome
Brain May Have Tools To Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases Itself
Many genes linked to alcohol and tobacco use are shared among diverse ancestries
Study links Many genes to alcohol and tobacco use are shared between different ancestries
Workplace dust and fumes may increase risk of rheumatoid arthritis