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Medscape: Development Mutations May Be Present in Only One of Monozygotic Twins
Recent hedgehog conservation research fills important research gaps on hedgehogs in Anthropocene
Green millet genome resource provides a valuable tool for studying major crops
Triggering antiviral immune response in certain breast cancers
Disrupted immune cell navigation in lymph nodes of breast cancer patients
Geneticist’s research predicts and improves animal health and performance
Wiley Signs Transitional Open Access Agreement with Iowa State University
Effects of Head Trauma from Intimate Partner Violence Largely Unrecognized
Scientists developing Covid-19 vaccine nasal spray
Merino Superior Sires 2020
DNA in water used to uncover genes of invasive fish
Neuroscientists identify brain circuit that encodes timing of events
Antiviral COVID-19 drug prospects boosted by discovery of short form of coronavirus’s ‘entry point’
Ultraviolet radiation causes rare type of eye cancer
Antibiotic resistance from random DNA sequences
New Statistical Method Exponentially Increases Ability to Discover Genetic Insights
Researchers find new mechanism underlying male infertility
Researchers Identify and Characterize Three Molecular Subtypes of Alzheimer’s Disease
Evenings with Genetics addresses TANGO2 disorder
Long-Term Study Finds Dozens of New Genetic Markers Associated with Lifetime Bone Growth
Changes to Hippocampus Key in Alzheimer’s Disease
Largest, most diverse prostate cancer study in history shows genetic role in health disparities
Danish and Chinese tongues taste broccoli and chocolate differently
Clinical criteria for diagnosing autism inadequate for people with genetic conditions, research suggests
Identification of a gene that regulates storage of dangerous fat could help prevent heart disease and diabetes
Scientists at Tel Aviv University Developed a Gene Therapy for Deafness
Mapping Health Of Victorians Through Decades
Multi-Population Risk Scores Could Improve Risk Prediction for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, Study Finds
Sex peptide causes female fruit fly’s gut to grow
Team wins grant to study ‘trained immunity’ with Japanese researchers
Climate Change and Coffee: Combatting Coffee Rust through Nuclear Techniques
Water and genes flow between two largest Baltic salmon rivers
New mammal reference genome helps ID genetic variants for human health
Women’s Center APRNs Increase Access to Care
Oral contraceptive pills protect against ovarian and endometrial cancer
Protein involved in removing Alzheimer’s buildup linked to circadian rhythm
Tree genomics program sequences 300 macadamia varieties to improve productivity and profitability for growers 17 December
Chaudhuri receives V Scholar Award
Penn State botanists get state grant to study ginseng in Pennsylvania
Personalised nutrition trend shows flaws in one-size-fits-all diets
Scientists show what loneliness looks like in brain
Genes play a role in common knee injury
Study to identify which genes are important in driving genomic risk of coronary artery disease
Apathy could predict onset of dementia years before other symptoms
Researchers identify origin of a deadly brain cancer
National Academy of Inventors names Gordon Freeman a 2020 Fellow
Gene could help predict response to cervical cancer treatment
Our close bond with dogs has a long history, study shows