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Preventing next pandemic: University of Toronto’s EPIC consortium
Research reveals US adults have context-specific views on biometric technology use
Researchers: Deleting Dysfunctional Cells Alleviates Diabetes
Deleting dysfunctional cells alleviates diabetes
Repurposed ALS drug shows promise in mouse model of rare childhood genetic disorder
Repurposed ALS drug reveals promise in mouse model of rare childhood genetic disorder
Should all babies have their genome sequenced at birth?
Coral identity crisis
UB is once more leading institution in Spain with most researchers among highly-cited worldwide
Young Adult Cancer Patients May Need Different Treatment Options
Study links Older-looking brains to lower birth weight and genes
Multimillion kronor bequest to mycological research at Uppsala University
Vascular defects appear to underlie progression of Parkinson’s disease
Cardia cancer in Chinese patients could be due to local dietary habits
GRDC to invest $25m in next frontier for grains research
Ironing out cause of Alzheimer’s disease
Fighting gut infections helps prevent Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
More evidence of an evolutionary ‘arms race’ between genes and selfish genetic elements
AI helps design perfect chickpea
Genetic testing identifies overlap of heart failure and arrhythmia conditions
Interdisciplinary Research Shows Spread of Transeurasian Languages Was Due to Agriculture
Species feared extinct is only frog with true teeth on its lower jaw
Scientists detect diffusion barrier inside fly brain
NHMRC Ideas Grant funding
Study offers insight into relationship between acid reflux and Covid
Condensation clue explains how plants sense changing autumnal temperature
Virtual exercise effective for people with arthritis and helps them stay socially connected too
Delicate dance of developmental genes
Scientists identify core genetic networks driving human embryonic stem cell behavior
Mitra wins grant to expand opportunities for underrepresented students
How legumes give oxygen to symbiotic bacteria in their roots
Moving past conflation of race and genetics
Heart that beats like our own
Government helps sharpen competitive edge of New Zealand’s medicinal cannabis industry
Genetic Markers May Predict Severity of Covid Infection
Call-and-response circuit tells neurons when to grow synapses
S-acylation enhances Covid infection
Morris receives grant for stem cell research
Gene Therapy Shows Early Promise as Angelman Syndrome Treatment
Research targets high value meat and wool markets
Ethical guidelines to better regulate DNA research on human remains
Researchers uncover gene involved in sexual conflict in fruit flies
Towards Precision Medicine for Dialysis Patients
Scientists discover how bacteria use liquid protein droplets to overcome stress
First global guidelines proposed for ancient DNA research
Human genome, data sharing, and drug discovery: career profile with Ian Dunham
TSU geneticists will modify oil-destroying bacteria
Penn Study Suggests Genetic Disease CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder Could Be Treatable after Childhood