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Unusual drug combo shows promise for advanced head, neck cancer without HPV
ChatGPT Reliability: Can We Count On It?
Scientists Closer to Targeted Real-Time Hypoxic Cancer Treatment
Potential New Immunotherapy Target for Head/Neck Cancer Found
New dentist and GP head and neck cancer education module
Two compounds can inhibit growth of brain tumor cells
Tech Innovation offers Hope for Head/Neck Cancer Treatment
1 in 10 Deaths Avoided with Half Recommended Exercise Weekly
Clinical Trial for Swallowing Difficulties After Cancer
New funding for head and neck cancer study
Young people eligible for free catch-up vaccination against HPV
Assessment of Social Vulnerability in Pediatric Head, Neck Cancer Care & Prognosis
UK Physicists Get £534k for Oral Cancer Diagnosis Device
Center for Health in Aging announces 2023 pilot project awards
HPV Link to Head, Neck Cancer Confirmed
Hollings Awards Grants to Spur Cancer Research Projects
World Cancer Day – Closing Care Gap
Hard To Lose’ Mutations In Tumors May Predict Response To Immunotherapy
Hard-to-Lose Mutations Predict Immunotherapy Response in Tumors
Cancer Cells Shrink or Grow to Survive
What to Know about HPV and Throat Cancer
Novel T cell receptor therapy shows early anti-tumor activity
Novel T Cell Receptor Therapy Effective Against Tumors
Promising Result of CBT for Head/Neck Cancer Survivors with Body Image Issues
Turncoat T Cells: Exhaustion Leads to Betrayal
Research on rare genetic disease sheds light on common head and neck cancer
MSU, international team reveals that existing drug can reduce side effects of popular cancer treatment
CU Anschutz researchers find less invasive treatment for some head and neck cancers
Hollings cancer population researchers identify rapid increase in cervical cancer in millennial women
Parsing genetic drivers of head and neck cancers
Albert Einstein College of Medicine researchers develop promising new cancer therapy
Moderate exercise helps colorectal cancer patients live longer by reducing inflammation and improving gut bacteria
Scientists make cancer breakthrough that could improve immunotherapy success rate
SITC 2022 special edition
CDC data suggests attitudes are shifting about HPV vaccine
Oncotarget | Nectin-4 is widely expressed in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Use of DNA biomarkers for detecting early-stage HPV-positive oropharynx cancers has limitations
Popular pharmaceutical target in cells may prove even more useful
NRG Oncology trial NRG-HN004 reveals addition of durvalumab to radiation does not improve outcomes over cetuximab for head & neck
Head and neck cancer researchers demonstrate capability of deep learning algorithm
Awards & Accolades 15 October
Research reveals disparities caused by algorithm in healthcare systems
Pilot study to look at ctDNA results in cancer patients with extraordinary immunotherapy response
Cancer exercise study helps local broadcaster rebuild his body and his life after cancer surgery
Nanorattles shake up new possibilities for disease detection
Cell therapy improves progression-free survival in advanced melanoma
Scientists suggest more detailed alcohol warning labels could reduce health harms
Immunotherapy drug did not increase surgery complications