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Global catalogue of ecosystems launched to enable coordinated conservation efforts
Circular economy: a question of design
Latin American, Caribbean ministers commit to build back better and greener
One Planet – FAO’s work on biodiversity, One Health and climate
COVID-19 recovery offers ‘chance to change course’, Guterres tells One Planet Summit
Mountain people among world’s hungriest as biodiversity loss and climate change take their toll
Index reveals integrity issues for many of world’s forests
Over three quarters of worlds largest companies do not report risks from biodiversity loss: KPMG survey
Call for urgent action on Pacific conservation
UW Museum of Vertebrates Launches 3D Scans Database for Remote Research, Teaching
Sunlight and aircraft help scientists assess how diversity of life affects ecosystems
14 Recommendations for protection of freshwater biodiversity beyond 2020
Investment in conservation efforts needs to be stepped up
Urgent action on biodiversity for sustainable development
Biodiversity is a bulwark for people, societies, economies and food security
Preserving global biodiversity
“Portfolio” of marine reserves enhances fish populations
Canada joins High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People
Environment Secretary speech on biodiversity
Strong environment laws crucial to halting extinction crisis: [global biodiversity report]
Living Planet Report reveals 68% decline in global wildlife populations since 1970
Global biodiversity loss can still be halted
Massive, indeed: Shark MOOC has attracted thousands
In a mite-y bit of trouble
Awareness raising alone is not enough
Global forest restoration and importance of empowering local communities
Landmark case could give ‘Rights of Nature’ to endangered forests
New Canadian headquarters for global biodiversity research network
Surprising mammal diversity discovered in Bidoup Nui Ba NP
Incentives for tree-planting need protections for existing forests
Are protected areas effective at maintaining large carnivore populations?
Forest loss escalates biodiversity change
World Environment Day £10.9m for international conservation
Global warming will lift agriculture weed threat
Prime Minister has appointed Harris Bokhari and Yadvinder Malhi as Trustees of Natural History Museum
Birds, bees and butter – new study underlines importance of biodiversity for crop production and West African
COVID-19 recovery can benefit biodiversity
New database reveals plants’ secret relationships with fungi
Australia’s top scientists elected as Fellows of Academy 25 May
As world’s forests continue to shrink, urgent action is needed to safeguard their biodiversity
Conservation goals may be stymied by a lack of land for biodiversity offsetting
How to include human connection with nature in biodiversity goals
Insects: Largest study to date confirms declines on land, but finds recoveries in freshwater
1 million trees across Australia in response to devastating bushfires
Urban birds need to be smart or fast-breeding
Evidence that devils suppress cats; researchers suggest mainland trial
Illegal wildlife trade in US: Bears and crocodiles are popular – ivory and tiger skins are on wane
Researcher Contributes to Study Showing Fertility Behavior and Consumption Shifts Can Help Environment