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Osteoporosis: New Approach to Understanding Bone Strength Pays Dividends
Reference genome comparison finds exome variant discrepancies in 206 gene
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Four Academy Fellows recognised in Queen’s Birthday honours
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Could all your digital photos be stored as DNA?
Research Snapshot: Finding confirms process by which ketamine acts as an antidepressant
ACS Nano: CNIC scientists describe a possible disease-causing mechanism in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Genetics influences physical fitness of tilapia
Allens advises QAF on Rivalea sale
STEM + humanities = a framework for understanding world
Change is key to success for 6th generation farming family
Sydney 38th in world in QS rankings
Researcher Working to Uncover Key to Cellular Mechanisms in Parasite
Keck School of Medicine awarded $2 million to help identify if financial vulnerability is risk factor for Alzheimer’s
Study supports gene therapy as a promising treatment for soft bone disease
Popularity runs in families
A missing antibody molecule may indicate when dengue will become deadly
Scientists ID Potential Treatment Approaches for Muscle Loss in Myotonic Dystrophy
Breeding season predicted for Kākāpō
UMaine researchers: Culture drives human evolution more than genetics
Male piglets less resilient to stress when moms get sick during pregnancy
Target protein identified for improving heart attack treatment
Nanoscale sensors measure elusive water levels in leaves
UCI-led study sheds light on mysterious genotype-phenotype associations
New Approach to DNA Research Could Be Key to Solving Mysteries of Deadly Diseases
How major Swedish forest fire of 2014 affected ecosystem
Researchers Report Reference Genome for Maize B Chromosome
Ethnic diversity in research identifies more genomic regions linked to diabetes-related traits
Climate change-resistant corals could provide lifeline to battered reefs
New tool activates deep brain neurons by combining ultrasound, genetics
Open, expressive family life may reduce effects of social deprivation among adopted children
Sreya Ghosh selected for Forbes Under 30 list
Solving a double murder arouses international interest
Researchers create machine learning model to predict treatment with dialysis or death for hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Researchers Create Search Engine Linking Diseases and Observable Traits
Additional genetic risk variants behind bipolar disorder have emerged
Metabolic hormone ‘leptin’ linked to vaccine response
New biobank provides insights into Parkinson’s disease
Researchers identify 33 new genetic variants associated with bipolar disorder
Can antibiotics treat human diseases in addition to bacterial infections?
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprising Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
How tendons become stiffer and stronger
Full-Genome CRISPR Screen Reveals Surprsing Ways Neurons Survive Oxidative Stress
Devika Singh Is 2021’s Top Bioinformatics Ph.D. Student
Immune genetics and previous common cold infections might help protect Japan from COVID-19
New research could lead to better treatment for epilepsy