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Dissecting fruit flies’ response to life-extension diet
European honour for Dutch-born Aussie scientist
Homegrown scientific expertise draws top genome editing firm
Korean Genome Project Data, Useful for for Clinical and Ethnogenetic Studies
Blood cell mutations linked to leukemias are inevitable as we age
Pioneering research reveals certain human genes relate to gut bacteria
Parallel evolution in three-spined sticklebacks – what happens in Eastern Pacific, stays in Eastern Pacific
MD Anderson and Philips collaborate to facilitate personalized oncology treatments and clinical trial matching
Origins of genetic variability in seals
Plant detectives develop new way to trace global spread of major plant disease
Revealed: how cancer develops resistance to treatment
Research finds new genes contributing to severe childhood obesity
Taming CRISPR’s collateral damage
Using wastewater to monitor COVID-19
UBC scientist identifies a gene that controls thinness
COVID-19 study looks at genetics of healthy people who develop severe illness
University researchers help lead national effort to explore role of genes in COVID-19
MUSC, HPE make innovative drug discovery software open source
Scientists investigate life-threatening inflammation affecting children with COVID-19
Genes May Play Role in Weight Gain from Birth Control
How is COVID-19 virus evolving?
How is COVID-19 virus evolving?
Being overweight throughout life increases risk of heart disease and diabetes
Combining mouse and human data uncovers new gene regulating cholesterol
Predators Help Prey Adapt to an Uncertain Future
Gene hunt to explain why some young, healthy people die from COVID-19
New genes linked to severe childhood speech disorder
Scientists Explore Links Between Genetics, Gut Microbiome, and Memory
Researchers use virus genomic tracking to reveal rise and fall of COVID-19 epidemic in Guangdong Province
UNM researchers use advanced computing to study COVID-19
Researchers use 21st century genomics to estimate Samoan population dynamics over 3,000 years
Researchers Reveal Important Genetic Mechanism Behind Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Genes sow seeds of neuropsychiatric diseases even before birth
Genes sow seeds of neuropsychiatric diseases before birth, early childhood
Conversations on COVID: Exploring genetic links to COVID-19 severity
UVA Finds Way to Improve Cancer Outcomes by Examining Patients’ Genes
A Primer On and Conversation About Biology and Evolution of SARS-CoV-2, Virus That Causes Covid-19
“The world now has no choice but to count on science.”
Male rivals risk having offspring with a greater number of harmful mutations
Mechanical forces shape animal “origami” precisely despite “noise”
Careless cancer cells may be susceptible to future drugs
International study completes largest genetic map of psychiatric disorders so far
Conservation translocation: trade-offs for species survival and biodiversity
Genetic resistance to lethal virus found in fish species
Mapping genetic variants driving toxicity to leukemia therapy
Designing and re-purposing cell receptors
Did archaic genetic variants help Melanesians adapt?