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Operating rooms are climate change contributor no one’s talking about
New discovery could help combat side effects of cancer immunotherapy
Entrepreneurs compete for better future at Tech Tournament
Operating rooms are climate change contributor no one’s talking about
Could blocking or deleting protein help prevent common oral cancers?
New head and neck cancer specialist brings cutting-edge treatment, research to Hollings
Ben-Gurion University researchers and colleagues offer new treatment protocol for advanced head and neck cancer
Pandemic-related cancer surgery slowdowns may lead to shorter life spans for patients
Immunotherapy drug bolsters head and neck cancer treatment
Mid-treatment imaging can be used to de-escalate therapy for oropharynx cancer, leading to fewer side effects
Tumor tissue modified viral -HPV DNA biomarker test predicts recurrence of HPV-driven oropharynx cancer after treatment
Artificial intelligence platform reveals potential for thyroid cancer screening and staging from ultrasound images
Malaysians to receive UK Honours for services towards fighting cancer and preserving history
Certain cancer treatment plans linked to delays
Alcohol and cancer go together – reduce your risk
UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center scientists identify germline signature that predicts side effects from anti-PD1/PDL1 checkpoint
New post-surgery approach for treating HPV-related throat cancer uses less radiation safely and spares majority of patients from
For children, young adults with recurrent AML, immunotherapy reveals promise
Researchers Discover How Cells From Tumors Remain Dormant for Years Before Metastasis Occurs
Griffith Golden Key Scholarship recipients are all smiles
Smarter Radiation Therapy Enhances Personalized Care for Cancer Patients
One in five future thyroid cancers linked to excess weight
HPV-associated head and neck cancer blood test reveals promise as test to replace tissue biopsy
Study finds link between Medicaid expansion and lower cancer mortality
2022 Fellowships to support improved health outcomes for cancer patients
MD Anderson research highlights for November 17, 2021
Kobe University: Global Knowledge Base that will Invigorate Future Society
Research points to new method to improve ovarian cancer treatment
$850,000 to support improved health outcomes for cancer patients
HPV vaccine reduces cervical cancer by 87%
Research finds cancer features that could guide personalized radiotherapy
Hollings collaborates on two studies showing how to boost immunotherapy effectiveness for patients with oral-cavity squamous cell
Identifying unique genetic variants to overcome cancer treatment barriers
Einstein-developed treatment strategy may lead to HIV cure
Risk of suicidal self-directed violence among US veteran survivors of head/neck cancer
New nanoparticle developed for intravenous cancer immunotherapy
Rare small animal irradiator part of School infrastructure
Graphic warning labels on cigarettes could have prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths
Harnessing natural killer T cells to stop cancer
Study aims to improve care for head and neck cancer survivors
CUHK and HKU Successfully Develop Soft Robotic Manipulator for Intra-operative MRI-guided Transoral Laser Microsurgery
Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by association with NEAT1 lncRNA
Immunotherapy for HPV+ head and neck cancer: awakening force within
CU Anschutz Animal Care Program Earns International Re-accreditation
Robotic neck brace can help analyze cancer treatment impacts
Liverpool Head and Neck Centre researchers awarded five cancer research grants totalling £5.7m
Proton pump inhibitors help radiation therapy target cancer cells
Hollings researchers tackle racial disparities in head and neck cancer through team science