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Reported STDs Reach All-time High for 6th Consecutive Year
Benefits of continuing to provide life-saving HIV services outweigh risk of COVID-19 transmission by 100 to 1
Student advocate on race and medicine wins Soros fellowship
COVID complicates efforts to shut down drug traffickers, boost development
New test better detects reservoir of virus in HIV patients
Fungal disease diagnosis is life saver for patients with HIV and AIDS
Wide range in access to HIV testing of babies in Caribbean
Hero volunteers of AIDS crisis tell their stories at last
Providing hope for those living with HIV in Yemen
NIH experts call for accelerated research to address concurrent HIV and COVID-19 pandemics
IPS cells in drug screenings for COVID-19
Structural Racism and Anti-LGBTQ Policies Lead to Worse Health Among Black Sexual Minority Men
What’s impact on transgender youth of Arkansas ban and other legislation?
New approach to blood-based tuberculosis diagnosis
Statement by Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of UNAIDS, on occasion of World Health Day
Keeping girls in school reduces new HIV infections
Extra funding for transgender sexual health service
Certain high blood pressure medications may alter heart risk in people with HIV
National Public Health Week events at Brown will be truly national this year
Researchers devise more efficient, enduring CAR gene therapy to combat HIV
Why community trust and engagement must be cornerstones of pandemic response
New study recommends strategies to serve under-protected Caribbean transgender community
UK launch for Starpharma’s COVID-19 nasal spray
UNAIDS joins human rights community in mourning Christof Heyns, legal academic and expert
LGBTQ+ Health: A Collaborative of Care
As crisis facing women in Venezuela deepens, UNFPA appeals for urgent funding to save lives and protect their rights
Man in Mirror: seeing your true self
Fighting transphobia and violence one social media post at a time
Solidarity fund helping transgender people during COVID-19 pandemic
Transgender communities in Asia and Pacific respond to COVID-19 through activism
NHMRC funding of $1.2m enables researchers to continue to refine Australia’s HIV response
GlyNAC improves strength and cognition in older humans
US$ 29 billion a year by 2025 needed to get back on track to tackle AIDS, say UNAIDS
UNAIDS supports community-based campaign against COVID-19 in Equatorial Guinea
Positive Women with Disabilities in Uganda puts people at centre during COVID-19 pandemic
New vaccine advice for adults living with adults who are immunosuppressed
Less than 40% of countries report having training programmes at national level for law enforcement personnel on human rights and HIV
ACON Welcomes Latest NSW Government Roadmap To Ending HIV
Test often and treat early to prevent HIV
We don’t yet know how effective COVID vaccines are for people with immune deficiencies
Homelessness and unstable housing are associated with increased HIV and HCV risk among people who inject drugs
UNAIDS works with partners to support COVID-19 recovery for vulnerable people in Indonesia
WFP welcomes CAD 1 million from Canada to support food & nutrition assistance for refugees in Rwanda
UNAIDS shows that with right investment we can end AIDS by 2030
Military Microbiologists With a Surprising Connection
UNAIDS Board adopts new global AIDS strategy which paves way to end AIDS by 2030
Drop-in centre provides a lifeline for sex workers in Ethiopia
Tuberculosis deaths among people living with HIV are declining globally, but worrying gaps in TB care persist