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New human reference genomes reveal greater diversity
Human genomes provide new reference for global genetic diversity
Gut health and mood genetically entwined
Unique study of isolated bobcat population confirms accuracy of extinction model
Response to Cancer Immunotherapy May Be Affected by Genes We Carry from Birth
World first gene program to help koalas
Cataloguing genetic information about yams
Starling success traced to rapid adaptation
OSU genetic sequencing detects mutant strains of COVID-19 in multiple Oregon locations
Lab detects Washington’s 1st cases of UK COVID-19 strain
New study ties India’s genetic diversity to language, not geography
Mange in Yellowstone wolves reveals insights into human scabies and conservation biology
Newly discovered mutation increases diabetes risk in Japanese men
Geneticist’s research predicts and improves animal health and performance
Weaker skin barrier leads to faster uptake of chemicals
Plant biologists reveal genetic patterns in maize development
DNA-editing method shows promise to treat mouse model of progeria
Largest, most diverse prostate cancer study in history shows genetic role in health disparities
Statement on variants of COVID-19 virus found in United Kingdom and South Africa
Canada suspends flights from United Kingdom for 72 hours
New mammal reference genome helps ID genetic variants for human health
Genes play a role in common knee injury
Using water fleas, UTA researchers investigate adaptive evolution
Study finds large-scale expansion of stem rust resistance gene in barley and oat
Sydney researchers develop rapid genomics strategy to trace coronavirus
Sydney researchers develop rapid genomics strategy to trace
Scientists closer to understanding genetic diseases
Teeth from extinct Oregon sea otters reveal a northern kinship
Shedding light on sex differences in COVID-19 mortality
Genetic study reveals pre-eclampsia risk factors
Genetic diversity in practice
Study of threatened desert tortoises offers new conservation strategy
New wheat and barley genomes will help feed world
New wheat and barley genomes will help feed wor
Novel haplotype-led approach promises new era of precision wheat breeding
Genetic study shows that risk of pre-eclampsia is related to blood pressure and BMI
Genetic study shows that risk of pre-eclampsia is related to blood pressure and body mass index
Siberian primrose has not had time to adapt to climate change
Climate-adapted plant breeding
3 Discoveries That Could Impact Diagnosis, Treatment of PTSD and Gulf War Illness
Genes that shift butterfly wing colors identified
Host genetic variation shapes distribution of virus diversity in nature
Host Genetic Factors Shape Composition of Virus Communities
New research confirms obesity is a cause of kidney disease
International human rights issue in womens sport taken on by University of Southern Queensland researcher
Wrinkled ‘super pea’ could be added to foods to reduce diabetes risk
Multiple Sclerosis as Flip Side of Immune Fitness
Open data sharing accelerates COVID-19 research