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Cancer impact in Hawaiʻi examined in UH Cancer Center report
How plants colonize base of an active stratovolcano
Two-step adaptive walk in wild
Rare genetic variants not major contributing factors to common diseases
Massive single-cell atlas across human tissues highlights cell types where disease genes are active
Novel cell atlas for multiple human tissues finds discoveries underlying complex diseases
Higher wheat yields and protein content on horizon
Gene that shapes mutation rate
International siblings study sheds new light on nature of genetics of disease
Flip-flop genome
Only 10 vaquita porpoises survive, but species may not be doomed, scientists say
Only 10 vaquita porpoises survive, but species may not be doomed
Scientists discover new species of salamander from Gulf Coastal plains hotspot
Scientists identify genetic variants linked to mobility changes in aging
Highly valuable Asian rosewood trees face host of threats to survival
First ‘Telomere to Telomere’ Human Genome Reveals Secrets of Centromere
DNA Analysis Provides Insight into Associations Between Worse COVID and Other Conditions
Lupus-causing gene paves way for new and tailored treatments
New and tailored lupus treatments within reach after scientists discover cause of disease
Novel study of small fish in Icelandic waters sheds new light on adaptive change
Greater than sum of your genes: DNA does not define us
Calming overexcited neurons may protect brain after stroke
Scientists set out to map world’s genomic diversity
In race to solve Alzheimer’s, scientists find more needles in haystack
Genes can affect our nutrient tolerance
Genetics affects functions of gut microbiome
Landmark Study Reveals Clearest Genetic Signals Yet for Schizophrenia Risk
New model could help save koalas at fraction of price
Sorghum mutants breed crop innovation for food security
Large studies reveal genes that dramatically influence schizophrenia risk
Rob Smart Steps Down as CHHE Director
Malaria parasite puzzle solved as ape origin found
Century-old malaria parasite puzzle solved as ape origin traced
Now fully complete, human genome reveals new secrets
Johns Hopkins Scientists Contribute to 1st Complete Sequence of Human Genome
First Complete Human Genome Poised to Strengthen Genetic Analysis, NIST Study Shows
New Human Reference Genome Opens Unexplored Regions
Massive Collaboration Fills Gaps in Human Genome
Personalised testing for safety and effectiveness of common medicines must be offered throughout NHS, says new report
Mungbean makeover on menu
Paving path to triple-negative breast cancer treatment
New report calls for personalised testing for safety and effectiveness of common medicines throughout NHS
New report finds personalised testing of common medicines must be offered throughout NHS
Personalized testing for safety and effectiveness of common medicines must be offered throughout health service
Jagger to help save local koala population
New genetic tools improve potential rescue of Victoria’s endangered state bird
University Fund Wageningen contributes to recovery of biodiversity in Geuldal
Going door-to-door to save Egypt’s pumpkins and address global food insecurity