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Triumvirate of ministers to attend G7 Climate, Energy and Environment Ministerial hosted by Germany to push for accelerated action
China will aim to plant and conserve 70 billion trees by 2030 as part of global tree movement
Experts call on governments to start including animal welfare in sustainable development governance
Checklist of Vascular Plants Unveils Flora of Taita Hills in Kenya
UN chief calls to ‘build shared future for all life’
10 facts about biodiversity, nature protection, and Indigenous Peoples’ rights
Statement from Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Honourable Steven Guilbeault
UK-Mongolia communique May 2022
IIASA recognizes outstanding research contributions
As World Forestry Congress opens, FAO advocates for vital role of trees and forests
Protecting species for good of global climate
Extractive projects cause irreparable harm to indigenous cultures, languages, lives, speakers tell Permanent Forum
New NASA research campaign at UCSB Natural Reserves links plant biodiversity and health with remote sensing technology
Are you up for nature challenge?
Engelhardia Plants Exemplify Transformation of Vegetation Across Tropical Indochina Peninsula to Subtropical China
Governments advance negotiations on ambitious global biodiversity framework but require more time
University of Sussex’s marathon effort to raise funds to boost local biodiversity
G20 EDM-CSWG Delegation Backs Global Commitment to Address Environmental Issues and Climate Change
Lack of transparency over cost of conservation projects hampers ability to prioritise funds for nature protection
Lack of transparency over cost of conservation projects hampers ability to prioritize funds for nature protection
Darwin Tree of Life at EMBL-EBI: reaching first major milestone
Greenpeace calls for unity and action as delegates arrive at biodiversity meeting in Geneva
Researcher Awarded 2022 Fenner Medal by Australian Academy of Science
UN to honour most promising initiatives to restore nature
Secret to Wildlife Conservation Might Be “Animal Agency” Approach-Giving Creatures a Role
Research demonstrates high value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to pollinators and biodiversity
Research demonstrates value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to both pollinators and biodiversity
Research demonstrates high value ‘injurious weeds’ can bring to both pollinators and biodiversity
Embracing mountain microbiome and ecosystem functions under global change
50 million Euros to seed new Nature for Health Trust Fund for Pandemic Prevention
Ambitious conservation action sees brighter future for mangroves and seagrass
Environmental champions win Rice grants
World’s thinnest roots are ‘underground weapons’ in ecological competition
Gabon provides blueprint for protecting oceans
First-of-its-kind estimate of total number of tree species
Healthy soils for healthy people and planet: FAO calls for reversal of soil degradation
G20 leadership required to catalyze private capital inflow for nature-based solutions
Soil recovery slow after plantings
COVID will dominate, but New Zealand will also have to face ‘triple planetary crisis’ this year
Genomic data for biodiversity – global challenge
Researchers urge quick, deep, sweeping changes to halt and reverse dangerous biodiversity loss
China: $1.9 Trillion Boost and 88 million Jobs by 2030 Possible with Nature-Positive Solutions
Five ways to make sustainability resolution
Using citizen-science data to investigate unseasonal flowering in Joshua trees
Learning lessons of COP26
Access and equity around biodiversity data is at forefront of international negotiations
AWC feels buzz and urgency for climate change at COP26
From ambition to biodiversity action