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Deep-Sea Eel Genome Provides Insights on Adaptation
Early Farmers Adopted Genes to Combat Disease
Multiple Substance Use Disorders May Share Genetic Origin
NIH Finds Shared Genes for Substance Use Disorders
Genetic Signature Found in Substance Use Disorders
NIH Study: Shared Genetic Risk Factors for Substance Use Disorders
Expedition to Unveil Hidden Life in Galápagos Islands
Insights into causes of rare genetic immune disorders
Rare Genetic Immune Disorders: New Insights into Causes
Gene Variants Persist 700K Yrs in Humans: Immune & Metabolic Effects
Demographic Modeling Unveils Wheat Evolution History
Test Rapidly IDs Patients Who Can Benefit from Hypnosis for Post-Op Pain
UNSW Researchers Receive Top AAS Honours
La Trobe geneticist receives prestigious honour
TurboID Reveals New Meiotic Proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
Research on Duchenne muscular dystrophy lays groundwork for future research
Research sheds light on rare eye conditions
Research Unlocks Insights into Rare Eye Disorders
Genetic variation shields from Black Death, ups autoimmune risk
Qsanger method quantifies bacterial genetic variations
ID of Disease Proteins Paves Way for New Diabetes Treatments
Genetic Variation Protects Deer from Disease
Labyrinth lake provides surprising benefits for endangered seal
Dopamine Tuning Dial Found for Parkinson’s Signals
Humans’ Genes Linked to Metabolic, Immune Conditions for 700K Years
Network Research Reveals Insights into Obesity
Women’s Dementia Risk Linked to Disadvantage: Multi-Country Study
Strategy Pioneers Treat Skeletal Disorder – Limbs Lengthened
Urban lizards share genomic markers not found in forest-dwellers
Model Organisms’ Evol. Potentially Too Advanced?
Tilapia Genome Key to Improve Global Food Security
Old Crustaceans Reveal Evolution in Action
Coffee & Kidney Disease Link May Depend on Genetics: Study
Testing Enterobacter Species for Antibiotic Resistance Targeted
Mount Sinai Finds New Way MRSA Becomes Virulent
UK and Thailand Partner in Genomic Fight Against Health Threats
Immune Response to EBV Identified
Genetic Predictors of Heart Arrhythmia, Comorbidity Revealed
Aging: Modulating RORα Regulates Choroidal Neovascularization
FinnGen Study Upends Long-Established Theories of Genetic Inheritance
Friends Help Ease Genetic Depression Risk in Stressful Times
Radiation Used to Study Biology, Genetics for Improved Food Security
Education Protects Gut Health: Study Shows Surprising Benefits
Exotic wheat DNA helps breed ‘climate-proof’ crops
Fruit Flies Key to Unlocking Alzheimer’s Genetic Code
Urban Lizards Share Genomic Markers Not Found in Forest-Dwellers
Fruit Flies Unlock Clues to Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics
Kin or Nonkin? Microbial Kin Recognition and Cooperation