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Improving heart health by diversifying genetic data
Mixing between species reduces vulnerability to climate change
Mixed Species More Resilient to Climate Change
Portland State Study Reveals Rich Deep-Sea Microbe Diversity
Genetic Predictors of Heart Arrhythmia, Comorbidity Revealed
Toolkit Developed for RNA Sequencing Analysis Using ‘Pantranscriptome’
Genome Study: Neither Sympatric nor Micro-allopatric Speciation in Glacial Lake
Why older fathers pass on more genetic mutations to their offspring
Team streamlines DNA collection, analysis for wildlife conservation
Team Streamlines Wildlife Conservation with DNA Collection and Analysis
Nashville Biosciences, Illumina Partner with Amgen on Sequencing
UKHSA Testing Arrivals from China to Spot New Variants
Harnessing Data to Accelerate Discovery and Treatment of Brain Tumors
‘Genetic Disorders Traced to Genomic Variants with New Method’
DNA Confirms Unprecedented Immigration to Scandinavia in Viking Era
TAG-VE Shares Update on COVID in China After Jan 3rd Meeting
BOSS-RUNS: streamlining dynamic nanopore sequencing
Genetic Basis of Sharpsnout Seabream Mortality Identified
Sharpsnout seabream’s mortality during early life stages has genetic base
Novel Colorectal Cancer Findings Shared in Int’l Data Analysis
GISAID, WHO Host Bioinformatics Workshop in Belfast Sept. 2022
NIH’s All of Us Research Program returns genetic health-related results to participants
Genomics key to First Nations health equality
200 years of intensive farming helped waterhemp weed become major pest
Canine brain wiring influenced by human-driven breeding practices
Brain connectivity in dogs affected by human-driven breeding methods
Study Sheds Light on Phylogenomics and Tree of Life of Flowering Plants
Research on rare genetic disease sheds light on common head and neck cancer
Machine learning provides nuanced picture of Alzheimer’s stages
How genome research is helping recovery of Chatham Island black robin
Machine learning gives nuanced view of Alzheimer’s stages
U-M Innovation Partnerships reports 433 inventions, 16 new startups during fiscal year 2022
Gene from 28 million years ago protects today’s plants against caterpillars
New guideline to help researchers and patients
New Technique Helps ID Genes Related to Aging
Genomic data can improve pandemic modelling, SFU researchers say
Bringing Awareness to New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy
Three of world’s top research institutions join forces to drive progress against pediatric cancer
Reaching new heights in largest ever genome study
Largest genome study provides insight into genetics of human height
Computer platform helps match patients with cancer to trials of targeted therapy
Scientists develop cotton whole-genome design breeding platform
Fungal association with tumors may predict worse outcomes
Single-cell tools give insight into active antibiotic resistome in soils
Researchers sequenced world’s largest pangenome to help unlock genetic mysteries behind finer silk
Blood cancer scientists developing powerful new tools to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients
Mutational signature linking bladder cancer and tobacco smoking found with new AI tool
Improving health outcomes for First Nations Australians